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How to Get Rid of Nutsedge 


If you are one of those homeowners that takes immense pride in their garden or yards, then you will understand the torture of dealing with nutsedge. These plants suddenly sprout from out of nowhere and ruin the aesthetic facet of your garden by a substantial margin. Most people invest in professional garden services in order to get rid of the nutsedge present in their gardens. This completely unnecessary as every homeowner can easily get rid of the nutsedge in their garden with a few of our tips and tricks. 

Rest assured, we will make sure that you get rid all of the nutsedge plants in your garden without compromising on the health of adjacent plants or ruining the overall aesthetic facet as well!  All you need is a few of our tips and a push in the right direction to effectively get rid of these plants.   

However, before you can get rid of these plants, you should understand what these plants are all about. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about nutsedge plants below:

About nutsedge

Nutsedge may look exactly like grass, but essentially they are quite different from each other. Nutsedge have a triangular stem is botanically similar to turf grass and is considered to be a nightmare for every gardener as they grow at an expedited rate. To make matters worse if they are not efficiently removed than other nutsedge plants will immediately start to emerge.  Once a single stem emerges then within no time your whole garden will be infested with them and dealing with a heavy infestation can be quite difficult. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner removes them from their garden the moment the find a single stem! Rest assured our tips will help you get rid of them and will also help prevent an infestation from happening in the future.

Different methods to get rid of nutsedge

Given below are different methods that are designed to help every homeowner efficiently get rid of the nutsedge plants present in their garden.

  1. Invest in chemical

The very first method of getting rid of the nutsedge present in your garden is investing in chemical repellants. These repellants are readily available in the market at most horticulture stores and are also offered at extremely cost effective prices. There are actually products which have been designed particularly for nutsedge infestations so please make sure you clearly read the label before purchasing any product. Also make sure that the product clearly states that it will not harm your garden or any nearby plants as these chemicals can harm various different plants.

Once you have equipped yourself with the chemical repellant, simply read the instructions and adorn protective gear before you start spraying. As you spray the infestation you will see the plant either right before your very eyes! Spray the infestation with ample amount of chemicals and just sit back and relax.

  1. Physically remove the plants from your garden

The most obvious method of removing these plants from your garden is physically removing the pants from your garden using a clipper but the trick is to make sure that you uproot the plant completely. Simply cutting the visible portion of the plant is not sufficient as it will induce a further infestation. I recommend using a sharp clipper to cut the plant from its roots and pull the stem out of your garden. This ensures that the infestation does not happen again. Also consider using a lawnmower on the grass to further help prevent an infestation in the future.

  1. Use sugar to get rid of the nutsedge

Many people do not know this but one of the most effective weapons against nutsedge is already present in their homes, yes we are talking about sugar! Simply sprinkle the sugar all around the infestation and within a while the nutsedge will start dying and eventually will completely wither out. Please do not leave the nutsedge thinking the job is done as even a dead stem can induce the growth of another infestation. Simply adorn your gardening gloves and rip the plant out of your garden! Make sure you rip out all of the stems.

  1. Invest in an aero spray repellant

The next method of killing the nutsedge present in your garden is using a spray repellant. These repellants are available at any horticulture store and perfect choice if the infestation is getting out of hand. Simply invest in the most powerful products available and point the spray at the nutsedge and start spraying like your life depended on it. Please make sure you read the label as some of the repellants can harm different plants such as flowers and other plantations. However, you can easily find a repellant that does not harm other plantations and effectively kills the nutsedge present in your garden.

How to prevent a nutsedge infestation  

Prevention is the best cure. This applies perfectly to a nutsedge infestation as no one wants to deal with the torture of removing these persistent plants. This is exactly why we have mentioned steps that will help every homeowner prevent a nutsedge infestation in the first place. These steps are as follows:

  • Regularly trim your lawn

  • Avoid using infested soil

  • Maintain soil

There is no doubt that with these tips mentioned above you can effectively get rid of the nutsedge present in your garden and prevent an infestation from happening in the future.

Solutions Has The Herbicides For Nutsedge Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of specialized herbicides that target nutsedge which you can see above. Professional-use products such as Sedgehammer and Image Herbicide provide the most satisfactory control as they are specifically designed to target nutsedge. These are selective herbicides so they will not harm your lawn grass or desirable vegetation when applied according to label directions.

Timing is key when targeting nutsedge; the herbicides we recommend are most effective on small plants. Most of the label directions recommend conducting control treatments as soon as the weeds reach the three- to eight-leaf stage, right before blooming. The plants may reemerge so you may have to reapply it around 6 to 10 weeks later. You may even have to apply it again the next year.


We hope you have enjoyed this informative guide to eliminating your nutsedge problem. By implementing what we have outlined above, nutsedge should no longer be an issue for you going forward.

For more information on controlling nutsedge and other problematic weeds in your yard or to receive free expert assistance over the phone, send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call our customer service line at (800) 479-6583.

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