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How to Get Rid of Pill Bugs Fast


Pill bugs are also known as “roly-poly bugs” and they get this name because they roll themselves into a tight ball and roll from one place to another. They have seven pairs of legs and are about ¼ inch long. Pill bugs hide in moisture and stay hidden all day while spending the nights crawling.

Pill bugs feed on fresh, young plants, roots and other organic matter. They are often found in flower beds, leaf litter, pet droppings, and trash and rotting boards. Since they need a lot of water to survive, they are often found in large groups to prevent water loss.

If you are suffering from a pill bug infestation, a large population can be found just outside the building. These bugs are active during the summer season and in hot areas like greenhouses in winters.

Start with Prevention

In order to prevent pill bugs from infesting your house, you must make sure that the outdoors of your home is clean. If you have any leaf litter in flower beds or rock and wood piles, make sure to remove them. Store firewood off the floor and do not let any waste that creates moisture.

Rock mulch for landscaping can often attract pill bugs for breeding and start an infestation. You must make sure that rocks are placed in a way that does not create moisture around or under the first layer. These bugs cannot survive in dry areas as they need to rest all day in damp areas.

In order to eliminate moisture from your basement, make sure you have proper ventilation that dries up all moisture. Many times, debris and leaf litter is stored near windows and other points of entry so make sure to keep these areas clean. Never leave leaf litter near windows and around the corners of your door. It will attract these pests to infest and enter your home.

The area under the kitchen sink is usually moist and damp. Make sure that if you have a leaking drain, get it fixed as soon as you can. Once these bugs enter your kitchen, you may find them crawling in and out. Pill bugs usually infest the outside but they can get access to water from your kitchen too.

If you see any standing water or excess moisture near various points of entry, make sure to keep that clean and dry. If you have possible cracks or openings near the windows or around the doors, seal them properly with caulking compound.

Diatomaceous Earth

Slug bait is also called diatomaceous earth. When you are using this bait, make sure you cover your mouth and do not inhale the substance. This bait should not be used around pets as it can be extremely dangerous. The strong chemicals in it are poisonous and can prove to be fatal if not handled with care.

Diatomaceous earth is great for getting rid of fleas as well, but for pill bugs – it works great! This substance harms the pill bug’s cuticles and dehydrates it. The bug dies over time. Diatomaceous earth is also used in swimming pools but that is very harmful for humans and pets. Use one that is labeled “food-grade” when using.

Spray Pesticides

Use a pesticide by spraying along entry points. Spray along baseboards and cracks. If you use a residual along the exterior of your home, it would give better results. The way to go about it would be to spray about 3 inches along the walls and 3 inches on the ground away from the walls. This will cover any cracks or holes that could be points of entry. Repeat this treatment every 3 months for maximum results.

If you feel that your basement has a pill bug infestation, use pesticides to get rid of these bugs. Simply spraying the area thoroughly with a pesticide should give you the desired result. When you handle pesticides, take precautionary measures to keep your family, pets and yourself safe. Cover your mouth with a mask and wear gloves. Also wear goggles to prevent the chemical from entering your eyes.

Keep your pets and family away from the basement when you are using the spray. Keep your basement sealed for a few days until the pesticide has had its proper effects. After 2 to 3 days, open your basement and make sure it stays ventilated so that further infestation does not happen.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has the pesticides you need for pill bug control. Use a combination of granules and liquid insecticides for total control of sowbugs. Around the garden and your turf, lay out granules such as Talstar Granules or other similar brands while sowbugs are active and reapply once a month until you do see any further sowbug activity. You can also a broad-spectrum insecticide like Cyonara 9.7 Insecticidearound your foundation and ground areas until the sowbug population is no longer active. Use insecticides to create a barrier around your home to keep sowbugs out.

Do Not Let Moisture and Dirt Set

Regularly vacuuming your carpets helps keep moisture away in cold weathers. Make sure you do that often and keep your home clean. Letting in sunlight also warms your home naturally and deters pill bugs.

Keep your garden and yard clean and do not allow any decaying plant material to pile up. When you store firewood or rocks, make sure they are piled away from your home. Pile them on a level and dry surface. Keeping them on grass may cause the formation moisture, which again would attract pill bugs.

The flower beds are usually a popular place for pill bugs to visit. Do not over mulch beds and keep it as clean as possible.


By following the above steps, you will be able to successfully take care of your pill bug infestation all by yourself! If you have any questions or concerns, we are available via phone or online chat to help you with your order or give you advice on control methods.

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