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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Imagine a society where insects prone to be carriers of deadly contagious diseases and infections overpopulate themselves causing harmful impact to the humankind with illness that medical experts may not have heard of. It sounds like a movie, right?  Guess what? It’s a reality! Mosquitoes are still the most notorious parasite to exist in our ecosystem, causing multiple illnesses. There are almost 30,000 species of mosquitoes which breed across our planet. Standing water is their main breeding ground and scientists predict that global warming will cause a rapid growth of mosquitos.

The humming killers—The harm caused by Mosquitoes

Mosquito borne diseases have caused millions of death across the world. Although mosquitoes feed on nectar and other plant sugar, they prey on the humankind for blood to feed the eggs inside the female mosquito. The female mosquitoes needles have teeth like structure which is injected into the body. This is followed by injection of an enzyme that curbs the blood clotting, allowing the insect to easily suck on blood.

Different species of mosquitoes inflict a wide range of diseases. Few of these species and diseases they spread are as follows:

Malaria and Encephalitis

Anopheles mosquitoes cause filariasis also known as Elephantiasis. They typically transmit malaria and Encephalitis.

West nile virus, filariasis and Encephalitis

Culex mosquitoes transmit these diseases most of them ending in death of the infected individual.

Dengue, yellow fever and Encephalitis

Aedes mosquitoes are carriers for dengue, yellow fever and encephalitis.

Zika virus and ChikunGunya

These are latest virus spreading globally. One bite can be lethal for the victim.


There are many natural ways and simple home remedies which can aid in keeping the mosquitoes away these are as follows:

  1. Lavender repels mosquitoes

The scent of lavender surprisingly serves as a repellant for mosquitoes. Placing them in pots in the patio, growing or planting them in the garden and placing them inside the house will keep mosquitoes from entering your home. Additionally, 30 drops of lavender and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil being applied on body will stop them from preying on you.

  1. Minimize the breeding ground

As an individual and community, it is essential that we remove all the waste water on which the mosquitoes breed and lay eggs. Any stagnant and still water must be removed as collective team work. Make sure the gutters are draining well, removing glass of water from the table, puddle of water on the street, pouring out the stale water from the bird bath etc.  Areas that you cannot control standing water it is recommended using mosquito larvicide, inexpensive dunks and loose granules that work great to prevent adults mosquitoes from emerging.  Safe for bird baths, water troughs, and other items that you might be concerned with animals having access.

In addition, during daylight, mosquitoes tend to hide beneath the leaves, grass and weeds. Make sure the grass and leaves are trimmed and weeds pulled out.  Applying a residual insecticide spray will help control mosquito populations for long term.

  1. Mosquito traps

There are several kinds of effective mosquito traps which usually come in the form of well-designed devices such as Propane traps, H2o traps, UV traps, and many more.

The Propane Trap is a wireless machine which requires a balloon filled with oxygen and propane, which attracts mosquitoes and exterminates them altogether. The device creates a breathing like effect for humans. The balloons need to be changed and refilled regularly.

UV Traps are equipment  which use the heat of from bright light to kill the mosquitoes. They are usually placed indoors. Extra light bulbs must be kept to change the lights.

Water Traps contain water trays which attract and trap the mosquitoes. They do not require additional components like balloons or light bulbs. The female mosquitoes usually get trapped in the water, leading them to expire. The dead mosquitoes must be emptied out and new tray must be replaced making sure that fresh water is refilled in the device.

  1. Insecticides

There are few powerful insecticides which kill the adult mosquitoes and its larvae. The larvicides are directly applied  into the water affecting the breeding cycle. Several types of insecticides are available in the market:

  • Biological larvicides (BTI) kill mosquito larvae and don’t let them become adults and help control life cycle.

  • Chemical larvicides(IGR) prevents the mosquitoes from completing their life cycle.

  • Residual Insecticides like (Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids) are sprayed in the mosquito populated area which kills the adult mosquitoes immediately.

Foggers usually consist of electric, gas, and thermal  and are activated to spray fumes into small particles  killing the adult mosquitoes. Mosquito coil are usually made of pyrethrin powder the burning of the coil, including the fume keeps mosquitoes at arms length.

  1. Netting

Draping beds, cribs, patio, Gazebo and strollers with nets keeps the mosquitoes at bay preventing them from biting the individual. It’s an age old and cost effective method of mosquitoes biting and exposing individuals to any kind of diseases.

  1. Biological insect population regulator

BTI is an acronym for Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis. It’s an insect and pest repellant which comes in variety of form bits, dunks, pouches, donuts and granules. These products are organic and eco-friendly. They are required to be placed in drainage, ponds, puddles, and flower pots, standing water etc it should be used at night time as sunlight harms the effect of BTI. All the mosquito larvae will be killed within 24 hours. If the larvae cannot grow, there will be no adult mosquitoes biting and spreading around diseases

  1. Vacuuming the mosquitoes

Dust busters and vacuum cleaner could be used to reach areas like the ceiling to vacuum and suck in the mosquitoes.

Working as a community

The outbreak of diseases being caused by mosquitoes is astounding. If you spot an increase in mosquitoes in your house or your neighborhood, it’s time to take serious actions by the authorities, medical communities, entomologist and your community in general. Do make sure that mosquito repellants are being used at home and outside, and on your exposed the skin.


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