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How to Get Rid Of Roaches in Your Car


Never thought we’ll be saying this, but having roaches in your house is still a lot better than having them breeding in your car. If a giant, flying roach appears in your room, you can always run out of the room shrieking and jumping and whatnot. If it appears in the car, what would likely follow is not a happy image for anyone. Granted, that you can get out of the car too, but not until the offending vermin has landed or touched some part of your body at least once.

And it is also highly risky to drive in a car full of cockroaches if the one driving the car is crazy scared of them. Instead of risking your heart and your health like this, why not just kick these roaches out of your house? It’s pretty easy too.

But first, let’s find out a little more about these very common yet still hated pests.

What We Need To Know About the Roaches in Our Cars

Water and moisture are one of the foremost reasons behind roach infestation. If there has been a flooding lately, or if it has rained profusely and your car ended up getting wet in both cases, then it wouldn’t take long for roaches to appear next.

Leftover food crumbs and spilled drinks are other roach magnets in the car.  And killing one or two roaches won’t work either. Once they begin to breed, they’ll take advantage of the tiniest fissures and cracks in your car and hide there until the coast is clear. If you don’t want to suffer from a mini heart attack as you spot a roach from the corner of your eye, while driving the freeway, then do something.

Fortunately, there are a number of products and solutions that will help you get rid of these vermin for good.

Methods to Get Rid Of Roaches from Your Car

  1. Apex Cockroach Gel Bait

Sometimes, you don’t have to send them on the run, you can actually lure them to come to you so that you can prove once and for all, and show who is a better creature on this earth, Homo sapiens or the Periplaneta Americana. And to win this round, you can apply the fast acting Apex roach bait, which will attract the roaches, and then kill them faster than they can realize what’s happening.

  1. Gentrol Point Source IGR

This is a very easy-to-use and human friendly roach control solution. All you need to do is crack the module of the Gentrol Point Source IGR disks and place it on your dashboard or anywhere in the car. A single disk covers 75 square feet of area and remains effectiveness for up to 7 months.

  1. Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit

If you are seeing more of these roaches than your own family members, then perhaps you need to step up your game. This Cockroach control kit is for times when roaches have taken over your car, house, storage, yard and everything else. This solution will give you full control over the situation with its potent ingredients and fast results. Follow the instructions of usage and deal with the pesticide, yourself easily at home.

  1. Novacide Flea & Tick Killer

This spray is best to use when you open your car door and find a huge amount of roaches feasting on your leftover food (more on that later). Whip this spray out and knock out the vermin in one go.

Preventing Cockroaches from Invading Your Cars

Getting rid of the cockroaches is not much of a feat, not with the above-mentioned super handy and fabulously effectual products. The real challenge is in keeping these roaches away from your car. And here’s how you can tackle it:

  • Clean, as much as you can. The cleaner your car remains, the farther the cockroaches will stay. At least once a month, go into the whole regime of removing the mats, cleaning the covers and vacuuming the entire inside of the car.

  • Pick up the food crumbs every day. We all love to snack in the car but so do roaches. So make sure you clean whatever food crumbs you have dropped.

  • It will also help if you minimize the amount of eating you do in the car, if you cannot completely banish it.  

  • If you see roaches in your house, get rid of them because that’s where the roaches have most likely found the way to your ride. This is the first and most important preventive measure to take in order to keep roaches from invading your car.

  • Once you’ve successfully gotten rid of the roaches from your car, make sure to spread some Boric Acid or the Dichotomous earth in your car. This will deter them from entering again. Repeat it once every month.

As long as you follow these preventative methods, all the little and not-so-little vermin will have no reason to breed in your car. You can now safely drive your car on a freeway without the fear of being surprised by a disgusting insect.

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