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How to Get Rid of Rats Outside 


Rats have become such a consistent and constant part of some of our lives that we have even stopped giving them a second thought, even more so when they are just outside of our houses, and would occasionally venture inside. A few shrieks and a few slippers later, they would become old news.

This all feels very wretched, considering the fact that humans, the smart, progressive, cerebral humans have decided to give up on rats entirely. They would rather live in fear then face these furry bullies and kick them out of their houses and yards once and for all.

It’s not that hard either. There are several ways through which these rats can be sent on the run. We’ll eventually get to those methods, but first we need to know why these rats should be left to their own devices in the first place:

What We All Need To Know About Rats

Rats do not necessarily infest our homes because of lack of hygiene. Sometimes even the most pristine places become victim of rat infestation. This could be because of an infestation nearby or right outside of our homes.

It’s quite easy to tell when the rats have started camping right outside your homes. You’ll find occasional rat droppings everywhere, especially near food storage areas and you’ll hear unique scratching, and squeaking noises at night.

However, it might be a bit difficult to find out their point of entry or the exact place where the infestation is taking place.  But if you watch them carefully, you’ll eventually find out in which holes exactly are they hiding. If you think it is too much work, then allow us to enlighten you that these rats are also the carriers of diseases. In case you don’t remember, it was these very rats that caused the “Black Death” and almost wiped out the entirety of Europe.

These rats are parasites and carry number of diseases on their back. Hence, if you see any of these rats inside out outside of your homes, then you must retaliate with your own weapons.

Methods of Getting Rid Of Rats Outside

  1. Deerguard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Karma is what these rats need for keeping you awake all night with their squeaking and scratching. This Deergard Pest Repeller sets loose ultrasonic noise that is silent to human ears and anything but silent to rodents. This highly effective device allows you to get rid of the rats without any mess. These can be activated and kept outside the house and not only will the rodents stay away, but will also run away from your yards and garages.

  1. Stuf-Fit Copper Mesh

The holes and cracks and tunnels in your homes are loyal to these rodents and will let them come in and out whenever they want. You need to bring a stuf-fit copper mesh and block the AC vents, weep holes, and other openings. This copper mesh is rustproof and made of finest ingredients.

  1. Big Snap-E Rat Trap

Big Snap-E Rat Trap is a tough and high-end rat trap that is made of excellent plastic, and catches rats left and right. All you need to do is lure these rats in with something enticing, and let them get used to this rat trap for a day or two. On the third night, activate this trap and find the rats trapped inside in the morning.

  1. Guaranteed Rat Control Kit

If you are dealing with a large infestation outside your house then you need to prep bigger too. Arm yourself with this rat control kit and get access to all the handy tools that will help you eradicate the rats from your house and your life for good.

This kit consists of Eratication, Big Snap-E, Catchamaster GRB and Rat Sorb.

Preventing Rats from Invading and Plaguing our homes and Yards

Shocking as it may sound, we are to blame for the infestation of these rats. In some cases, we create an environment so suitable for the rats that we might as well be standing outside our doors and gesturing these rats in, fancy butler style.

Prevention is just another method of fighting these rats and the more you prevent the more chances you have of winning:

  • You need to put an end to all sorts of loop holes inside your home. Cover and seal all holes, gaps, cracks in the house using caulk or cement.

  • You also need to close that space between your floor and the door. This space serves as a very handy entry point for the rats.

  • You must also use high-end mesh wires to block the ventilation holes. These mesh wires allow breathable space and can be cut into any size.

  • You also need to guard your drain pipes. The drain pipe is another common place that invites rats to infest your homes.

  • Make sure your bushes are planted at least 3 ft away from your porches and house entrance.

  • Keep your yard clean, tidy and trimmed at all times. Overgrown bushes and plants in your yards protects these rats while cleans and clipped ones expose them.

  • If there is any alley next or near your house, make sure it is clean and well kept. These allies are often the hotbed of rats.

If you keep these tips in mind and follow them like a holy grail, soon enough these diseases hauling vermin would be out of your life for good.  

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