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How to Get Rid of Red Ants

Do you know that the queen ant can live for a long time, having millions of babies? They sound like really good moms.  And which is why there are more than 11,000 species of ants around the globe.

Out of these many species, the one that is found around  our homes quite frequently is the Red imported Fire ant. Anyone who has suffered the painful sting of a red ant must know how terribly painful it can get.

Speaking of painful bite; the distinctive feature of red ants is that when they bite an individual they do not spray acid like other ant species. In fact, their purpose is to get a strong grip on the skin and then they produce a compound called Solenopsin, injecting into the victim’s skin.

And to your surprise, the compound is actually alkaloid venom!

About Red Ants’ Habitat

While you may find these little ants cute, they can be a great source of problem. They invade a space in large colonies which means invading everything and anything that comes in their way!

Whereas, not all the ants found around our homes are dangerous, when it comes to red fire ants, there is a whole different story. A story you should be concerned about and for which you must make a smart move without delaying further.  They are aggressive predators and will eliminate almost all other insects in an area.  

Red Fire ants are known as the worst-of-all invasive ants. The pain of their sting is as painful as the fire burn and that is how they got their name ‘Fire Ants’. These are highly aggressive ant species and if any person tries to intrude their colonies, they must be ready to meet repeated stinging.

As far as, the nesting habits are concerned, red ants build their nests in the ground. They are omnivorous in nature and primarily get their food from young plants and seeds. However, they do not hesitate to feed over birds or small insects as well.

How to Get Rid of Red Ants

If you are currently facing the issue of these ants in your house, you must take some measures to get rid of them completely. And to assist you with that, here are some suggestions to get rid of these creatures in some effective natural ways.

Draw the line

I have heard of this recommendation Did you ever notice that red ants and chalk line just don’t get mixed? This is because red ants are resistant to chalk. Some people believe that red ants do not have the tendency to survive through the chalk content such as talc. Therefore, drawing a chalk line, not only acts as a barrier for red ants but it also helps them get covered in the white stuff and eventually die”  But let me assure you this will not work, yes the fire ant will avoid the talc, but eventually they will wear down the barrier.  And really does anyone want to have a bunch of chalk all over their lawn.  Do not believe everything you read on the internet.

Essential oils

Ants resist the strong smell. This smell messes up with their communication and scent trail mechanism. More importantly, it covers the ants’ bodies and makes them crawl through the oil all the way back. Therefore, try and get some of these oils or even mix one or two to create a strong blend.

Spray the oil all around the house and especially at the entrance. You may also blend this method with some other treatments of removing red ants.

This method may get some of the red fire ants to avoid you or your area, but not for long and most likely they will just simply move to another location.

Baiting and mounding drenches

The most proven method of removing the colonies of red ants is either baiting or mounding drenches. However, there are many pros and cons of choosing either of the methods and you must make a choice based on your situation and need.

If you tend to go with baiting, the best bet is to broadcast it over the infected areas with a hand spreader. However, depending on the selected product it can take a couple of weeks to be effective.  Best way to apply bait is early in the season when the colonies are smaller.  Make sure that the temperatures are warm enough, they will be more active and foraging for food.  Apply the bait in early morning or early evening, this will ensure all the bait is collected and you are not wasting the bait.

Similarly, if you like to try mound drenches; the results in terms of red ants’ elimination are expected within 24 hours. However, in this method, you will have to come closer to the mounds of red ants, which will expose you to their attack even more than ever. Also in this method, you will have to target and work on each mound individually.   So not always ideal if you have a large property to cover.  Sometimes doing both processes are better.   

Nevertheless, fire ants are inevitable in the south.  And the best way to get rid of them is to follow their own footsteps in terms of keep working and moving ahead silently, patiently and persistently. After all; all good work is done the way ants do things!

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