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How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice


Rats and mice are an unsightly thing you would ever want to see in your house or any other place. It says a whole lot about the hygiene level of an area. But sometimes despite our best efforts to maintain cleanliness, a rat or mouse like an uninvited guest, intrudes his way in.

 You might not see them during the day because they are quite clever little creatures. They wait for you to leave and then spring into action by nibbling on anything that they can find. Even if you hide away all the food they love to chew on non-edible items such as wires, plastic or fabrics. Just one rat is enough to disrupt your entire household routine and make you agitated from entering places it usually lurks about.

What are rats/mice?

Although rats and mice belong to the same family of rodents but most people use these names interchangeably as if they are the same.  Rats and mice differ in looks and size and they have different behaviors as well.  The physical difference between them is that mice are smaller and have big ears and a pointy nose whereas rats are bigger in size. Rats are very careful and don’t get inside everything easily until they are sure it is safe. On the other hand mice are very curious creatures and will try to get their little paws on everything as they sniff it away. Rats and mice don’t exactly get along as rats can eat mice so you are dealing with 2 different yet equally annoying pests that you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

Signs you a have rat/mouse infestation

  • Food nibbles or bitten off. You will see tiny bite marks on snack packets, fruit or anything that is lying around. If you see wires chewed off then that confirms it a 100%

  • Droppings and rat odor

  • Squeaky or nibbling noises at night.

  • Food particles and crumbs dropped in different places

  • Gnawing marks

  • Burrows

The health risk

They might seem all cute and furry and some are even kept as pets but wild mice and rats are very dangerous to one’s health as their saliva and droppings are poisonous and can even be fatal. This is why restaurants are that are often found to contain rat or mice infestations are shut down by the food inspection authorities.

How to get rid of mice and rats

So now that you have confirmed that there is a mouse/rat in the house it is time for action:

  • Mouse/rat trap

The classic mouse trap is the first thing that people get to get rid of any pesky rodent. So you should invest a good quality mouse trap. The traps for rats and mice vary in size so always make sure you got the right one. Small mouse traps don’t really work on rats and they are easily able to escape and become cautious of the devices. A mouse trap like this one at solutionstores.com is a good choice to get rid of your mouse problem. Just use a bait to lure the rodent in and it will be trapped inside in no time.

  • Rodent bait

If you have some clever and agile little pests in your house that won’t seem to budge with a mere mouse trap then you can use rodent bait. The rodent bait is perfect to kill mice and rats as they come in food scented formulas that trick the mice/rats into thinking it's food but it’s actually slow poison. Check out this really effective rodent bait by solutionstores.com and see the difference. It is peanut butter flavored and has a scent that will definitely lure coming until they are eradicated.

  • Glue boards

Glue boards are an  effective method for catching small mice and rats. You cannot just get a cardboard and smear lots of crafting glue.   The glue has to be  a certain weight to get them stuck on the glueboards, mice should use mouse and rat size will require a rat size glue tray.  There are scented glue boards that smell of peanut butter, banana, chocolate glue is very attractive to them and they sniff their way to the glue board. Before they know it, they are stuck in it and you can dispose of the rodent and glueboard.  .

How to prevent rats and mice

The best way to get rid of pests like mice/rats is to prevent them and that can only be done through proper hygiene and maintaining good sanitary conditions.   Block as much up as possible, copper mesh works great, to plug holes.

These rodents don’t come to a place by themselves. It is because you unintentionally lure them in with food and trash around your house.

  • Clean your house regularly

Mop the floors, dust off shelves, and wipe the countertops from any food bits and particles. Vacuum your house every day. The cleaner the house you have, the lesser chances of you ever getting a rodent infestation.

  • Seal your trash

Do you know that rats and mice love rotting stuff as well? It’s not just the fresh block of cheese in the mouse trap that will entice them it is also the stench from the garbage can and they will sniff their way and nibble off the garbage bag until they find that they want. So tightly seal all your garbage bags in shut the trash can tightly so that they don’t go inside and find themselves a regular food source.

  • Finding their entry point

This is one of the most important and best points so we saved it for last. You have to find out the source of their whereabouts and where they enter inside your home. Once you find that little space, it is your job to either seal it or set a trap/bait there to kill them off immediately.

If you follow all these steps then you will have a mouse/rat free zone in no time.


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