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How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic


About rats

Rats are omnivorous rodents that move in packs or groups and are found all across the world. Various species of rats exist, and can be found everywhere including, attics, rooftops, and kitchen, trees in the yard or forests and many other places. It collects material to make its nest and breeds frequently. The female rat will give birth to a lot of rats quite often. So, if you see rats enter your attics it will soon multiply in number and cause infestation in your homes. Roof rats are one of the most common rats that are found in dark hidden places like, the attic or the roof top.

Damage caused by rats

Once the rats are nesting in your attic it means they are present in multiples as packs or groups. It will start gnawing and chewing on all the material it can find in the attic or any other part of your home. It will chew on electric wires, cables, pipes, wood and many other materials. It might scurry its way out of the attic to gnaw on crumbs or food lefts on the table or kitchen counter top. It will contaminate your attic and other places with fecal matter and bring a lot of diseases like, Typhus, bubonic plague, fleas and many other pathogens that are unsanitary and harmful to your health.

Methods to eliminate rats from the attic

  1. Sealing all the entry points  

Find all the gaps and holes on top of the roof and seal them with steel. Use a steel grid for the chimney and barricade the gaps in the roof with proper steel. Use steel grids for the vents or any other such places through which it can enter the attics. Do the same for the indoor area of the attic as rats will not be able to chew steel. Keep your yard clean and clutter free. Prune and trim your trees and cut off all long branches from which the rats can easily climb to the rooftop and attic. Make sure to eradicate any rats found in your yard. Seal all entry points through which the rats can enter into your attics. Use STUF FIT COPPER MESH can also be used to caulk all the holes and entry points.

Take a flashlight and look for chewed off areas, nests, burrow and traces of excrement. That will help you find the exact location of the rats. Once you identify the nest and the location it will become easier for you to eradicate the rats from the attic.

  1. Keeping your house clean

Rats are attracted to filth and one of the reason these rodents must have infested your homes must be due to unhygienic conditions. Make sure your garden is clutter free, trees and plants are pruned and trimmed. Remove all mulches and leaf debris and clean up any other mess that may attract the rats into your home and allow them to hide. Remove all stagnant water the pest may come in search for water or other food source. Keep all your food items in proper sealed container and refrigerators. Rats like warm and temperate climates. It will stay away from the freezer.

Make sure all items in the pantry are exchanged with fresh grocery items and are stored in airtight sealed jars. Make sure the dishes and the table is cleaned up after every meal and crumbs are cleaned up immediately. Keep your home clutter free and organized. The washroom, kitchen should be vacuumed and mopped and dried. The trash should be thrown promptly in tight lid trash can and disposed on time in sealed air tight garbage bags in trash cans with lids. Make sure all leaks and pipes and holes are fixed and clean. If the food, water source and filth are taken away the rats will not be tempted to nest in your attic.

  1. Trapping the rats

Place traps all over the attic, particularly where you have detected it main hideout location. Make sure you place plenty of traps at several locations inside and outside the attic. There are many options to capture the rats using traps. The traps that can be use are as follows:

LIVE CAGE TRAPS: Bait like peanut butter or some other food can be kept to lure the rat in the steel cage. The cage should be large enough to trap more than one rat. The rats get into the cage and get trapped once the pests have been captured. It can be poisoned or taken to distant place where it can survive.

SNAP TRAPS: These are the old fashioned traps that you get to see in cartons. Place bait and put in all the places in the attic and outside where traces of rats have been found. The rat will come close to eat the chocolate or seeds and end up getting its paw trapped. Once it is trapped. You can dispose the rat far away from home. Few snap traps are lethal and kills the rat immediately. On of the suggested product to use is SNAP- E RAT SNAP TRAP.

BOX POISON TRAP: Place the rat’s favorite bait in the attic. The rats will get lured to the bait, they have a very keen sense of smell,  when it feeds on the food the poison will get terminated.

GLUE TRAP: The glue boards can be placed at several points in the attic. Some have poison while other may just have glue or an electrocution grid. The rats get stuck on the glue board and get exterminated through poison or electrocution. One of the recommended glue boards is JT RAT STICK GLUE BOARD.

BAIT STATION: One of the elective bait stations that can be used to eliminate rats is AEGIS BAIT STATION. The food coated with poison is placed in bait station. The bait station can be located in every area in the attic. Once the rats eat the food it gets exterminated. The rats can then be disposed properly in sealed bags away from home.

Other suggested products to get rid of rats are ERATICATION RODENT BAIT and GUARANTEED RAT CONTROL KIT.

  1. Cleaning the attic

Once all the rats have been exterminated you must clean, sanitize using every disinfectant you can find. Dispose any object or material that was present in the attic and clean every inch of the place. This will prevent any contamination, disease or pathogens from spreading. The pheromones from the rat fur can attract the rats toward your attic. Make sure to remove each one of them deodorize the area properly after disinfecting and cleaning your attic.

Messy rodents

Getting rid of rats is a filthy and messy task but it will prevent you from facing rat infestation and enduring an outspread of disease or fleas and other pathogens. It always better to terminate the rodents and keep you home and yard clean.


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