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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside Your Home 


If you have been waking up with itchy, red bumps on your skin, or if you have been hearing noises around your head during the night, you have mosquitoes inside the house. Female mosquitoes need human blood for successful growth of larvae. When they need it, they would land on your skin to get those 3 millimeters of blood. 

As soon as you find these blood-sucking parasites in your home, you should take strict measures to get rid of them because they cause viral infections, such as dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya and zika, for which there is no cure yet. The best ways to get rid of mosquitoes is to keep them out, repel them and don’t leave standing water out in the open. The y can be life-threatening to children and adults alike; therefore, it becomes crucial to take timely measures to reduce their populations.

Mosquitoes have come a long way since the Jurassic Period and they keep evolving and multiplying. In most countries, they are even considered as the deadliest parasites because they kill millions each year and lead to viral outbreaks. You can drive them out by taking the following measures:


Whenever you spot them, swat them immediately.

Spank them! Hard!

Get mosquito swatter with strong wire and one that is long enough to help you reach beyond the length of your arm.

If there are too many mosquitoes in the house, wear a mask and apply mosquito-killing spray everywhere. Clean the mess. If the infestation is severe, you should use the remedy every few days to cut down on the mosquito population. Make sure that the house is empty and start the treatment.

If you don’t have a swatter nearby or are feeling too lazy to get up from the bed, kill them by double-clapping.

Cover the beds

Cover the kids’ beds with mosquito nets when they go to sleep. Get drapes that hang on the floor for your bed. If there are holes in the nets, replace them with new ones. This would prevent you from getting bitten in your sleep if you have mosquitoes in the house.

Furthermore, the drapes should be wide enough so that you don’t come into contact with the net.

Apply mosquito-repelling lotion

Keep yourself and others protected by wearing repellent lotion when mosquitoes are most active. Apply it on skin parts that are bare, feet, hands and arms, depending on the clothes.

For kids, get lotions that are suitable for the age. They also need to be reapplied every few hours. Apply the lotion when going outside as well for longer hours. Keep them in handy for long outdoor trips.

Keep them outdoors

Mosquitoes get in through open windows, doors, holes or cracks in the walls, gaps beneath doors and wall opening around cable wires. When dusk approaches, keep the doors and windows shut or get net doors attached to exterior doors if you prefer air circulation.

Fix the gaps beneath exterior doors as they let mosquitoes and other parasites into the house. seal the entry spaces in walls, attic and windows.

Reduce standing water

Mosquitoes need water to survive and breed; therefore, they are probably multiplying on your property if there is standing water around the house.

Clean your outdoors with detergents and make sure all areas remain dry.

Remove excess water from air conditioners, carwash, leaks in pipes and others.

Wear full-covering clothes

Shield yourself from mosquito bites by wearing full-covering clothes, especially when spending time outdoors or when you know that there are mosquitoes in the house.

Get light repellents

Get these repellents for every room in the house. They are effective in keeping the mosquitoes away and letting you sleep peacefully. Switch them on after dusk and off when you wake up.

Get mosquito-exterminators

These exterminators are for oversight usage and you can easily get them from local stores. The exterminators let out poison in the form of smoke that kills the mosquitoes, therefore, depending on the infestation, place these exterminators in several areas around the house, both outdoors and indoors, away from clothing items, food or vegetation.

It is better the place them on concrete pavements and indoor floors away from mats, rugs and carpets. Warn kids to stay away.

Mosquito trap

Mosquitoes are attracted to water sources so if you want, you could place a few dishes of water mixed with soap and washing detergents, around the house. This could be effective as a trap since the more mosquitoes that land on it, the more that will drown; hence reducing the mosquito population in your vicinity.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, keep repeating and rotating these methods for several weeks until you manage to get rid of them. When you do see fewer mosquitoes, repeat a few treatments every few days, such as pesticide sprays, repellent and poison.

One remedy would not be enough to treat the infestation; therefore, follow multiple methods at the same time as they would not only help you get rid of mosquitoes but other pests as well.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Good With Professional DIY Products

For the best results in getting reducing mosquitoes around your home, you can’t go wrong with professional DIY insecticides. These are high quality products which exterminators equip themselves with when conducting home treatments.

There are a number of great products we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn that are great for mosquito control such as larvicide mosquito dunks (Altoside Pro G), Insecticide concentrates for barrier treatments (Reclaim IT and Pivot IGR)

You can get all of these products in our convenient Guaranteed Mosquito Control Kit. This contains all the products mentioned above to perform total control of your mosquito problem in your home.


We know how frustrating having mosquitoes can be around your yard. They can make things so unbearable that you wouldn’t want to crack a window or even step outside because they’ll be immediately on you. However, we hope that by following the tips and equipping yourself with the professional DIY mosquito control products we mentioned in this article, you can keep mosquitoes at bay during those high active times of the year.

For more DIY pest control advice, give us a call at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

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