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How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Wall


Did you know that rats are the type of rodents that can and will live in any part of your house? They can live in the attic, behind furniture, under the sink and even in your wall. Yes, even in the wall these rodents can find a way to survive. It may seem almost impossible for a human to get into a wall, but these sneaky pests can make their own ways.

Once you feel that there is a rat in your wall, it is crucial that you begin to take action or else they will multiply. Therefore, it is better and easier to get rid of one rat rather than an army of rats. This guide will help you get rid of rats and help you achieve a pest-free home.

How Do Rats Get Into the Wall?

Rats love living inside homes and there is a high chance that most of them were born in one too. Their birth either takes place in the attic or the walls. However, the first step is making their way into your home. Open doors are not always their entrances. Rats look for cracks and crevices in walls, AC ductwork, pipelines and any other entrances that may not be visible to the human eye. Rats make their way to the attic through the walls. They spend a lot of time in the attic and go into the wall whenever they wish.

What Is Their Purpose Of Staying In The Wall?

The wall is their ‘safe area’ because they are clever enough to understand that humans cannot get into it. When they are in the wall, they chew on wood and electrical wiring. They might even pee their which attracts more rats and is extremely unsanitary because soon your home will start reeking of urine. Rats continue to chew on wood and other materials  until they find a new house or a way to the kitchen. Rats can spread diseases, as well as have tendencies to reproduce very rapidly and make new homes for themselves.

3 Ways of Getting Rid Of Rats in Your Wall

  1. From Up Above

If you can access the infested wall from the attic then this method is great for you! You will need to go to your attic and look down in the wall. This way you will be able to see what kind of rat you are dealing with, the size of the rat and the number of rats that are present.

  • If you find a dead rat in the wall, you will need to do the grasping technique. Since the rat is dead, it will soon release bad odors that can potentially attract more rats and make your entire house stink.

You will need to use two long rods or any other long sticks that can easily grasp the rat. Carefully go down the wall and use the two rods to hold the rat. You can ask someone for help if you need a better grip on the rat. Once you have gotten a hold of the rat, you will need to slowly pull it up, and take it out of your wall. After taking it out, discard it right away.

If you cannot locate the dead rat, as is usually the case.  Then you will need to use a odor products, such as rat sorb to drop in the area that you think the rat is located.

  • If the rat is alive in the wall, you will need to find rat poisons or traps. For this method, it is recommended to use poison otherwise it will be hard to take it out of the wall. Make sure you are using a rat poison that will ultimately kill the rat. Once the rat has died, you can use the grasping method to get rid of the rat.

  1. Seal All Entrances

You will need to pay attention to where the rat goes. Track it and see all the possible entrances, cracks, and crevices so you can get them sealed. Make sure the openings of the pipes are not too big and the AC does not have any openings that could allow these rodents to make their way in.   Use copper mesh to close up the openings.

This will ensure and prevent any future infestations and will ultimately close doors to all pests or rodents that like to make a home inside your house. If you seal everything and there is a rat stuck inside, you can put rat poisons or traps to kill them.

  1. Hole in the Wall

If you cannot find the above mentioned methods helpful, then you will need to resort to this method. You will need to make a hole in your wall and do the work yourself. Make sure you are not afraid of rats and you have all your safety equipment on. You will need to wear gloves, goggles, and a mask. It is recommended to make an 8-inch-by-8-inch hole and then proceed. After the hole has been made, if you are brave to take the live rat out, you can do that or you could use rat poisons or traps. You can put the poison inside or place a  trap and cover the hole. After an hour or so, check up on the rat and get rid of it!


It is crucial you cover all cracks and crevices because if you do not, all your efforts could go to waste. Once this is done, you can have a pest-free home, hopefully.

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