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How To Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs

american cockroach palmetto bug

About palmetto bugs

Palmetto bugs are commonly known as American Cockroaches. They have other names by which they are identified, for example, water bugs. The palmetto bugs are not known for biting but if in case they don’t get food supply, like meat or any other food items. The bugs are known to bite people. Their bites causes red marks. Since the roach loves to lurk in unsanitary moist places, they carry pathogens that may cause illness like diarrhea, vomiting, and may also cause allergies, and asthma, etc. These bugs like sweet and starchy food and infest in damp shady places like wood piles, hollow tree, shrubs in the garden or it may infest itself in the drainage, moist space, drains, etc.


  1. Keep Your Home Clean

The palmetto bugs eat almost everything from glue to paper, meat and all other items. This makes it harder to eradicate the food supply and keep the house clean when the roach is willing to eat anything it can find. However, measures still need to be taken to eradicate these bugs. Make sure all the areas in your home are vacuumed regularly, particularly after having food. Dishes must be washed and dried up immediately; and the garbage bags should be sealed and disposed off immediately. Make sure the trash can has a tight lid. More than food, the water bugs look for water and moist places. Make sure your home is clutter-free, disinfected and dry. Fix all leaky faucets, plumbing pipes and any still water or damp towel should be cleaned up immediately. Keep all the food in the tight sealed containers.

  1. Ban the bugs from all entry points

Usually these bugs like to be active during night time and search for infesting in homes during winter season. Take particular care during these times. Makes sure the doors and windows are screened. The holes, cracks, and crevices all such places should be sealed properly. Put mesh on the floor drains and vents, and block the baseboards and any such areas from where palmetto bugs can enter.

Clean up your garden. Make sure there are no damp branches, stumps and leaf debris for the palmetto bugs to live in. Remove all such kind of debris. Keep all places as dry as possible. Make sure to use some insecticide or repellant for hollow trees and shrubs or remove them altogether.

Pump the bugs up with drugs

There are various approaches and products that can be used to eliminate the Palmetto bugs. Few of these will be discussed below:

DUST: D-fense SC and CB boric acid dust are use with a special kind of duster to puff the drugs into the crack and holes and other such hiding places. Read and follow the instructions given on the packet and do sprinkle it on baseboards, empty spaces inside walls, cabinets, etc., as the palmetto bugs crawl over the borax it carries the toxin back to it nest and passes it on to its fellow-mates. This subsequently leads to elimination of the palmetto bugs.

LIQUID: Few of the Liquid insecticides recommended are as follows; Suspend SC, Demon WP andDemand CS. Use such insecticides in a 2-gallon sprayer and spray the chemical on all suspected areas, like cabinets, baseboards, windows, furniture, door frames, etc., apply them every 3 months for the effect to be effective.

CONTACT SPRAYS: Pyrid Aerosol, CY-kick, CB-80 extra, D- force HPX all these are contact insecticide sprays. Spray the chemical once you visualize the palmetto bugs, American Cockroach and shoot at the target. It kills the bug right on the spot.

IGR: The insect growth regulator insecticide comes in 2 forms, Gentrol liquid concentrate and Gentrol aerosol.  Such insecticides curtail the life cycle of the Palmetto bugs; it stops its growth at the initial stages thus containing the population of the Palmetto bugs. Use a sprayer for Gentrol IGR and spray it along with demon WP and Suspend SC on baseboards and cabinets.

Use the Gentrol aerosol for small enclosed spaces like holes, cracks and wall voids etc. the straw is attached on the aerosol to let the fumes enter the small openings to eradicate the American roaches. It can also be used on appliances. It should be used regularly for 6 months until there are no traces of Palmetto bugs left.

BAITS:Ficam, such insecticides are mixed with some food item or sprinkled in favorite places where the water bugs like to hide. Once the bugs ingest the chemical, it kills them. The Niban-FG  are suitable for attics, baseboards and other such places.  Delta Gard G Granules  are effective outdoor when scattered on mulch, foliage and other such place where the  bugs like hide.  Deltagard is not a bait but a granules that is caring an insecticide.

At times liquid toxins can be dissolved in water, when the water bugs come to the water the toxin will eliminate them.

Few of the other recommended products to eliminate the palmetto bugs are Sevin Concentrate pest control, cyonara lawn and garden, carbaryl garden spray, etc.

Encroachment for the palmetto bugs

The American cockroaches lurk around contaminated areas and cause illnesses and multiply rapidly while dwelling at homes. It is important to get rid the bugs by any means possible. Keep your house and garden clean and keep the papers and glue in sealed containers.   Big, scary and flying Cockroach should make you want to take steps to ensure you have your American Roach under control.


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