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How to Get Rid of Norway Rats


Nothing can be more frightening and gross than seeing rats scurrying around your place indoors. Both homeowners and business owners have really had enough of rats  scurrying around their premises and would love to put an end to the problem as soon as possible. 

One of the most terrifying rats across all 48 states of USA is Norway Rats. These rats are found in literally all the states of United States but are mainly concentrated around the coastal regions. Also known as sewer rats, these Norway rats are large rodents that are way larger than any roof rat you must have seen before. They are bulky in nature and are covered all over with grey to brown colored fur with a tone of grayish underbellies. Since they have a lot of bulk in their bodies, these rats can weigh anything around 7 to 18 ounces and are found to reach lengths of more than 16 inches. Interestingly, their tails can measure 8 inches alone.

Since they are insatiable eaters, Norway rats can be a huge menace to have in your house. These incontrollable rodents gnaw on literally anything and can damage the structure of your house. Besides just chewing on whatever comes their way, they are also found to spread epidemics like jaundice, plague, cowpox virus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis and trichinosis. Other than all that the adverse effects we have mentioned, the presence of Norway rats can also contaminate your food and create large litters which are hard to control without proper intervention when necessary.

At Solutions Pest and Lawns, we believe that Norway rats are one pest that you should probably be better off without. Our exemplary portfolio of pesticides and other products especially caters to getting rid of the menace that can be presented by Norway Rats; not only this but we at Solutions Pest and Lawns believe that every homeowners should know just how to get rid of this menace.

A 4 Step Solution for Getting Rid of Norway Rats

The highly effective products we have at Solutions Pest and Lawn can work well once you have a plan regarding how to get rid of this menace. Controlling Norway rats isn’t that difficult as you can achieve success by complementing the products on offer by Solutions Pest and Lawn with this exemplary 4 step plan for catching and eliminating the Norway Rats.

  • Step 1

The first step to addressing the problem of Norway Rats is to carry out a detailed inspection of your home. This will let you know the areas where these rats are hiding and frequently visit. This step is really important as it will let you know the areas you should set traps and baits on. All the products and traps you buy from Solution Store would be useless if you don’t know where the rats are hiding. Hence, you can start off by locating rat droppings and sounds of squeaks during the night.

  • Step 2

The second, and perhaps the most important, step in the process is to focus on the effectiveness of the exemplary products you buy from Solution Store. The effectiveness of these products can best be experienced through a complete sanitation of your home. Rats are scurrying around your home because of access to food and water to live a happy life.

But once the nourishment is taken away from them, you would have a better chance at catching them in their panic. Remove all water and food sources lying in the open and sanitize your open. As effective as the products from Solution Store are, they need some sanitation from your side as well. Vacuum all bits and pieces of food crumbs, and grease/oil lying around the kitchen.

  • Step 3

With the sanitation done you move on towards the implementation stage. While the filters in place at the website for Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you locate the best products for scaring away these rats, we have made things even easier for you by incorporating our offerings as part of the plan to make things even easier. You can start off with bait like Eratication to capture their attention after the period of drought that was inflicted upon them. The bait would work well when it is placed in the Aegis bait station.

Both the bait and the bait station would complement each other to form a way of putting an end to this menace. The food hungry Norway rats would scurry towards the bait and eventually get caught red handed. You can also opt for something like the Big Snap-E Rat Snap Trap, which is also good for catching the Norway rat in its act. What you prefer depends on your choice, but this plan coupled with the products from Solutions Store is great to put an end to the rat attack that has been terrifying you for long.

  • Step 4

By the time you come to this step, you would have had freed your home from Norway rats. But, you cannot just start celebrating now. We at Solutions Pest and Lawns believe in complete eradication, which is why the 4th step deals with discouraging rats from coming in again. Maintain a clean home, dispose trash regularly, seal all gaps and use copper mesh around plumbing pipes to keep away rats from coming in. Even if they come in, catching them is really easy using the products mentioned above. Maybe Tom should have just paid a visit to Solution Stores for catching Jerry.

Although this article would be good to get you going in your war against Norway rats, you can let us know your concerns by contacting us via phone, email or live chat. We at Solutions Pests and Lawns are in this fight with you and you can count on us and the products in our store. Don’t forget to also have a look on this exemplary Norway Rat Control Kit.


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