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About mosquito larvae

Mosquito larvae live for around 2 weeks in water and are called wigglers. It has siphon like tubes through which the larvae breathe, and they use the plants in water to get oxygen using its siphon. The larvae constantly crave food in order to transform into the next  stage of their lifecycle. To do that, it moves its mouth-brush on any food item to feed on. Mosquito larvae like to feed on Plankton, fungi, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms. Few larvae are known to feed on other mosquito larvae the larvae molts and moves to the next stage of growth, i.e., pupa.


  1. Cleaning your home for the mosquito larvae

Keep your home clean and tidy but more importantly keep it dry. Remove all buckets and other kinds of tools that might collect water, keep the ponds clean and exchange it with fresh water, maintain the pool hygiene and avoid any still or stagnant water in your garden or inside the home. Particularly after rain, the puddles of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes to lay eggs and the larvae survive in before it grows. All gutters, drains should be cleaned and plumbing pipes and leakages should be fixed. Control excess watering of the plants and the use of air conditioner. Keep changing the water in the birdbaths and pet bowls. Throw away old water bottles can trash and dishes. Dispose of all the water in any container and spray or disinfect it with bleach.  Mosquito larvae cannot survive in flowing water only standing, but they will only need about an each of it to survive.

  1. Using larvacides to kill mosquito larvae

These chemicals are easily available at stores and help in killing mosquito larvae

DUNKING DONUTS FOR THE LARVAE:  Toxic substance called mosquito dunks or other larvacides are easily available in stores. The donut is dunked into the water where the mosquito larva has infested themselves. The BTI, bacteria and other will stay there without  causing harm to other creatures. The larvae are are unable to turn into adult mosquitoes

MOSQUITO BITS:These come in pellet and granular forms. Scatter the mosquito-bits or sprinkle them all over the water surface in equal distribution. It releases the BTI bacteria and other toxins that kill the mosquito larvae. Use the product for small surface of water. Use one tablespoon of mosquito-bits for 25 feet square of water. The toxin kills the mosquito larvae in a few hours. Sprinkle the bits in muddy areas as larvae can survive in same amount of moisture as well.

BLEACHING THE LARVAE: use bleach like Clorox, it is quite effective in killing the larvae. Apply one tablespoon of bleach with one gallon of water on the mosquito larvae. The bleach will damage other creatures in the water. It is better to remove the water and deal with the larvae directly. Sodium hypochlorite and other ingredients of the bleach kill the larvae directly. Spray a mixture of 1 tablespoon of bleach and 1 gallon of water regularly to avoid any infestation of larvae.

  1. Ultrasonic devices

The device produces acoustic waves in the water and the ultrasonic sound audible to mosquito larvae get killed and so do other insects. The device can be reused and is economically affordable. The device can be activated automatically, hence, very little monitoring is required by other individuals. It cleans out all the water sources and eliminates the mosquito larvae. It cleans accumulated water automatically and removes it too. It can be operated by solar energy or batteries.

  1. Controlling the mosquitoes

Lots of repellants, insecticides and preventive measures have been discussed related to eradicate mosquitoes. Control the mosquito population the accumulated stagnant water. The number of mosquito larvae can be contained.

The larvae can pass on various diseases like, Zika virus, yellow fever and dengue fever.  So don't just control the larvae but also the adults with our mosquito control kits.  Read more about how to get rid of mosquitoes at Solutions Pest and Lawn.


Mosquitoes and it larvae can cause   a lot of contamination and out spread of diseases. It is important to take all sorts of preventive measures and eradicate the larvae to control outspread of diseases.



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