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How to Get Rid of Opossums

Opossum are wild creatures found in western hemisphere that live inside tree hollows and also reside on the roofs and sheds of houses in suburban areas. No matter how cute they look on the outside, this animal is a pest that wrecks havoc to the forest and other habitats. It feeds on leaves, insects, fruits, eggs, birds, snails and other species. Cat food, dog food, really just about anything they can get their teeth on will work.


  1. Preventing entry of possums in the yard

It is extremely important to take all sorts of precautionary measures, like, cleaning everything and keeping all doors and entrances sealed and keeping food inside containers. Keep your yard clean, brush off all the piles of leaves, trim the grass short, trim bushes and tree branches, and make sure the yard is de-cluttered of unused items that could be used as a shelter by the possum. Remove all equipments that are not required and seal all areas like, porches, sheds, attic where the possums could build their residence. Use hardware cloth or even metal to create barriers making it difficult for possums to trespass in your property.  

  • Clean up any fruit, that has fallen on the ground.  Make sure your bird feed is not on the grounds.

  • Pick up pet food at night

  • Keep grills kill and scrubbed

  • Remove woodpiles, eliminate harborage area

  1. Block or Remove all possible possum hide-outs

Barricade garage entrance, boathouses and wood sheds using metal wire. These furry night terrors love   making home inside wood. So if you have any chopped wood outside it must be kept enclosed and sealed with proper metal wire. Having bright lights and having automatic sprinklers could be useful in keeping them away. Do take trash out on time and keep it sealed tightly and dispose it off as soon as possible. Materials like compost and any food item may tempt the possum to cross into your property and eventually might even form a shelter. Hence, such material should not be kept lying around in the yard.  

  1. Don’t cross the fence

Possums happen to be nocturnal omnivorous animal, which makes it difficult for us to protect each and every inch of the house from them. It would be best for you to create a fence made up of metal wire of four feet with top foot facing outwards. If you want to really scare these rodents an electrical wiring would be a better option.  Make sure you keep the fence much higher, now this will really shock the possums away.

  1. No space for the possums

In spite of electrical wiring you still never know from where these wild animals might sneak up and scurry into your gardens or inside your house. So make sure to scan your whole garden and house for any openings, cracks and other entrances. Is you find them makes sure they are screened properly; grids can also be used to cover places like vent. By sealing off all such spaces it makes it much harder for the possums to enter the premises.  

  1. Trap a possum

These menacing creatures can drive you crazy if they have taken over your garden and can even get aggressive to attack and bite you. The only way to show them that you are in charge is to catch them and put them in a trap.

Best time to trap a opossum in from late fall to the early winter months.  Bait the traps with smelly fish, tuna, can salmon.  There are many methods and approaches of trapping the possums, these are as follows:

LIVE CAPTURE TRAP: This trap involves placing the cage in the garden on a firm ground for several days. Next, the cage should be relocated near tree trunks or other areas where the possum tracks can be located. Bait such as banana, apple, carrots, etc., could be placed to entice the possums into the cage. Once they have been caught make sure the trip pin is quite distant to enable the door from opening. One of the popular live capture traps is called the Havahart Animal traps that comes with a safety kit to prevent any scratches or bites. The possum can then be released into a forest far away from your home.

KILL TRAPS: This trap is designed to eliminate the rodent completely. The device is moderate in size and has to be latched on a firm ground. It can also be latched onto tree trunks roofs or fences to avoid any accidental injuries of other living beings like pets living at your home. One of the well known kill trap is called the TIMMS KILL TRAP. It suffocates the animal to death.

LEG-HOLD TRAPS: Such traps consist of a short chain which is placed in a cleared-up area on a solid ground and the cage is placed where the possums are usually found running around. Rub some bait behind the trap. Once they get in there its legs gets caught in the chain. They can then be released in a safe habitat farther away from your household.

SPIKES: These are made of polycarbonate and its length is around 6oo mm. it can be nailed or glued on areas where the possums are most commonly found. These will prevent them from entering your roof, sheds and attics.

Traps will keep the possums wary of wandering near your house or garden, and they will avoid entering your garden as they will associate your house with danger.

  1. Ward off the possums

There are many chemical repellant available most of them are not effective but may keep them at bay. These are as follows:

AMMONIA: Soak a piece of rag into ammonia and place it inside a coffee can in areas where the possum are usually found near trees and plants, etc., the rag acts like a wick and disperses pungent odor of ammonia in the form of fumes. The smell keeps the possums away from the garden.

MOTHBALLS: Scatter the moth balls all over the garden the smell of the balls will drive the possums away.

D-TER AND SCAT: This repellent comes in powdered form and is diluted with water to form a mixture of spray. Spritz the repellant on plants and other areas, on coming in contact with the chemical, the possum sense of taste and smell is affected. This will make the possums from trespassing and messing around your land.


All these strategies can be utilized in getting rid of possums but make sure to all preventive measure are taken to avoid the problem altogether.


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