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How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic


If you hear sounds of clawing, gnawing or squeaking in the middle of the night, you are most probably surrounded by troublemaker rats.  It is very much possible to have a roof or attic rat lurking around your house or beyond your walls. Rats, as harmless as they might seem in cartoons, are just as equally irritating creatures. Rats live on gnawing so if you have rats around your house, be ready to witness holes in your clothing or packed stuff kept away in the attic. Rats gnaw everything they lay their sights on. Rats prefer to live on man-made dwellings rather than the in the wild. For the same reason rats tend to live in close proximity to human beings.

Roof rats, also known as attic rats or black rats, are usually dark brown in color and measure about 13 to 18 inches in length including the tail. Roof rats derive their name from their natural ability to climb up into nests, roofs or attics. Roof rats are chronic gnawers and are said to carry vicious diseases such as the plague, jaundice, rat-bite fever, cowpox virus, trichinosis, and salmonellosis.

A rat infestation is basically the sign of filth or dirt around your place. A rat infestation is nothing very warmly welcomed and once the fact enlightens upon you, you must take necessary actions to be rid of this creature before its population spins out of control.

In case you are faced by a rat’s infestation, follow the process given below to a rat free house.

4 Steps Process to Get Rid Of Rats

When it comes to a rat’s infestation, start off by acquiring as much knowledge as possible about the creature. This will enable you to understand the creature’s behaviors and habitat in a better manner so you can use it against itself. The three basic steps to follow when faced by a rat’s infestation are: sanitation, control through baiting and trapping, exclusion.

Step 1:

Start off the exclusion process by first making a thorough inspection of your house for the possible hideouts or habitats of the rats. Search your house for any places which might be suitable for rats to reside. Look for gnawing or clawing marks around the walls or any squeaking sounds that provide the possible infestation of rats at the place. The inspection enables you to decide where you want to place the rat traps and baits.

Step 2:

Sanitation is the most important step to be rid of rats in the attic or the house. It will determine the effectiveness or traps and products that you will use in the house. The basic reason for rats to make shelter in your home is because they have continuous water and food supply that they can use for nourishment and to keep them warm.   By conducting a thorough sanitation process you will eliminate any sources of food or water that the rats might be living off. Reduce the clutter, clean up the mess, dust and vacuum your house and clean for the overgrown plantations around the house. This will cut off any nourishment or growth source for the rats in our out of your house.

Step 3:

Once you are done with a detailed sanitation of your place, your house is now ready to be laid with baits and traps. The sanitation will force the rats into taking the bait. When laying the traps you need to be smart to know what places are the rats’ hideouts. Place your baits and traps at or close to those points. A variety of baits are available for this purpose such as Eratication, which should be placed inside an Aegis bait station. Snap E Rat Trap serves as a lethal trap for rats running around your house or the milder traps like the JT Rat Stick Glue Board. Trapping is the better way to go about inside the house rather than baiting because trapping avoids the foul smell that might build up due to dead rats in the house. Baiting is the much suggested process for outside the house.

Step 4:

Getting rid of the rats is not the end of the process as these creatures might seek out your house again to make it their shelter. After you are free of rats in the house, constant maintenance is required to avoid reoccurrence of the infestation. Keeping your house clean, maintaining proper sanitation and caulking any entrance ways is very important to keep the rats out of the house. Keep the house clear of clutter which can attract the rats into your house.  Take the trash out regularly and keep your yards and lawns clear of any excess growth. Use Stuff-It Copper Mesh to place around plumbing pipes or wires to seal the entrances for rats into your house.

Follow the 4 steps process to eliminate rats from your house and to stop them from making your house theirs again. Rats are animals that live off leftovers of human food so be sure to keep your house clear of those and any trash. Enjoy your rat free home sweet home!

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