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How to Get Rid of Rodents


Rodents like mice, rats and chipmunks might look cute in cartoons but they become a real nuisance in real life once they decide to make your property theirs as well. These rodents can spread a number of harmful diseases and it is integral to get rid of them once you realize that your house has been infested by any of these. Rodents like mice, rats and chipmunks are extensive gnawers and they gnaw at anything and everything. Their constant need to gnaw at stuff makes them extremely destructive.  It is better to act as quickly as possible to get rid of rodents once they have entered your home. 

The basic way to avoid rodents getting into your place is by sealing their entrances. Use humane traps and spread repellents throughout the place. Minimize sources of shelter and food to get rid of rodents outside your house. Spray predator urine or other repellents around your house and your garden to avoid any rodents from staying.

Getting Rid Of Rodents

Seal any holes or access ways that might be leading rodents to your home. Mice can get through the smallest holes so make sure you seal each and every hole leading to your house from the outside. Check around your doors, windows and foundations for such holes. Use caulks, putty or weather stripping for the purpose.

Get Rid Of Rodents Already In Your House

Use snap-style traps to kill rodents that are present inside your house.  Catch them in traps and release at least a mile away from your house. Sanitation is the most important step to be rid of rodents in the house. It will determine the effectiveness or traps and products that you will use in the house.

The basic reason for rodents to make shelter in your home is because they have continuous water and food supply that they can use for nourishment and to keep them warm. By conducting a thorough sanitation process, you will eliminate any sources of food or water that the animals might be living off. Reduce the clutter, clean up the mess, dust and vacuum your house and clean for overgrown plantations around the house. This will cut off any nourishment or growth source for the creatures in or out of your house.

Make Your Home Less Attractive For Rodents

Place ammonia soaked rags and mothballs all around the house, especially in the basement and attics or other areas where you think rodents might be present. Rub peppermint oil over the place or plant mint outside the house. If you are a cat owner, it is beneficial for you as the presence of cat is especially not very cherished by rodents. Purchase bobcat, fox or coyote urine at a garden center. Spread camphor balls around the house as their smell in intolerable to mice.

Get Rid Of Rodents Outdoors

Create an environment that discourages the establishment of rodents inside or around your house. Stack firewood at least 18 inches above the ground and keep it at some distance from your house. Plant bushes, shrubs and large plants a little away from the house. Keep bird feeders at some height from the ground. Keep garbage and trash cans sealed and covered. Make sure there is no trash falling from the containers onto the ground because that is what invites rodents into your place. Plant mint all around your garden as it will certainly form a barrier between the rodents and your house.

Spray predator’s urine around the garden and yard and redo the process recurrently over a period of time. Mix naphthalene flakes, gypsum and chili peppers around the place to keep squirrels away. Rats consider bay leaves as any regular leaf for their food, but actually bay leaves kill rats. Place bay leaves around the yard to be rid of your rat disaster. Trapping is one of the best ways to get rid of rodents. You can make your own traps for the rodent. Peanut butter and cheese make perfect trapping condiments and you can place these two together on a trap. The animal will fall for it and will get trapped. You can then carry the rodent away from your property and set it free.

Making Sure Of Keeping Rodents Away

Getting rid of rodents is not the end of the process as these creatures might seek your house again to make it their shelter. After you are free of rodents in the house, constant maintenance is required to avoid reoccurrence of the infestation. Keeping your house clean and properly sanitized is very important to keep the rats out of the house. Keep the house clear of clutter, which can attract the animals into your house. Caulk all rodent entry points. Take the trash out regularly and keep your yards and lawns clear of any excess growth. Use Stuff-It Copper Mesh to place around plumbing pipes or wires to seal entrances for rodents into your house.

Making Solutions Pest & Lawn Your Home For Rodent Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of great options available designed to eliminate any sort of rodent problem you may have and we can show you how with our expert advice and how-to videos and informative DIY resources.

When it comes to rodents there are a number of different ways you can approach control. You have your traps, your repellents and your rodenticides. We have traps that can be lethal, like the Snap-E Mouse Trap or non-lethal like the Tin Cat Human Mouse trap. There are also a number of quality rodenticides we carry like Eratication.

Depending on your specific rodent issue, there are a lot of options you can choose that can be effective for your situation. So feel free to call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online and we’ll be able to direct you to the best products and options to help you take back your home again from those irritating rodents.


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