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How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Car


There is no doubt that there is nothing more terrifying than sitting in your car, and as you turn the ignition on realizing that there are roaches who are buckling themselves in with you! Yes, you read that right, there are many people out there who have unfortunately witnessed this horror—well not the buckling part but they have found roaches in their cars.  

What makes matters worse; this roach have infested their cars completely on their own accord and it has nothing to do with the car owner’s hygiene and lifestyle. These roaches are not simply hitching a ride as they eventually start calling the car home and start breeding to have more company. Besides being absolutely disgusting, these roaches can also become very dangerous especially if you are driving on the freeway and a roach decides to start crawling up your leg.  To make matters worse roaches can turn the backseat of your car into a breeding ground! Yes, that means soon those roaches in your car will have more friends over.  

Rest assured you are not alone; we will help you get rid of all the roaches present in your car with a few of our tips and methods. However, before you can get rid of your new travel companions you will have to understand what goes on in the world of roaches. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about roaches below:  

About roaches

Roaches are one of the most unpleasant sites in this world; they are mostly brown in color and have a dark parallel line on their backs.  Every roach species is unique in its own perspective but all of them have the same characteristic patterns. These roaches also have wings but rest assured they cannot fly but can glide, we know that is not very comforting but at least they can’t fly.  Roaches are nocturnal so all of their activities take place at night and these omnivore scavengers are attracted to sugar, meat, and fatty foods. Although roaches are not dangerous, they do have the tendency of spreading diseases. Apparently, roaches can even survive a nuclear bomb! However, we are sure they cannot survive the following tips.  

Different methods to kill roaches for your car for good

Given below are different methods designed to get rid of roaches from your cars.  However, these methods will only be effective if your car’s hygiene is on point. This means you should consider cleaning your car mats, trunk and clear the seats of any debris. If possible get a hold of a vacuum and clean the car to make sure that there is nothing that can attract the roaches in your car. While cleaning your car please mentally prepare yourself on finding roaches, rest assured the methods mentioned below will kill all of the roaches in your car.

  1. Consider investing in roach bait

The very first method involves investing in roach bait, you can easily find roach bait at your local pesticide store. These baits are offered at different prices so you can easily find one that encompasses your respective budget. Apex Roach bait is designed to lure all of the roaches in the area and the moment they nibble on the bait they start dying within a matter of minutes. However, this bait will only be effective if you place the bait at different locations in your car.

We would recommend invest in at least three roach baits and use them intermittently at different locations. Once you are equipped with the bait simply place the bait in the trunk, on the dashboard, next to the floor mats, on the seats and under the steering console. Roaches can travel very fast and their size allows them to maneuver into small openings. This is exactly why you have to place the bait at different locations in order to kill all of the roaches in your car.   

  1. Consider investing in roach repellent

Another effective way to kill all of the roaches present in your car is investing in roach repellents. These repellants are also readily available at your local pesticide store. We would recommend investing in roach repellents, especially if your car is heavily infested with roaches.  Once you have equipped yourself with the repellants, roll up all of your car’s windows and spray the inside of the vehicle generously. Novacide aerosol is the perfect product for the job.  Once you are done with the interior of your car the next step is to spray the trunk generously as well.

How to prevent a roach infestation

Prevention is the best cure; this especially applies to roach infestations inside cars. No one wants to deal the horror of finding roaches in their cars, which is exactly why every car owner should consider the following prevention tips.

  • Periodically have the car professionally cleaned

  • Clear any edible debris from the car

  • Do not park your car in damp areas

If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, there is no doubt that you will get rid of all the roaches in your car permanently.  

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