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Moles Control




Moles are mammals that live in underground tunnels and feed on worms and other such species. They are usually found in grasslands, sand dunes, gardens, urban areas and woodlands where they can dig in a tunnel.


  1. Catch the Mole in the hole

When you start to observe the mounds and dug up holes and ridges in your garden, it means you are probably invaded by a mole.  Before these moles destroy your landscape and the entire underground structure traps should be set for them. It is best to use traps during spring and right after rains in fall season.  It is best to place traps on sidewalks edges like roads houses and deep tunnels. There are many methods you can use to trap a mole. Some of these are as follows:

PAPER CLIP TRAPS: This device consists of clamps and a pin keeping the clamp open. These are placed inside the hole on both sides of the edges of the tunnel. When the mole travels in or out of the tunnel the pin drops, trapping the mole between the clamps and killing them instantly.

SPEAR TRAPS: These are usually used for surface tunnels. The equipment comprises of a trigger pan which is pressed into the dirt and the trap placed into the surface tunnel from top. When the mole tries to crawl into the tunnel; the bottom portion pushes open the pan, causing the spears to strike the through the mole and terminating them immediately.

SCISSORS TRAP: This equipment is designed with scissor blades. These blades are pushed underground with each blade being located on either side of the tunnel. Once the mole moves into the tunnel, the blades are triggered and holding the mole in between and eliminating it immediately. VICTOR TRAP is much similar to the scissors trap.

TALPIRID TRAP: These are used in form of traps. TALPIRID TRAP is a dual spring hands free spring trap that is set underground. The springs placed underground is triggered with the help of a yellow foot pedal. When the spring gets triggered the mole gets caught and the yellow pedal springs back up. Disrupting the mole’s sense of hearing

Ultrasonic devices creates a vibrating pulse underground, this tends to disturb the moles and forces them to relocate. One such device is called the SONIC MOLE CHASER which creates a sonic pulse that vibrates underground driving the moles away. Additionally, you can use a blower or pinwheels to create vibrations underground, which will disturb the nasty rodents and drive them out of your garden.

Homemade thumper can be made using a bleach bottle. Make fins on the bottle and place it on a stick and press it underground at the entrance of the tunnel.

  1. Bait the mole

First detect the exact location of the underground tunnel to set the bait for moles. Once the location has been identified the baits can be placed. These baits usually comprise of food that moles love to eat along with insecticide or some toxic chemical that will help in eradicating the moles. There many kinds and forms of baits available to hunt down these rodents. Talpirid bait tricks the moles as the substance is shaped and formed to resemble an earthworm. The mole consumes the chemical thinking it has fed on its favorite food but has actually dosed up on Bromethalin. The chemical kills the mole within 24 hours. The material contains ingredients which attracts the moles into feeding on it.

  1. Repel the moles

Granule and liquid-based repellents are effective in keeping the moles away from your property. An example of each form is Mole Scram. It consists of certain organic and chemical substances which repulses the moles into staying away from your gardens.  

  1. Gas station for the moles

Bombs with poisonous gases are placed inside the tunnel. The toxic gas kills the pest immediately. For this approach, you need to place the bomb in the mole’s nest or repeat the process regularly to smoke the moles.


Keep the moles on hunger strike

Usually when your garden has been invaded by moles it indicates presence of insects like, Japanese beetles, grubs etc. this means that it is important for you use Insecticides to eradicate all sorts of insects so that the mole will have nothing left to eat. Once the moles’ source of food has been removed their hunger will force them to go elsewhere. Imidacloprid.5G is a granular insecticide that can be used for this purpose. Make sure you scatter the granules all over the lawn to eradicate all insects like; worms, grubs and Japanese beetles. This causes the moles to get hungry and at first they dig deeper in search of food but eventually retreat.

  1. Floods and Barriers for moles

Dig up trenches 6-inches wide and two feet deep and seal the hole using rock or wires. This will prevent the moles from digging up underground tunnels in your gardens. Underground fences will prevent the moles from burrowing holes.

Flood the tunnels with water and fill up the holes. The moles will have no option but to scurry away from the tunnels and evacuate.

Digging Deeper

The mole can cause a lot of damage to homes and gardens make sure to take all precautions and before implementing any method identify and mark the location of the burrows.





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