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How to Get Rid of Moths In The House


About moths

Moths are nocturnal insects. They are active during night time and prefer wooded areas as their habitats. The insect has hairy body and it can camouflage when being attacked by a predator. It has a long tongue that the moth uses to suck the nectar from flowers. There are various types of moths.

Damage caused by moths

Cloth moths and its larva cause damage to the fabric like, leather, wool, and fur, etc. The moth lays eggs on the fabric or might just damage the cloth by chewing into it. The blankets and the fabric and upholstery of the furniture are damaged. It can form cocoon in the walls and drop fecal matter on clothing. The gypsy moths can munch off very leaf it finds in your garden. Over population causes extensive damage and decomposition of the whole greenery in your yard. The carpet moths will pull every thread off the carpet, rugs and even furniture upholstery fabric. Food moths lay its eggs and larva inside the food in the pantry or kitchen.


  • Tricking the moths with pheromone traps

Place a pheromone trap outside, in your kitchen cabinets, pantry, closets and other areas. The pheromone traps work on almost every type of moth that can cause infestation in your home. The moths get attracted to the scent of the pheromones that lutes them in. once the moths are in they get stuck and the insect can easily be disposed off.

  • Cleaning up after the moth mess

Vacuum the house daily and suck out all the eggs and larva you can find. The moth can cause an extensive infestation you may find cocoon, larva, eggs everywhere. It is important to find each and every area that the moth has occupied and vacuum away the infestation. Use all the nozzles and special attachments to clean the curtains, closets, cracks, walls, furniture, beds and any other area you can think off. Make sure you get most of the larva and eggs to clear out some of the infestation problem.

  • Screening and sealing entry points

Screening your doors and windows prevent the moths from coming in and cause trouble in your home. Seal the cracks, holes and crevices using putty foam or silicone caulk. Sealing these places reduces chances of moths entering homes and or laying eggs in such places.  It decreases your chances of moth infestation.

  • Controlling room temperature

If you have an infestation of food moth, the larva is usually found in oats and other such dry food items. Storing food in the freezer will kill the larva and the eggs. Keep your room temperature cooler as moths dislike cool temperature environments. Using dehumidifiers might help as well in places like the attic as moths thrive in humid temperature environments. By reducing moisture it can prevent the moths from coming in and staying.

  • Utilizing chemicals to eradicate moths

Chemicals can come of good use to get rid of moths. Few of them are as follows:

NAPHTHALENE BALLS & PDB (paradichlorobenzene):  Place them in your closets, particularly on woolen, and fur based clothes, any clothing made of natural fiber should be kept sealed in bags with naphthalene balls. It has a pungent smell but it does keep the moths away from the clothes. The vapors of the balls must be sealed in with the clothing in the bag for it to work.

INSECTICIDE SPRAY:  Insecticide spray comprising of Allethrin, Pyrethrum, Chlorpyrifos, Permethrin can be applied on carpets, underneath beds, near all the furniture, inside cabinets and clothing. Remove all food items from the kitchen before spraying the pantry and the kitchen cabinets.  

EcoPCO AR-X is effective on the moths. Spray it inside the closets, clothes and other areas to eradicate the infestation.

Other recommended products are TERRO CLOTHES MOTH ALERT TRAP, REEFER GALLER CEDAR SCENTED SPRAY and CAMPHOR TABLETS are all effective in getting rid of moth infestation.

INSECTICIDAL DUST:  Scatter D-Fense Dust Pyrethrin dust in holes, cracks, crevices and empty walls. It helps in eradicating the moth larva and eggs.

Microencapsulated chemicals like, Demand CS Insecticide DEMAND CS LAMBDA CHYALOTHRIN are also very potent in getting rid of such insects.

  • Taking care of the clothes and food

Take your clothes to the laundry for dry cleaning regularly. Ask them to use moth protection solution as well. Take extra care of clothes you wear double check them before wearing and make sure they have been washed, cleaned and dried properly.

Keep the clothes in separate storage bags and keep them in air tight sealed bags. Place the moth balls in the bag. Check the clothes on weekly basis and clean your closets properly with a vacuum cleaner. You can wash your clothes I n high temperature if you detect any infestation and dry clean them on high temperature as well. It helps in killing the eggs and larva.

All dry food items should be kept in air tight containers or jars and must be stored in cooler temperatures to avoid any infestation. Keep the kitchen ventilated and monitor the grocery you store. Dispose of after a few weeks and do not buy more than needed. Avoid mixing the old stalk with the new. Check your cabinets and fridge for expired food and discard them immediately.

No more moths

Keep your home screened, clean and cool and the moth will not be found in your home. Take all precautions and keep a look out for the Moth. They are silent little pests. For more helpful DIY advice, feel free to contact us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or start up a chat with a live representative on our website.



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