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How to Get Rid of Roaches for Good

Have you ever had those days when you’re cleaning cabinets and drawers and find a roach or two crawling up the walls and around the kitchen counters trying to get on open food? Who can tolerate that?

Or if you are a person with katsaridaphobia, just one sight of the creepy crawly is a nightmare. You know what it feels like to see even one roach inside the house. You know how debilitating it can be since you can’t just stop thinking about it, let alone going to sleep. At the back of your head, there is always this thought that there is a roach in the house and you cannot go about doing your activities the normal way.

You can’t bear to have them and yet you can’t kill them with your slippers either. You are aware of all those germs that roaches are typical of and you’d rather not get your belongings in contact with that filth. Heaven forbid should they get into your cupboards. The last thing you want to see is roaches inside your shoes or clothes.

Thankfully though, they don’t get to live in your vicinity forever. You don’t have to tolerate them if you don’t want to. These creatures have come a long way so labs have managed to bring us customized insecticides to get rid of them for good.

Keep your surroundings clean

You need to check why they are allowed to come in your house anyway. Roaches thrive in areas where they have food, water and harborage easily accessible in their environment. You need to vacuum and sweep your house regularly with high-quality surface cleaners, paying attention to especially the dark corners inside cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, kitchens and washrooms.   Reducing any food source will also help make any bait application more effective.

If you find roaches, it is possible that the hidden corners are not being cleaned regularly. Keeping your house clean is your ultimate solution to keep them away. Don’t leave food stuff, leftovers and crumbs lying around. Cut off their food sources. After dinner, make sure you clean the tables, kitchen counters and cooking range before going to sleep because for all you know, if it’s left unclean for a longer time, you may be letting the roaches settle. Wash the dishes properly, dry them and stack them neatly in piles.

Also, dry up all those areas that tend to remain moist, including washrooms and areas around indoor plants. Keep your house clean and dry. Roaches multiply in a humid, greasy environment. Take out the trash daily. Roaches need to survive near these items so don’t let the trash sit there for days. Furthermore, clean your trash bins every week to wash off the foul odor. Get trash bins with lids so that the odor does not escape and invite roaches.


But sometimes all of this is not enough, cockroaches that make their way into your home, whether is it from the neighbors, or something you picked up at a grocery store, need almost nothing to survive.  “Sometimes Roaches Just Happen”, but what you do about this is important.

Bait, Poison, KILL  

If roaches have managed to get out of control, your best bet is to begin using insecticides and poison gels immediately. Start with an good roach gel bait, follow these directions for gel application.  Any place that you see roaches, egg casings and droppings you need to apply bait.  Small little droplets work great,  you can watch the video on application of roach gel bait.

Sinks and toilets, under refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves, close to trash cans and inside the cabinets and stoves.  Place the bait in cracks and corners, not out in the middle of an area, you will not be very successful if you apply in the middle of a room.

After 10 to 14 days of baiting then you can think about applying an insecticide sprays to kill all those that are present in the house. You will want to use a good residual insecticide, and this can be applied to the cracks and crevices of the home, think of places that have the 3 roach survival necessaries, moisture, food, and harborage.  This will usually mean you start in the kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms.

Do not spray around the bait, do not use cleaning supplies around the bait.  It will take a couple of weeks to really see the effects of the roach bait.

Mission accomplished? Good Job Roach Master!  

If you are in a situation where you are having to apply heavy baiting, then we would recommend that you rotate the bait.  Offering them a good selection and varied menu will be the key to really effective management and control of your cockroaches.


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