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About mosquito larvae

Mosquitoes give birth to the eggs in water and the larvae thrive inside the water. It breathes through a siphon like tract or uses the siphon breathes through stems. In most cases mosquitoes start overpopulating due to stagnant water. The larvae are also known as mosquito hawks etc. the breeding life cycle has to be broken but the mosquitoes must also be watched out for.


  1. Mosquito Larvae dunking

The dunks come in different size and can be used in ponds, pools, puddles and any other mosquito larvae infested areas. It has long lasting effects; it can last for about a month and eradicate all the larvae without harming any other creature. After 2 weeks it begins to harm the larvae that breaks the whole mosquito life cycle and therefore maintains the infestation and contagious diseases from prevailing. It consists of bacterial insecticide.

  1. Water drought for the larvae

Eliminate all sources of water. If it rains make sure to have a good drainage system that drains the water away and seeps the water in the yard. Any puddles or still water that you can see must be removed immediately. Pots children’s buckets play tools anything that can collect water must be eradicated and clean dried up as soon as possible. Avoid watering the plants and use insecticides that may remove mosquitoes to prevent them from hatching eggs in still water. Make your house squeaky clean and dry, tighten up all the faucets and pipes and leakages. Keep the floor and surfaces wiped. When the mosquitoes will not have any areas to live or hatch eggs it will drift off to find a more suitable place to hatch its eggs.

  1. Bleaching the larvae

Pour few gallons of bleach directly into the larvae infested area. The chemical of the bleach will kill it immediately. Add coating of oil it help in accelerating the process. The bleach contains chemicals that can be used to clean up garden tools, it contain chemicals good for working as pesticides. Add 1 tablespoon of sodium hydrochloride with 1 gallon of water. Pour it into the larvae infested water. The infestation will be eliminated immediately.  Be very careful with pets as this will make the water undrinkable.

  1. Mosquito bits for the Larvae

It is similar to mosquito dunks but comes in granular form and can be scattered not just in water  but in all the muddy swamp areas where the rain water has accumulated. By scattering these in such areas, the mosquitoes will be prevented from hatching eggs. It directly kills larvae and can be applied in areas where dunks cannot be placed.

  1. Preventing larvae infestation after rain

Clean up all the debris, mulch, and leaf piles and cover the pools and scatter the granules in all moist muddy swampy areas, including the muddles. Try to keep everything dry. You must contain them within 2 days. Clear your gutters and any object like tires or any other item that might have collected water. Remove it immediately. Remove any vegetation, sun or warmth and oxygen that might allow the larvae to stay alive. Remove all sources of food and shelter from the creatures that prey on the larva.  Make sure you eliminate standing water in low lying areas, and try to correct them.

  1. Regulating the growth of insect

Methropene is a growth insect regulator for the larvae. It controls late stage of mosquito larvae.   Thanks to Altosid Pro-G, staying free of mosquito bites is as simply as sprinkling out a granule.  Apply around shrubs and low lying areas of standing water.

Final thoughts

If larvae infestation is not controlled by any means, it will cause an over population of mosquitoes subsequently leading to outspread of contagious diseases. This can be harmful for all of us as many of them are lethal diseases. Eradicating the mosquitoes are equally important, by eliminating the mosquitoes, we can contain the mosquito population.

Get complete control by stopping the breeding on your property and then controlling the adults that fly in with our 100% guaranteed Mosquito Control Kit.


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