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How to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally

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You must have heard of ‘La Cucaracha’ the Spanish folk song! The song that is all about a roach that has lost one of his six legs and is therefore unable to move!

While you may love the song and have fun in singing along too, you would not feel the exact same affection towards this disease-spreading pest when it infests your kitchen or any other room of your home.

Do you know that a roach can survive without a head for a whole week?

Sounds creepy? It looks creepy, too!

However, this must have given you the idea that roaches are very determined, and it’s not that easy to get rid of them, especially when you suffer from their severe infestation. For a homeowner, there are many reasons to alleviate this critter. And one major reason to avoid their presence is the safety and health risks attached with roaches’ infestation.

This includes several types of allergies, asthma, which is commonly triggered due to allergens, and last but not the least, a lot of bacteria and germs; which roaches happily spread all around the home especially in warm and moist areas like the kitchen.

To your astonishment, roaches are quite resilient and tough pests that exhibit pretty odd behavior at times including some surprising survival tactics. For instance, a roach can withstand cold temperatures up to exceptional levels, i.e. 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, they can be called lazy but they spend 75% of their precious time in strategic resting!

Nonetheless, they are one of the most famous and adaptable creatures on planet Earth, and that makes their elimination and control a lot more difficult. To get rid of this creepy adapting critter, you must adopt some smart measures too, and to assist you with that, here are some natural ways to go about it.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally

The control and alleviation of roaches is imperative to maintain hygiene and health at all times. Make the most of these below suggested natural ways to get rid of roaches, and keep your space clean and germs free.

  • Eliminate the Source of Food

If a roach can hold its breath for almost 40 minutes, we are sure it can survive without food too – but definitely for some time and not forever. Even then, there should be no excuse to leave out all the food sources for roaches around. The most effective way to control roaches is to follow good hygiene and sanitation practices.

For this, you will have to keep the kitchen clean, especially before getting into your bed at night, and get rid of food spills and grease on which roaches can easily live off. The same should also be practiced when it comes to the buffet in kitchen cabinets. Make sure the food is properly sealed in containers. Limit the food consumption just up to one room or space in the house and to remove the leftover, sweep or vacuum all the rooms every day - at least until you get rid of roaches!

  • Fix the Water Sources

After food, water is another major area of operation cleanup – another thing to keep away from roaches. We know it’s not possible to eliminate all the sources at once but do as many as you can. And for this, fix the leaky pipes and fixtures.

Before you get into your bed, dry tubs, sinks, showers and also plug the drains. Place all the sponges or dishrags in a plastic storage overnight and remove the pet water dishes from inside the house. All of these measures will help you in the long run to stop the infestation of roaches and to get rid of existing ones as well.

  • Attack their Hiding Spots

Roaches prefer to come out in dark and remain hidden during daylight. They hide in small spaces, cracks or broken appliances. Hence, the best way to go about killing these little-ambushed critters is to fix the hiding spots at the earliest. This will force these pests to come out and find a new place, and this will give you the ultimate opportunity to kill them on the spot.

However, to fix the cracks, use a caulking gun to close the holes or cracks around pipes or wall fixtures. Make sure the window and door frames are gap-free to avoid heavy traffic of roaches. And to cover the crevices in appliances, you may use tape.

  • Use Sprays and Baits

If you have already performed the above measures and still find roaches around, it’s time to take some external help, and with that, we mean the use of specially designed baits or sprays. For this, you can use three major products.

  1. Concentrated insecticide for instant action

  2. A bait to eliminate and help draw out the hidden ones

  3. IGR – Insect Growth Regulator in order to stop reproduction while you get rid of the current population

All of these products are highly effective to get rid of roaches, but no matter which of the above-shared ways you choose to go with, you should always keep personal safety at first, and avoid unnecessary contact with insecticides and other products.

Meanwhile, choose the method that best matches the scope and severity of roaches’ infestation! After all, roaches can run up to three miles/hour; this means a quick spread of many germs and bacteria around the house. Therefore, you need to be well-prepared and strategic before you start the operation cleanup and finally put an end to their infestation.


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