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How to Get Rid of Mouse Inside Your House


mouse can be really quick in taking a liking to your home, and infesting your residence and living there happily. And as soon as they are confident about receiving their daily diet plan with a proper shelter in your house, it is definite that they are going to live there for the rest of their lives! 

Certainly, they are termed as the worst of all house invaders - alive on this planet - and of course for all the right reasons. Being one of the most infesting mammals around, it is no surprise that this nuisance is faced by many homeowners, and quite frequently.

Since the mouse is a common pest, you may think that you know everything about this creepy mammal but we suggest, you think again! So before we help you with all the proven methods to get rid of this pest, let us first have a closer look at this mammal and how its like to behave – more naturally!

About Mouse

Do you know that despite being a tiny pest and having the even tiniest stomach, mouse eats almost 20 times a day?

This must have given you a hint to cut off all the food sources of invading mouse if you want them to go away. Well, there is more to it. A mouse is not only a climber, swimmer or a jumper but it can jump almost a foot into the air. That is exactly what makes these creatures to be found in kitchen cabinets or counters in search of food.

In extension to that, a mouse has an ability to pass through from very small size holes, as small as the size of a dime. So, if your house’s exterior has even some small openings around, this can be quite welcoming for these creatures.

The lifespan of a mouse is usually short, up to five months but this is the case with a mouse living in outdoor and having the risk of being eaten up by some dog, snake or cat. However, a mouse living in your house may live up to two years and that too, quite conveniently.

So how do we get rid of them for once and all?

Well, to answer this let’s have a look at some effective ways to keep this nuisance miles away!

  • Repellent Sprays

What else could come to our minds than this instant solution! The easiest way to get rid of the mouse is to use some specifically designed repellants. However, if you fail to choose the right repellent to deal with the issue at hand, you might only end up irritating the pest, without killing them or making them run away.

However, you must be careful in using these repellents as they can be poisonous in the case of excessive inhalation or skin contact.  Aside from baits we also have rodenticide baits such as like Eratication rodent bait  which works great to kill or ward off mice.

  • Glue Boards

Another effective way of catching these rodents is to use a glue board. You can get this handy solution from any of the hardware shop or nearest store. This is a proven method for fight off these creatures and to scare them away. To successfully accomplish the purpose, place these glue boards in the spaces or areas having frequent mouse visits. For instance, you may place them in dark corners, under kitchen tables or shelves.  A great glue board we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn is the Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board which is coated with a peanut butter scent mice cannot resist.

  • Mouse Traps

Don’t be hardwired to believe that mouse trap should only contain cheese as the best bait. While this approach is quite old now, be more creative with mouse trap and place some carbohydrate-rich food such as chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon.

Do you know that placing cotton balls or string is also effective to attract mouse towards mousetraps because it helps them in building their nests during winters?

So prepare the trap and place it right where the mouse is commonly seen. For best results, place them in dark corners, unused basements and attics as they are their well-known breeding spots and must be targeted as the first thing. However,  placement of the mouse trap is a crucial step, which is commonly overlooked and gives out many opportunities for the mouse to skip the trap. Here at Solutions we have traps that are both lethal and humane such as Snap-E Mouse Trap  or  Tin Cat Human Mouse trap.

Prevention is better than cure

Once you get rid of existing invaders then don’t forget to keep them away. For this, you will need to close all those entry spots which welcome these invaders in your house. Seal all the holes, cracks and other openings no matter how small they may seem. For this, you may use caulk gun or steel wool and apply weather stripping can also help with this problem.

Another natural way to discourage these invaders is to ensure proper cleaning and good hygiene in your house. Avoid leaving leftover food or crumbs over the kitchen counters or around the house as they are best to invite these pests on your own.  You can conveniently eliminate mice with all the products you need by ordering our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit.


A mouse infestation is hard to control as they breed really fast. Use any of the above listed effective methods and avoid calling up external professionals to do the job for you -burning a hole in your pocket!  

The best approach is always to use the combination of various methods. If one method fails to fulfill the purpose don’t hesitate to try out next one. Moreover, take all the safety measures before starting your mission. Remember, some of the mouse repellant products are not good for the skin so your best bet is to ensure your personal safety first. Lastly, act quickly and smartly because the longer you wait, the more difficult the situation will be.  For more helpful pest control advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583), email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) or live chat.

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