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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Apartment


You’re in your apartment relaxing on your bed. You feel thirsty, and you get to the kitchen to pour yourself a tall glass of water. As soon as you enter the kitchen, your eyes instantly lock onto your kitchen counter. There’s a roach over there. It’s pretty big and you don’t know if it can fly yet so you practice caution. You carefully pick up a nearby broom and bring the broom down on the counter.

Drat, missed. You don’t see it anywhere, so you grab a bottle of water and a glass and scurry out of the kitchen. But then you see some of its relatives on corners of the walls outside. These pests are everywhere.

About Roaches

Cockroaches are the inspiration behind the Spanish folk song, La Cucaracha, which is about a 5 legged cockroach who can’t walk. But there’s nothing inspirational or cute about these invasive and disgusting pests. American Cockroaches are oval shaped and can grow to about 2 inches. They have 6 legs and are reddish brown in color. They have been known to cause allergies and trigger asthma in some due to the allergens specific to cockroaches. They spread germs and bacteria wherever they go.

One thing’s for sure: cockroaches are resilient and employ some amazing and underhanded tactics in order to survive. One of the things that they do in order to survive is lay still. That’s right, cockroaches rest for 75% of the time, and can miraculously survive in temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another thing which may surprise you is that they can live a whopping week without their heads. You might think, what the heck? Cockroaches owe this trait to their ability to breathe through holes in different parts of their body as part of an open circulatory system. They don’t rely on their mouths and heads to breathe but they need it to drink.

Thirst gets the better of them after a period one week when they die, while they can live up to a month without food. The German, American and brown banded cockroaches are the most common species while in total they are around 4000 species of cockroaches. The first of these pests came about more than 280 million years ago in the carboniferous era.

They can survive almost 30 minutes fully submerged inside water and can hold their breath for 40 minutes at a time. The German cockroach can mature in about 36 days and is responsible for many diseases and allergic reactions in people.

So what do you do if you find these nasty buggers roaming around in your apartment?

Getting Rid of Roaches in Your Apartment for Good

  1. Cleanup, Aisle 5

Clean up your apartment as best you can. Get your dirtiest clothes on because it’s time to put in some elbow grease. Use some antibacterial detergents and some other products such as surface cleaners to clean up the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. Don’t leave out the hard to reach areas. Cockroaches like everything messy and dirty, so devote some of your time to get rid of the attractants for these pesky critters. If you see one and stomp it, that would just worsen the problem because of the fact that cockroaches will sometimes eat the mess of remains left behind by other roaches so you better get to cleaning that mess. Spray some roach spray in the areas where these bugs hide after the cleanup.

  1. Caulking and Sealing up Gaps

These pests love to hide in nooks and crannies inside your house so make sure to caulk them up properly. Caulk between gas and water pipes, walls, floor and baseboards, countertops, especially your apartment’s kitchen and all kitchen cabinets. Pretty soon, you’ll have these creatures hiding in the cabinets if you give them the chance. Once you take away their hiding spots you’ll force them to go someplace else to live.

  1. Bait Them to Their Death

Baits are one of the effective ways to kill off the roaches in your apartment. When you purchase these baits online, you just apply the gel-based baits to the areas where you see the roaches in your apartment most often. Once they see and eat the bait they will die off slowly and when they defecate and die off, their corpse and feces will be consumed by others in the roach family invaders.Baited gels and bait traps are widely available at supermarkets, hardware stores and of course drug stores. Some names include, Avert, Max Force and Combat. Keep your pets and children away though

  1. Pesticides Galore

Pesticide dust can be of 3 types. It can silica based dust found in many crawling insect killers such as delta dust. There can be diatomaceous earth-based pesticides such as roach and killer D-E Dust. Both of these are damaging to the roach’s exoskeleton.Boric acid is also used as a way to kill off the roaches. Borax (sodium borate) can also be used in its place but is less effective than boric acid. The warning for pets and children applies even moreso over here because these pesticides may be poisonous as well.

  1. Vacuum them up

If you see these critters roaming around, vacuum them up and throw them outside. You’ll get rid of any shed skin in the process too.

Preventing Roach Infestations in Apartments

To prevent a roach infestation, be as clean as you possibly can. Keep any leftover food in tightly sealed containers so that the roaches don’t even get a hint of the food. This is especially true of leftovers. Throw them away in a bag that can be picked up so that the roaches don’t get a chance to infest your apartment ever again.  Keep your kitchen clean, first and foremost.

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