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How to Get Rid of Skunks in Your Garden

We are talking about skunks here; a small black animal with white stripes that we all detest because of the awful smell they leave behind. No matter how adorable they might look to some, they are not a welcomed guest near your house! Skunks are adaptable to their surroundings and they will easily live anywhere that has food and shelter for them. They can be found in tree dens, hollowed logs, in an animal burrow, or hiding under your porches!

Skunks are omnivores; they eat everything including small insects, dead animals, fruits and vegetables, bird eggs, and small rodents. They have strong feet and nails, which they use to dig holes in gardens and backyards. They make their homes in dug holes.

If you see a skunk dropping in your yard, or identify an odd and strongly repugnant smell lingering in your yard, along with small trail marks and holes then you know you have a skunk living somewhere or at least one that pays frequent visit to your yard.

Here are ways that you can use to get rid of skunks from your property.

  • Do not keep waste open

Skunks are scavengers and they will eat anything rotting in the trashcan. They can easily survive on waste and garbage which is why it is necessary to keep trash properly covered if you are putting it out of the house. Garbage smell can easily attract a skunk nearby. Simply sealing off the trashcan will not be enough, which is why you should dispose the garbage in lock bags which are easily available at local stores. It would be better if you do not put trashcans out at night; put them in your garage or the shed so the smell will not attract them.

If you are composting in your yard with vegetable peels, eggshells, dried leaves and other items, do so in an closed compost can which will not let skunks or any other animal open them.

  • Put on bright lights in your garden/yard

Skunks like to do their scavenging at night; they are nocturnal and they will avoid bright lights when possible. One way to keep skunks off your yard is to install bright lights there and turn them on at night. This will discourage skunks from breaking in an entry. It might be better to install a motion sensor which will switch the lights on only when it detects any movement; this will save both energy and it will not attract insects to itself that much.

  • Don’t let there be any fruit or vegetation in your yard

Skunks eat dead animals, they also eat vegetables and fruits, and if your yard has fruits growing on the trees then they are most likely to feel invited. They will come looking for nutritious fruits and feed on berries, nuts, or any fruit in your yard. Pluck off the fruits as soon as they become ripe so they will not attract skunks to them. Rake your garden whenever you get a chance.   

Same goes for any kind of vegetables growing in your garden; pick them up as soon as they are ready. Birds often carry seeds with and drop them here and there, which is why use a bird tray to collect these seeds and clean up any seed you see strayed around in the garden.

  • Close off any open spaces

Skunks likes to take shelter in places which are closed off and look cozy enough to hide. They will hide under benches, small open areas under the porch, and under the deck of your house.  Any pile of materials lying around; like wood logs, building material, and cardboard boxes would appeal skunks. They will definitely make a home in them if your area has an ongoing skunk problem.

Close off the open spaces in your yard and garage by shutting them up with plywood, putting rocks and stones in small holes, and removing any sort of boxes.

  • Trim garden bushes

If your garden has bushes, skunks will probably seek shelter in them. Grown bushes give them a perfect hiding place, so trimming the bushes down will decrease the chances of a skunk hiding in them.

  • Use skunk repellents

There are certain chemicals which act as skunk deterrents. You would have to spray them around the yard and places in your garden frequently visited by skunks. You will have to reapply the chemical twice or thrice every week. And in case of rain, you would have to apply the chemicals heavily.

  • Dog urine

Dogs are natural predators of skunks and skunks are likely to avoid them at all cost which is why dog urine acts as a strong skunk repellent if sprayed around. If you cannot collect dog urine yourself, there are special repelling products at hardware stores containing dog or fox urine, especially made for such purposes. Spray the repellent around the edges and perimeters of your garden and yard.

  • Pepper sprays

Pepper sprays are usually sold with a purpose to ward off squirrels; however, they can be effectively used on skunks as well. Spray the pepper spray at the spots where you think skunks frequently visits or break an entry from.

  • Ammonia

Skunks are also repelled by the smell of ammonia. You can use it for your advantage and spray ammonia around the porch’s edges and in corners of your yard or in small-enclosed places where skunks are likely to take shelter.  

  • Lemon and citrus peels

Skunks, like many other rodents and insects, do not like citrus smells and tend to stay away from them. Scatter lemon and citrus peels all around your garden and in their hiding places. Make sure to replace these peels once they dry because they lose the smell once they dry up.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Is Your Home For Skunk Control

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a number of different methods that you can take to easily eliminate a skunk problem. For instance, you can always trap the skunk with the help of the Havahart Live Trap.  

There are also repellents we carry which can effectively ward them off of your land such as Critter Ridder and Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent. Another neat repellent which can scare off skunks is the Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This can safely repel skunks with noises they cannot stand and us humans won’t be able to hear.

No matter what you choose, when you use Solutions Pest & Lawn products, skunks will want to be nowhere near your home. If you would like any more pest advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com



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