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How to Get Rid Of Rats Fast


Rats are untamed scoundrels with no manners or concept of privacy whatsoever.  These vermin would devour anything that comes in their way and they’d do so without any shame. Your branded dress, your favorite shoes and even your precious food will not be safe from their wrath. No matter how much you run after them with brooms and sticks and whatnot, they’ll always come back. Always.

Unless of course, you find a permanent solution to get rid of rats, and discover some preventative methods that will keep them away for good. For this reason, we are going to list down some methods that will bring peace in your life, a life where, when something brushes by your feet, you won’t jump two feet in the air followed by an embarrassing shriek, thinking rats have come.

Let’s first learn a little more about these furry pests:

What We Need To Know About Rats

Rats are clever little rodents, clever because they wouldn’t mess with anything unless they are sure it is safe for them, which is highly inconvenient since it makes baiting and trapping them extremely difficult.

And trapping and killing them is necessary, because these rodents have been the reason behind number of diseases and plagues in the human history. In addition, they are natural gnawers. They gnaw as their survival depends on it, which makes them a nuisance to have in the house.

Not just that, their incessant squeaking and chattering is irritating too, and so are their droppings. And even if we ignore all these, it is not exactly all fun to be woken up by rats crawling on you in the middle of the night, or middle of the day for that matter.

And in case, you’ve had minimum experience with rats and can’t really tell what is haunting you with gnawed shoes and black stuff on the floor, then let us help you out:

  • Dark and moist fresh dropping is the first sign of rat infestation in the house. If these droppings are left in a dark hidden corner, they’ll completely dry out and easily crumble.  

  • Gnaw marks and indentations on food cartons, shoes or clothes that have curious little holes on it is another obvious sign of rat infestation in the house.

  • Rats have this distinct musty smell. While we humans can smell it too, you pets will notice it faster, if you see your cat and dogs getting overly zealous suddenly, then something ratty is already happening in the house.

  • If none of the above signs are obvious, then try spreading a thin layer of flour or baby powder on the floor. Check the area in the morning; if you find small track marks, smudged powder or small footprints, then you have some rat problem on your hands.

How to get rid of Rats Fast

  1. Set a Trap

If you have successfully discovered that place in your house from where rats emerge every night, then it’s time you lay some traps. You can look closely at the gnaw marks, dropping and track marks and follow them to find their rendezvous point. Once you are sure, you have the right place, set a trap. You can either buy lots of regular traps, which cannot be reused, or you can buy one Big Snap E Rat Trap which is easy to use, durable and can be used multiple times. Lure rats and win their trust by placing cheese bits with peanut butter on them. Don’t activate the traps for the first day or two. Once they start visiting the traps regularly, activate them and rejoice.

  1. Mesh Control

If there are a number of holes in the house, then chances are that’s where the rats are coming from. Cover all the holes and cracks in the house using copper mesh. They are very easy to use and are rust and stain proof.

  1. Onions

Onions are not permanent solutions, but they’ll give you reprieve until you can get your hands on mesh or bait. All you need to do is slice an onion and place it near holes and entry points. Rats absolutely abhor the smell of onion and will stay far away from your house.

  1. Snake litter

We can also play with rats’ fear of snakes and cats and buy a bag of dried litter from a pet store or zoo. Rats are petrified of cats and snakes and will stay very far away as soon as they get a whiff of the slitter.

  1. Sound Box

Rats are very sensitive to sound, especially since they can hear ultrasounds, above 20 kHz. You can use sound box, or simply play the ultrasound on your sound system to drive the rats away. This sound actually hurts rats’ ear to the point of making them bleed.


Here’s how you can keep the rats from coming to your house:

  • Keep the holes and cracks in the house, sealed at all times.

  • Keep your house clean and clutter free.

  • Refrain from storing food in cardboards. Use metals and glass containers for the purpose.

  • Cluttered gardens to attract rats. Keep it trimmed and clean all the time.

  • Pet food in the open lure the rats, if you have pet, make sure the food is always stored on high shelves and in glass containers.

These preventions are effective but only to keep rats away. Once they have already invaded your home, you’ll have to resort to other methods in order to get rid of them.

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