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How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats


There is nothing more annoying than the constant pitter patter of rats scurrying around the roof your home. These nocturnal rats will keep quiet all day but the moment you fall asleep it seems that they start playing a game of tag as they keep running around making a ton of noise while doing so. These rats not only ruin the peace of your home but will also deplete the aesthetic facet of your roof by chewing on your roofing treatments.   

These rats on your roof are actually black rats which carry thousands of germs and bacteria which they spread without any remorse. If these rats are currently restricted to your roof then you are one of the lucky ones as they can be very creative in finding ways to infiltrate even the most protected buildings. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner takes immediate action the moment they hear the pitter patter of these little demons! Rest assured, we will make sure that you are prepared for this battle. They will only require an opening about the size of your thumb to gain access.

Before you can start taking action against these rats, it is imperative that you understand what these rats are really all about. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about black rats below!

About black rats

Black rats are one of the most common breed of rats that are found all around the world, especially in warm climates. These rats belong to the family called murinae and have several different names including ship rats, roof rats and house rats. These rats are generalist omnivores and they are essentially not an aggressive rodent but if provoked they do have the tendency of biting. Although their bites are not poisonous, they are excruciating and can seriously harm you!

A black rat can grow up to 18.5cm and is distinguishable with its long tail and black or light brown color. Please do not be intimidated by these little rats as with the right attitude and a push in the right direction, you will get rid of these roof rats once and for all!

Different methods to get rid of black rats – for good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help every homeowner get rid of the rats present in their homes or offices permanently!

  1. Invest in a rat control kit

Okay now the very first method of protecting your home from these roof rats is investing in an excluder kit. This kit is actually designed to help every homeowner make their roofs completely impenetrable by providing you with multiple tools. These tools and kits will come with clear instructions on how to pinpoint roof entry points and will also guide you in ways you can close of these entry points without causing any harm to your roof or its aesthetic facet. This kit will include different tools which will help you eliminate the rat population will also show you the different ways these rats can enter into your home!  

  1. Invest in rat poison

Okay now we are moving on to the more intense methods of dealing with roof rats. You should consider investing in rat poison that is readily available in the market at a pesticide store. These rat baits and rodenticides are a good investment for long term control of roof rats, this will be included in the kit, but if you want less then buy the bait and make sure to use rodent bait stations.

Another effective way to get rid of roof rats is by investing in rat traps, these traps are also readily available in the market at affordable prices. These traps use a bait to lure the rats close and the moment the nibble on the bait, boom! The rat will feel your wrath and will be your captive until you see fit. Simply place multiple traps on your roof and other areas where these rats are most dominant. Once you have trapped the rats, use your creative side to find ways to get rid of them. We understand how annoying these rats really are but please consider being humane when getting rid of them. Some of the most effective rat traps available in the market are mentioned below,

How to prevent a roof rat infestation

In conclusion, here are three different methods to help you get rid of roof rat infestations:

  • Close all of the entry points on your roof

  • Never leave your garbage unsealed

  • Invest in periodic professional inspection

Happy cleaning!


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