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How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your House


There is only one thing worse than a rat infestation and that is an ugly rat infestation! By ugly, I mean, rats that crawl out of sewers and are very creative in finding ways to ruin the sanctity of people’s homes and offices. Although these rats are not very dangerous sometimes they can flip and bite people, their bites are very pain full and could result in serious health issues. Furthermore these rats spread diseases and germs like wildfire, which is exactly why every homeowner should immediately wage war against the rats that they find scurrying around. Although getting rid of rats in your house is not an easy task, it is still possible with the right mindset and a few of our tips.

Too see your enemy and know him, is the first move in every battle! This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about rats below.

About rats

Rats are part of the super family known as Muroidea and are considered to be the largest rodents to plague this world.  These rats are present all around the world and have the capacity of surviving in any environment. Rats can be distinguished from other rodents with their sheer size and are notorious for spreading diseases as these rats live in where unhygienic conditions. However the most prominent feature of these rats, are their long tails and the fact that they seldom weigh more than 500 grams.  Please do not be intimidated as you will lose this war even before it begins, we will make sure that you win this war and eliminate all of the rats present in your home or offices.

Different methods to get rid of the rats in your home – For good!  

Given below are different methods that have been designed to help everyone out there get rid of the rats present in their homes and will also help prevent a rat infestation.

  1. Get rid of rats by using traps

Since rats are so disgusting, most people would prefer to wage war against them from a safe distance. For all those people the most effective solution is investing in rat traps, these traps are readily available in the market. Simply visit any local pesticide store and invest in multiple traps depending on the severity of your infestation, just to be on the safe side please strategically locate the traps all around your house. However, these traps will only be effective if the rats in your home are hungry, so please remove all of the sources of food before laying out these traps. Do not be deceived by how rats look, they are very intelligent rodents! Once you have captured a rat please either kill it in a humane manner or set it free as far as possible from your house.  

  1. Get rid of rats using poison

The second method which every homeowner should consider is poisoning these little rodents! Rat poison is readily available in the market at pesticide stores and you can even find it at your local convenience store. Simply lay out food in areas where you have spotted rats chilling around and douse the food with the poison.  You can also use this poison combined with traps to make sure that the rats present in your home have no chances of survival.  Please make sure to use a bait station to keep pets and children safe and away from the bait.

  1. Use a glue board

If the rats present in your home have really gotten on your nerves and you are looking for a brutal way to fight them, then a glue board should be your foremost choice. These boards will trap the rats and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to escape from the board. Before you purchase the board please ask yourself if you are ready to kill the rats in your home as this is probably one of the most inhumane methods of killing these rats. Once they are stuck you can hit them with a bat or crush them with your boots, yes this is hard core!

  1. Get a cat

If you are looking for a less brutal method of killing the rats in your home then consider getting a cat. Cats are natural predators when it comes to rats and dedicate their lives to make sure their homes are free from these rodents. So if you choose this method then you will get rid of the rats without having to worry about paying for traps or poison! On the plus side you will end up with a pet.

How to prevent a rat infestation

Take the following steps to prevent a rat infestation:

  • Keep all of the trash present in your home sealed

  • Take out the trash the moment you throw food away

  • Seal up all of the food present in your home

  • Close all of the entry points in your home

  • Check all of your plumbing fixtures to make sure that there are no entry points  

Prevention is the best cure. This applies to rats as well as no one wants to deal with the turmoil of killing the rats present in their homes or offices. By using the methods mentioned above, and list of steps shared earlier, you can prevent a rat infestation from happening in the first place.




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