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How to Get Rid of Rats

Rats basically require sanctuary, food and water for their survival and growth -- something households can easily provide them with. The unsolicited arrival of these furry intruders in your house can bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble. Rats are attracted to garbage, pet foods, and crumbs of food items. Basements, attics, pipelines, kitchen cabinets and the area around trees and dense shrubs are some of their favorite places to hide and reside.

Signs Your House is Hosting Unwelcomed Guests

  • Droppings around food items and trash bins

  • Noticing unusual noises from the kitchen and the attic

  • Nibbling of wires and wooden items

  • Nests and nesting materials in the dark corners of the house

Why is Getting Rid of Rats Important?

Norway (brown) rats and roof (black) rats are the most commonly found rat species in households. Norway rats usually dig holes to live. They can destroy the landscape of your house. Due to their size, they can also block  sewer lines of your house.

Roof rats or black rats are more of a nuisance because of their ability to climb roofs, and other elevated structures in the house. They can chew on wires and can also make all the food in your kitchen cabinets inedible.

Apart from damaging ‘things’, they are also dangerous for the living beings in  the house. Rats are the carriers of more than 20 diseases. Rat bites and droppings spread these diseases very easily.

To prevent damage to your house structures, ensure the health of your family and to get free of a lingering unhygienic feeling, you can employ of the many sure ways of getting rid of these creatures.

Get Rid of Rats by Attacking their Olfactory Nerves

Peppermint Oil

The strong smell of peppermint oil can be very effective to repel rats. You just have to soak some cotton balls in the oil and put them at rat-prone sites. If you have a yard/lawn, then growing mint plants will also help as they deter rats from entering your house.


The heady smell of pepper makes it very difficult for rats to breath. Sprinkling powdered pepper around the corners and rat-prone areas can be an effective way of getting rid of these rodents.


The strong pungent smell of onion also makes the survival of rats very hard. Cut some onions and put them in rat spots to clear your house.

Some Other DIY Methods to Get Rid of Rat Infestation

Baby powders

Baby powders seem very pleasant but they are proved to be mild intoxicants for rodents such as rats. Sprinkling baby powder in the corners and rat habitations of your house can help you to get rid of them.

Moth Balls

Moth balls are made of deodorant and pesticides and are easily available in the market. Place them in kitchen cabinets, attics and other areas of the house that are ideal rat hiding places.

Snake Litter

Rats are very much afraid of snakes and you can use their fear to get rid of them. Get dried snake litter from any pet store and place it in all the favorite places of rats in your house. The presence of snake litter will make sure that rats do not visit those places again. Use it with care and keep children and pets away from it.

If you are not successful with these home remedies, then there are two tried and tested methods to get rid of rats.


Trapping is an old school method to get rid of rats effectively. You can put some food item on a rat trap to lure the rodent. Cheese and peanut butter are rats’ favorite foods. With traps, you can either go lethal or non-lethal.

For those that don’t mind if your rat control gets a bit gruesome, snap traps are a great way to capture and kill destructive rats. We have a variety of options when it comes to snap traps. You can either go traditional with the Victor Professional Wooden Rat Snap Trap or use the Snap-E Rat Snap Traps. Both promise a really quick and powerful kill. However if you use it indoors and have pets and children around it would be wise to place the trap inside of a bait station for safety purposes. You wouldn’t want your dog’s wagging tongue to be caught in the trap or one of your child’s fingers as the traps are powerful enough to break them.

If you feel squeamish you can use a non-lethal trap such as a glue board. There are also multiple options when it comes to glue boards here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. For instance we have JT Eaton Stick EM Rat/Mouse Glue Tray, Trapper Rat Glue Boards, and Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards . These boards are strong enough to get even the biggest ugliest rats stuck. However, with this there is a change the a rat will try to unstick themselves with so much force that their limbs or tails can tear off of them, if you don’t want to put yourself at risk of witnessing such a thing you may want to seek a different option.


When dealing with a large population of rats, poisonous baiting can be very useful. Strong poisons and profressional pest control chemicals are used to make these baits. Rats can’t sniff out the danger of the bait and continue to eat until it kills them. There are some pest control products with strong potency that can cause the death of rats with a single feeding.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has some terrific rodenticide bait. Best of all is Eratication, which is exclusively made in house by Solutions. It has a special peanut butter scent and flavor that rats will not be able to resist when scavenging for food. There are other baits which also work great like JT Eaton Bait Blocks among others. When using baits we suggest using a bait station to keep the baits safe from the elements and to ensure pets and childrens don’t snatch up the bait and come into contact with it.

With our special Guaranteed Rat Control Kit, you can get all the products we mentioned above to successfully get rid of rats in a convenient package. The kit comes 100% guaranteed meaning if by following the steps we laid out and utilizing the products properly your rat problem is still not taken care of and you are dissatisfied we’ll give you your money back or present some other satisfying alternative for you.

Prevention of Rat Infestation

It is always better to prevent the problem than to deal with it. By following some prevention tips, you can reduce the chances of your home becoming a safe haven for rats.

Improper sanitation provides rats with enough food and water to survive and multiply. Keep your place clean and tidy.

  • Store food items in large metal containers that can’t be gnawed by rats.

  • To make sure rats don’t find any food leftovers in the kitchen and the dining area, mop and wipe these places. Also, make sure there is no standing water in and around your house.

  • Empty your trash cans regularly and make sure there is no remaining litter in them.

It is necessary to make your house rat-proof structurally. Seal all openings in your house. You should also make sure that sewer pipes are fitted with the right type of gratings.


Rats can be a frightening rodent to experience in your home, however if you can channel that fear by taking the proper precautions and putting in place an effectively control plan such as the ones we provided above, your home will be free from the presence of rats. If you ever need more assistance with your rat problem, we are always available and ready to answer your questions and concerns by phone (800-479-6583), email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) and via online live chat.


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