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How to Get Rid of Pond Weed


Have you been noticing a change in your beautiful pond? Do your tiny fishes seem to be behaving differently? However, you are unaware of what might be causing this. The reason for this is an excessive growth of pond weed.

Pond weed infests ponds, disturbing the habitat of the fish. It is your responsibility to get rid of this disturbance as soon as possible. If the weed begins to spread excessively, it can become extremely dangerous to the health of aquatic life. This guide will explain the dangers of pond weed and help you get rid of it.

What is Pond Weed?

Bodies of water grow a diverse range of plants, including weed that is submerged, in the process of growing or is floating. It is important to identify the weed that is growing in your plants so it can be treated in time. When the weed begins to cover more than 25% of the surface, it begins to interfere with fish reproduction and starts producing an extremely awful smell. The excessive growth sucks in the oxygen from the water, causing the fish to die.

The most common type of weed that is found in ponds is algae. It begins to spread on the surface of the pond, covering every inch of the water. You will need to keep in mind that while getting rid of the weeds, you cannot remove all of them. Therefore, it is important to use the correct methods to keep your ponds clean and beneficial for the creatures that are depending on it.

Do not use hard chemicals in your ponds to get rid of the weed. The chemicals will be harmful to the fish, overpower all the oxygen and kill any other living things in the pond.

Six Ways of Getting Rid of Pond Weed

  1. Aeration System

Setting up an aeration system is the most recommended method to defeat pond weed. Pond aeration is the procedure in which there is more oxygen added to the water so the quality of the water improves. When the water quality will be good, the health of the fish and other aquatic animals will be just fine. The bacteria present in the air can also benefit from the oxygen. This is beneficial for the ecosystem as its eliminate the pollution. When you add any diffuser or aerators to the pond, the oxygen spreads in the ecosystem and water quality improve, . This allows aerobic bacteria to decompose pond weed and other plants that are disrupting the pond’s wildlife.

  1. Create a Natural System

A natural system is a good way of getting rid of pond weed, because it not only contributes to the ecosystem but also promotes a healthier ecosystem and facilitates self-cleaning and restoration of natural processes. In a normal circumstance, the pond keeps itself clean and free from any pond weed because of the ecosystem within. When there is a pond weed infestation, the natural ecosystem is disturbed and the self-cleaning process is halted. Furthermore, the depletion of oxygen causes the pond weed to keep growing.

Restoring the natural system of the pond will prevent the weed from taking over and will make sure your pond is clean.

  1. Be Hands-On

Make sure you are keeping an eye on your pond. You will need to address the pond weed issue as soon as you begin to notice some. If the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible, the pond weeds will only grow. Any waste from the fish or other aquatic life will only make the problem bigger. The earlier you try to get rid of the weed, the easier it will be to defeat it.

  1. Benthic Barrier

You have never heard of a benthic barrier before, right? A benthic barrier is a pane that will be placed on the bottom of your pond. It will stop the sun from reaching the pond weed causing it to die. This method is a nonchemical and reusable method and it is safe for all the fish and aquatic life. Vegetation is necessary –even in your pond- and the benthic barrier will allow some weeds to stay put. Just make sure that when you are putting the sheet and are not covering any fish spawning areas.

  1. Choose the Right Herbicide

Make the herbicide your last resort. It is crucial that you identify what kind of weeds you are dealing with before you purchase an herbicide. There are different herbicides for different kinds of pond weeds that grow. Make sure you read the instructions on the herbicides carefully before applying. Apply the herbicide exactly where the growth of the pond weed is happening. Keep in mind that you should not eliminate all the pond weed because they are an essential part of the natural ecosystem. Once we have identified the pond weeds we can select from Diquat, Cutrine Plus, K-Tea Copper Algaecide, and other aquatic herbicides. Pond Dye is another great product that will help with algae.

  1. Filtration

You can get filters in your pond that will ensure that all waste gets out of the pond. The waste overpowers the oxygen thus inviting the pond weed. You will begin to witness a change in your pond when the filters are installed, and the health of your fish will also improve.


Keep observing your pond to see if there are any signs of pond weed growth. The earlier you address the problem, the easier it is to get rid of them.

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