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How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House


When night begins to approach, do you begin to hear squeaks or hear small movements? If so, then that probably means that you are sharing your house with rats. When these warm-blooded mammals begin to feel comfortable in your house, it can be a nuisance to get rid of them. They pollute the air and food, destroy property, carry “bubonic plagues,” and are hosts to insects that spread diseases. There are different methods that effectively get rid of rats, read on to find out how you can defeat the rats in your house.

How Do They Even Get In My House?

Rats get attracted to homes where they can find good shelter and good source of food. Keep in mind that these rodents are extremely flexible and they can fit into the smallest and tightest places. You will need to seal all possible entrances for the rats by placing screens. Rats are attracted to leftover food, open trash and your pet food. You will need to make sure you get rid of all these otherwise you will have to fight a large number of these rodents

Six Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rats

  1. The Sticky Pad

You will need to purchase a sticky pad that is made to trap rats. You will need to take the sticky pad out of its packaging and be extremely careful when handling this. Place the pad where the rat is residing and be out of sight. Rats can sense humans that are why they get active in the nighttime. When the rat makes the decision of stepping on the pad, there will be absolutely no way for it to get out of it. When you see the rat stuck onto the pad, discard it as soon as possible as it can make your house smell really bad.

  1. Trap the Rats

You will need to purchase a rattrap, which will trap the rat. After getting the trap, you will need to tempt the rat into coming in it. Place peanut butter or some other food (that will not spoil quickly) and place the trap along the rats’ pathway. Before executing this method, you will need to make sure the rats are used to the taste of the bait placed in the trap. If you do not do this, the bait will not attract the rat. After a couple of days have passed, place a couple of traps around your house and this will make sure your rat problem is solved.

  1. End Their Food Sources

Unfortunately, rats can eat almost anything. In order to get rid of rats, you will need to check how and where you are storing your food supplies. Keep all your food in sealed containers and make sure you clean up well when there are any spills or crumbs. Like any mammal, rats need a consistent water supply. Therefore, you will need to make sure there are no leaks in your pipes or under the sinks. At all times you need to keep the garbage lid on tight because these rodents can find food in there as well. If you have pets, you will need to take extra preventive steps. Make sure you are cleaning up any mess that your pet is making and you are washing their dishes as well.

  1. Rat Poisons

Rat poisons is an effective method as well. You need to keep in mind that these poisons can be dangerous if they are ingested. Make sure you keep all pets and small children away from these poisons. The poison can take up to a few hours to kill the rat so before dying, the rat will find a hiding spot to die. It can be tricky to find where the rat has died, but the smell of decaying corpse will be your lead.

  1. Electronic Traps

Electronic traps are the most effective way to get rid of rats because they electrocute them resulting in their death. Place the electronic trap where the rat is present. For a guaranteed result, you can place sticky pads in the same room you are placing this trap. The electronic trap will kill the rat immediately and it is important you clean their dead bodies as soon as possible. If there is more than one rat that you want to kill, make sure the battery is full.

End of the Rats

Remember, there is a possibility that carelessness from our side can invite such pests into our house. Seal all cracks and crevices so your house can be just YOUR house. Prevention is always key!


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