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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Car


The last thing you want in your precious car is pests and insects, specifically roaches. You know one of those days when you’re having a peaceful drive with good music playing on the stereo and all of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a roach crawl out from the side of your dashboard. Why did it have to come out in your presence? Either way, you know there is extensive cleaning and killing to do because they can’t thrive in your car.

Don’t neglect the issue because you don’t want large numbers of them crawling around and in your car. The infestation gets severe when they begin to breed and multiply in your own car. So here’s what you can do to get rid of them.

Clean your car

Cleanliness is just as important for your car as it is for your house. If you leave food leftovers lying around, it is bound to invite pests or insects. First up, after you notice them, begin the cleansing treatment. Take out all the rugs, wash them in hot water to get rid of roach excrement and eggs and let them dry in the sun. Heat is effective in getting rid of bacteria and foul odors.

Pull the seats from back to front and check underneath the dashboard, seats and in the trunk. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Use the hose to pull them out from every corner of your car. It is disgusting to let out all the roaches from the bag so it is better to discard the bag after cleaning and get new ones every time you have to exterminate roaches from your car. The bags also carry infectious diseases so it’s better to just pull them out and throw away the bags.

Use a disinfectant or antibacterial surface cleaners so clean both the outside and inside of the car. Take a sponge or washing cloth and fill a bowl with water mixed with an antibacterial cleaner. Wear gloves, soak the sponge or cloth in the water mixture and start cleaning every nook and corner of the car. Clean as far as your hand can go beneath the seats and glove compartment. Also, clean the seats and the roof. If the infestation has been severe, it is better to replace the seat covers.   

Wash the exterior of the car with stick brushes, car-washing detergents, and water. Keep the car clean and avoid leaving leftovers or crumbs from food in the car. Repeat the process every week as this would help in keeping the insects away and prevent your car from rusting quickly.

Just poison them

Simple as that! If you find them in your car, there are likely more crawling somewhere inside your car and you may never know it while driving. Get poison gels from a local store. Wear gloves and mask, open the car doors and start spraying the Novacide aerosol inside. This would help you get rid of the roaches that are in sight and probably some of those that are hiding.

Get Apex Cockroach Gel Bait to exterminate them. No, the roaches are not supposed to be injected. Just inject a little amount of poison gel, after cleaning the car, in the dark or hidden corners. The injections are roach food mixed with poison so when a roach consumes it and goes back to the nest, it kills other roaches too. There you go, an easy, fast and effective way of reducing the roach population.

Use the poison gel every week or few times a month, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Identify where they have been coming from

Once the cleaning process is complete, identify where they have been coming from. Check the pipes.

Keep your outdoors clean

It is important to keep your outdoors clean to prevent roaches from coming in any way. Keep your garage, garden or pavements clean and you can avoid most of the pests or insects from settling in your surroundings or car.

Keep your outdoor trash seal at all time as the unpleasant food odor is an invitation for rodents and other pests. Clear all piles of debris from the garden and garage, including the cluttered cardboard boxes, wooden logs and fallen leaves as that’s where the roaches settle.

Furthermore, keep the car and outdoors dry. Prevent moisture by letting sunlight in. you may have noticed that roaches accumulate in great numbers around pipes. That’s because they thrive and multiply near water sources and places rich in moisture.

Prevent future infestation

Prevention is better than cure and nothing is truer in the case of roaches. They are just gross to deal with, particularly if they multiply and settle in large numbers. It is a good idea to clean your car from the outside and inside every week, with proper brushes and disinfecting detergents.

Keep your property clean so that the critters don’t settle or have access to your car. Avoid eating in your car as food particles may get left behind and the sweet stuff may stick to the interiors, inviting insects.

The most suitable method to deal with roaches is applying poison gel and keeping your clean at all times. Cleanliness goes a long way in helping you effectively get rid of roaches.  


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