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How to Get Rid of a Raccoon

When you were younger, you probably thought that the raccoon was a cute and fuzzy animal like a rabbit or a squirrel. Boy, were you wrong. They are nothing like that. Annoying little fellas are just overgrown rats. With their facial mask just like a burglar, you know they are up to no good.  What’s that screeching sound? It’s back to make your life hell.

Raccoons can be found all over the United States. Their thick fur protects them even from the harshest weathers. They are clever beasts with good survival instincts and strong limbs. Being omnivores, raccoons eat almost about anything which includes plants, fish, birds, eggs, seeds, fruits and also other mammals.

Identify raccoon activity around the house

Did someone knock over the garbage cans again? Do you hear a screeching sound from the yard? Did something take a dump in the pool again? It’s quite possible that there is a raccoon problem. Raccoons are nocturnal hunters but often come out during the day in search of other sources of food. In the urban habitat, the raccoon can be a very annoying, not to mention a dangerous animal.

Raccoons in the attic make a plodding noise however since they are nocturnal creatures, these sounds usually come at night. Frequent sightings might suggest that the animal is living on the property. This can be further confirmed with small paw prints and droppings that it leaves behind.

Where to look?

Raccoons are very good at hiding and will usually hide in the attic or the basement. The might also use the pet door to get in and out of the house. So that is where you look first.

Careful. It bites.

Raccoons when agitated can be very ferocious and vicious even. They have sharp claws and a very strong bite that you need to avoid. Fortunately, contrary to a misconception, raccoons don’t carry rabies. Raccoons don’t make good pets because they are wild by nature. They are survivors that adapt to their conditions and will eat almost anything.

Setting a trap

The best way to get rid of your raccoon problem is to set up a trap. A cage with thick, sturdy bars should do the trick. If the bars are too thin the raccoon will just gnaw through them. If the bars are too far apart it can just pass between them.

Solutions also carries live animal traps like the Havahart live trap which can be easily set with a bait that the raccoon will by curious to try and before you know it they will be captured and you can easily dispose of them however you prefer.

Setting up a trap can be complicated for first-timers and amateurs dealing with such a sly and crafty creature. It often happens that the trap might catch a stray cat or a skunk instead. In order to catch the correct animal it is advised not to use meat based bait to lure the raccoon. One thing they love is marshmallows. They find them irresistible. Marshmallows have proven to be very successful to lure raccoons in traps. Also when it comes to using traps, once you’ve caught one, it can get very feisty so take extra caution when approaching it.

Using scare tactics

Raccoons are smart but humans are smarter. You can install motion sensor activated sprinklers, lights and noise generators to scare them off. Coons avoid direct engagement with humans as much as possible.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we have an ultrasonic sound device which works really well called Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. High pitched frequencies are released which target raccoons. These sound waves are so disturbing to raccoons that the raccoons will do anything to get as far away from the area as possible. This device has a convenient setting where you are able to isolate raccoons specifically.

Too Complicated?

If traps aren’t your thing, you can try to put up a scarecrow to discourage raccoons from invading your personal space. Spraying insecticides and repellents doesn’t seem to work in their case so don’t bother wasting your money. You might also want to shoot the little critters. Show ‘em whose boss. Just make sure you are familiar with laws pertaining to opening fire with a weapon in your area.

Getting rid of them

It is always advised to hire a professional to get rid of a raccoon problem. Too expensive for you? Well you might try to do it yourself. If the animal is in the attic, it usually is a female with a litter of offspring. Make sure when you get rid of the mother, the babies are also removed. Otherwise it’ll cause them to suffer and die unnecessarily and your house will start to smell of decay. Once captured, take the coon at least 10 miles away from your residence to avoid it from coming back.

For raccoons out on your yard, we recommend using Critter Ritter or Nature’s defense Animal Repellent. These products are generally used for moles and gophers and have a terrible taste that raccoons will hate. By just spreading this product onto your lawn, the raccoons will find the product and try it and absolutely detest it. If the product gets in the soil when the raccoons dig, they will get it on their hands and be stuck with the awful taste. These products may be enough to keep raccoons far away from your property.

If the raccoon happens to find it’s way indoors they can be easily driven out by using a repellent such as Detour Rodent Repellent. Place this product to every potential area where rodents will contact the product using a caulking gun and raccoon will not want to step foot anywhere in your home.

Prevention Techniques

Raccoon needs a place to enter the house. These are usually holes in the wall, doors or the roof. Make sure that you conduct regular checks and seal any open holes. You might also want to put a fence around the house. Fencing prevents them access and they usually keep away. You can also use bungee rope to secure your garbage cans with tight seals so they do not provide a feeding ground for raccoons. Don’t leave out trash or pet food at night.

Still not sure?

The multiple procedures and techniques have been compiled together by the experiences of many other people facing the same problem as you and experts of animal control specialists. But For your own safety, always wear protective clothing such as gloves to keep you safe from any bites. Be safe.


As cute and cuddly as raccoons look, their behavior will certainly turn you off of them. With the help of our tips andproduct recommendations above, you can quickly and easily get rid of your raccoon problem. If you need any help, call us at 800-479- 6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com


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