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How To Get Rid Of Roaches Forever


About cockroaches

Cockroaches are exoskeleton insects that have omnivorous eating habits and sleep during daytime and stay awake at night time. There several species of cockroaches that can be found across the world except for Antarctica. It can detect or sense motion which makes it easy for the roaches to escape. It mostly thrives in dirt, fecal matter etc.

Types of cockroaches

There are more than 4000 species of roaches. There are many types of cockroaches, and few of the types are: German cockroach, Brown Banded cockroach, Cuban Cockroach, American Cockroach, Asian Cockroach and Australian cockroach etc.

Damage caused by cockroaches

The infestation of roaches can lead to diseases as it usually likes to stay in filth and dirt. The food items, cupboard clothing, washrooms and every other area gets affected. You will find excrements of the bug and its eggs as well. It can cause allergic reaction like asthma and spreads many other illnesses while crawling its way through your home. It has a tendency to munch on books, papers, letters, drapes, clothing and many other materials apart from crawling and infesting on your food items. It passes on virus, bacteria and other pathogens onto utensils and other objects it crawls over that can cause illness like gastroenteritis etc.


  1. Cleaning up the house

Make sure your home is organized and clutter free. The more clean and tidy your home will be, the less space the roaches will have to hide. Clean up your kitchen. Discard all old food material and decayed items from the pantry and refrigerator. Keep the cabinets and the refrigerator clean. All the food should be in sealed airtight containers or jars. Dishes and sink should be washed properly and dried. The house should be dust free from each nook and cranny. Vacuum the floors and mop the floors with disinfectants. Make sure the table floor and dishes are cleaned up after every meal to prevent the roach from entering your home. Eradicate all sources of still or stagnant water. Make sure leaks and of faucets and plumbing pipes are fixed. And the drains and gutters are clean. Keep the washrooms squeaky clean and dry. Throw trash promptly and keep it in a sealed air tight can with a proper lid.

  1. Sealing the entry points

Screen the doors, windows with mesh wires. Use silicone foam to seal opening in walls, cracks, crevices and caulk the faucets and fix all the leaks. Use a vacuum to suck all the eggs and roaches out of these areas if you find these bugs. Caulk all the holes in the tiles, faucets and any other place you can find.

  1. Using insecticides to bug the roach

Few of the suggested products you can use for eradication of cockroaches are the following; APEX COCKROACH GEL BAIT, GENTROL POINT SOURCE IGR, RECLAIM IT INSECTICIDE,NOVACIDE FLEA AND TICK KILLER and GUARANTEED COCKROACH CONTROL KIT.

GEL BAITS: Apply them in small size areas where you have seen eggs, excrement and egg casings of the roaches. Use a combination of baits and IGR to exterminate the roaches from these small spaces. It contains poison that kills them.

INSECTICIDE SPRAY: Spray Reclaim IT in the surroundings and the whole barrier of the house to prevent them from crawling into your household premises.

DUST INSECTICIDES: Scatter D-FENSE DUST insecticide inside holes in the walls, cracks, opening crevices, attics and basement. It has much more long lasting effect than the sprays and the baits.

RESIDUAL INSECTICIDES: Check the house for any infestation or sign of the bugs coming back.  After 2 weeks interval you can apply residual insecticides to terminate the roaches from the small enclosed spaces and anywhere else you can find the bugs.    

  1. Using glue strips

Use a torch light and monitor all the areas where you can observe the roach eggs and the bugs themselves crawling around. Inspect all corners of the house to be aware of where they like to lurk around the most. Place the strips in all these areas. The roach will get stuck. The bugs get caught, after which you can dispose them in sealed tight bags and throw them in the trash cans.

  1. Regulating the temperature

Keeping most items in cooler areas will help. Cockroaches dislike cold freezing temperature and will not be able to survive, try to free food items and keep more of it in the freezer. Keep the room cooler it will keep the roaches away.

  1. Maintaining your yard

Keep your yard clean and clutter free. All wood piles must be kept in hidden covered places or removed as the cockroaches like to hide in such areas. Keep all compost and fertilizer in enclose sealed spaces. Discard any stagnant water or leaf debris from your yard.

Making the roaches crawl away

Take all kind of preventive measure. Take care of sanitation, keep the house well kept and use plenty of insecticides to eliminate the bugs for good.

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