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How to Get Rid of Possums Under Your House 


Possums are one of trickiest pests you’d ever come across. Probably because they are relatively cute, and by the time you realize that these varmints are actually pests, it would be too late. 

But before we move forward and discuss all the reasons why possums are such  pests, let us warn you to stop feeding possums. No matter how cute and adorable they are, no matter how much you feel sorry for them, don’t ever feed possums because pretty soon you’ll come to regret it. Big time.

In the middle of the night, you’ll hear the garbage cans falling. That will be possums. Or if you hear munching sounds coming from the garage, that will be possums. The worst part is it all happens at night so you can say goodbye to peaceful sleep. Hello, midnight spooks.

Even more terrible is the fact, that when an actual intruder enters the house, most people sleep soundly, thinking that possums are the culprits.

What We Need To Know About Possums

Possums are usually harmless pests because they never attack human beings, unless they are suffering from rabies, which too is highly unlikely since possums have extremely low temperatures and hardly ever contract the disease.

Possums are most commonly known as thieves, because they just visit your house, or take residence under it and steal things. They are harder to catch too, since they are nocturnal creatures and only appear in the darkness of the night. Most people only find out about their invasion in the morning when they find everything out of sorts.

Frightening news about female possums is that they can give birth to seventeen pups at a time. They can also climb trees with their short yet highly functional legs. If you happen to be suffering from a possum problem, apply these proven methods and get rid of them straight away.

Methods to get rid of possums under the house

  • Sound waves

Like rats, possums too can listen to high frequency noise. Because their ears are sensitive to ultrasound, one way to get rid of them is by using Ultrasonic Pest repellant. The high frequency sound released by the sound box, irritates the possums to no end -- to the point of them running away and seeking quiet place to retreat. If you keep playing this ultrasonic sound, all possums will soon come out of under the house and run away. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, which works really well to flush out

  • Overgrown grass

Possums usually make their dens under the house, but long, uncut grass gives them a good cover to hide. If your yard is unkempt, then perhaps it’s time to take out your mower. With no place to hide, possums will feel exposed and will try to stay away.

  • Poison

DeTour Repellant is not exactly poison, but a strongly effective solution to get rid of possums. If you suspect that possums are living under your house, then choose a suitable time of the day and apply the DeTour solution to all corners and surfaces. As soon as possums come into contact with it, their sensory nerve endings begin to get irritated. This makes possums highly uncomfortable and not only sends them on the run, but also keeps them from coming back again. It is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of possums indefinitely if used time and again.  

  • Lights

One way to make sure possums run away from the crawl space under your house is by flooding the place with lights. Possums are nocturnal animals and hate light. If your install lights there and keep the place illuminated at all times, possums will be forced to find some other place.   

  • Remove the food

Dark crawl spaces, overgrown grass and food source everywhere is like an open invitation to possums to come and enjoy their stay. After making sure you have installed bulbs and mowed the lawn, you also need to make sure the food is not around. Food for possums are open garbage, insects, rodents, baby birds, fruits, vegetables, peels, birdseed, dog food and cat food etc.

Start off by sealing the garbage can with a secure lid. Make a point of cleaning the outside of the house and the crawl space below the house once every week and get rid of any trash lying around. Also, the birdfeeder should be brought inside every night.


Most people do not want to kill possums, and cannot use any chemical substance under the house, for fear of harming plants and other housemates. One way to deter possums from hiding under the house is by using All Purpose Animal Repellant. This repellant is made of natural ingredients and keeps plants and pets safe, white creating a scent barrier for possums.

In order to keep possums away, you must also refrain from intentionally feeding them food. Possums are undoubtedly adorable and most people end up providing them with food, which is a big mistake. Also, make sure the fence around your house is free of holes and rotten boards. Have it fixed as soon as you catch sight of any damage. These are the places from where possums most commonly enter.


We hope that the tips and tricks we have provided above will help you with your possum problem. For more helpful advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online.


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