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How to Get Rid Of Rats in Yard


Rats become the bane of our existence with their nosy habits and invasive attitude. If you think your roommate is impossible, wait till you get rats as roommates. Everyone who is suffering from rat issues will back us on this.

Rats are not nice. It is as simple as that. Humans and rats are just not made to co-exist in the same space, and under one roof. Someone needs to fold and considering the fact that it is your house, your territory, and you are, after all the more progressive creature of the two, it must be the rats.

The rats need the boot, but first you need to get to know your nemesis better.

What We Need To Know About the Rats in Our House

Most people like to ignore the presence of the rats, saying that they are completely harmless. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.

To begin with, Rats alone carry at least 60 communicable diseases on their back, and some of them as risky as Hantavirus, typhus, leptospirosis, and meningitis. Another bad habit of the rats is that they can bite through wires, pipes, food and just anything, even human skin, so don’t be surprised when you wake up to someone (or something) tearing your skin apart. And as for your yards, don’t think the foliage and plants that you grew so lovingly are safe from their wrath. These rats will stop at nothing, until they had chewed down all your prized possessions.

If those are not enough reasons to kick the rats out of your house and your yard, then we don’t know what is. Besides you cannot trust a furry, fuzzy creature that refuses to flush down the toilet and is the proud possessor of belly buttons.

Methods to Get Rid Of the Rats from the Yard

  1. Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station

Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station is one of the most popular station. This bait station will help you get rid of the rodents from your yard. All you need to do is place these stations in the most active rat area in the yard and add the Eratication bait. Getting rid of dead rodents is easier with this station. The top flap covers the bait inside, keeping it away from the curious eyes of children and pets.

  1. Big Snap-E trap

Another rodent control monster is the Big Snap-E trap, which is made of sturdy and strong material and effectively keeps the rodent population away from your yard. The moment it gets out of control, place this rodent trap in your yard and catch the rats before they can cause more damage to your lawn.

  1. Guaranteed Rat Control Kit

This set of rat solution is for times when rats have officially taken over your yard and your home. This set is a complete rat control weapon that will help you eradicate the bothersome rodents once and for all. The Guaranteed rat control kit can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also equally effective for use in residential properties as well as commercial properties. Make sure to place the bait in locations that are hidden away from pets, children and non-targeted animals.  

  1. Stuf-Fit Copper Mesh

You don’t want the rodents to spread from your yard to inside your homes.  In order to ensure that the rats hear the unwelcome announcement loud and clear, you must block all point of entries. And there is nothing better to stuff the holes and cracks than a copper mesh made with finest ingredients. This copper mesh is perfect fit for your AC vents and plumbing lines. They are flexible too, so you can cut and fit and keep the rats all out.

  1. Trapper Glue

Like the name indicates, trapper glue is quite a catch for the rats who dare to saunter in your yard. This glue trap is so strong that it traps the rats and other rodents, with maximum holding power. It is also flexible, so that you can place these traps in areas, however you see fit. The trapper glue is most suitable to cover a large infested area such as the yard.

Preventing Rats from Infiltrating Your Yards

Preventing the rats from sauntering past your defenses and entering the yards and houses is much easier than trying to kick them out. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use the Detour Rodent Repellent to keep the rats as far away from your yard as possible. This magical solution repels and deters the rodents with its active ingredient, white pepper. The fumes from Detour repellant irritate the sensory nerve endings of the rats and they end up running away. This repellent also keeps them from returning, congregating or causing any damage to your yards.

  • Seal all the gaps, holes and cracks and other unnecessary openings around and within the house. You can use copper mesh or caulks to do the job.

  • You must de-clutter your garages, homes and yard. Clutter provides rats with good hiding places.

  • Make sure to keep your trash cans properly sealed and covered. Rats are enticed by anything that is disgusting, and the garbage cans are their favorite.

  • Even if you don’t have rats in your yard, make sure to occasionally set a trap or place a bait stations outdoors. This will take care of the occasional rats that will stroll past your house.

With these tried and tested formulas to get rid of the rats and prevent their infestation, you can forever say farewell to these nasty pests.


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