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How to Get Rid of Moles From Your Yard


The damage that moles inflict on gardens and yards is probably one of the most frustrating things that a homeowner has to deal with. These moles are not dangerous and are honestly harmless critters, but they do damage gardens with a passion. These moles dig intricate tunnels which they use to travel around the garden; these tunnels weaken the yards’ foundation and also diminish minerals present in the soil.  

Their mere presence can ruin any picturesque garden and to make matters worse getting rid of them can be quite challenging. However, rest assured with a few of our tips and methods everyone out there can get rid of the moles present in their yards! But before we can help you get rid of these moles, it is imperative that you understand the world of moles. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information below regarding moles.

About Moles

Moles are one of the only mammals who have adapted to the subterranean lifestyle and they have velvet fur and very small eyes.  Moles have cylindrical bodies and have powerful limbs which allow them to dig with a high degree of efficiency; furthermore they can tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide compared to other mammals.  

Moles feed on earthworms and other invertebrates present inside soil; to make matters worse their spit contains a toxic which paralyzes earth worms.  Moles prefer to remain solitary and will only get together with other moles when it’s breeding time! Furthermore, they are considered to be one of the most harmful critters when it comes to yards and gardens.  

Different methods to get rid of moles for good  

Given below are different tested methods which will help every homeowner get rid of the moles present in their yards. Please remember that moles are not dangerous and they do not personally inflict any harm to humans or pets, so please return the favor to these critters. All of the methods mentioned below are designed to help homeowners get rid of moles without harming them!

  1. Invest in mole traps

The very first and arguably the most effective method of getting rid of moles is by investing in mole traps. These traps are readily available in the market at pesticide stores and even many horticulture retailers deal in mole traps. These traps are offered at various prices so you can easily find one which encompasses your budget, we would recommend using the internet to find out which trap is the most effective.  Once you have equipped yourself with the trap simply locate the trap next to the most prominent hole in your garden, you can also place the trap inside the hole. These traps use bait to lure the mole close and trap it permanently! Once you have captured the little critter please do not harm it, simply let it loose next to an annoying neighbors house or next to the woods.

  1. Pesticide repellants

Another effective method that every homeowner should consider is investing in pesticide repellants. There are many repellants out there which have been particularly designed for moles, simply visit your local pesticide stores to get a hold of a pesticide which repels moles. These repellants come in various forms, we would recommend investing in multiple products to make sure the mole in your garden flees.

Please read the label clearly to make sure that the pesticide does not kill the mole as the aim is to get rid of them and not kill them. These repellants will have clear labels which explain how to use the product, so please make sure you read the instructions to effectively get rid of the moles in your yard.

  1. Use pet droppings to your advantage

If you are a proud owner of a cat or a dog, then you are in luck because moles are petrified of both these pets. Cats and dogs both chase moles and often dig up their holes which terrorizes the mole to an extent that they reconsider their choice of residence. If you own a cat or dog consider leaving them in the yard for a while as their mere presence will induce the mole to start looking for a new place to call home. You can also scare away moles by strategically placing mole droppings around your yard, try placing the droppings next to their burrow holes if possible.

  1. Consider gassing the moles

If you are simply fed up of all the moles present in your yard then the best solution is to gas them out of their hiding places. Gassing products are readily available in the market but should only be used with a high degree of care.  Please make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear and point the device towards the most prominent borrows hole and blast the mole out of its hiding place.

How to prevent a mole infestation

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially when it comes to a mole infestation. This is exactly why we have mentioned a few tips that are designed to prevent a mole infestation from happening in the first place. These prevention tips are as follows,

  • Keep your yard well maintained

  • Consider building an underground fence

  • Stay vigilant and periodically inspect your yard

Trust Solutions Pest & Lawn for Mole Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of mole traps (such as Talpirid Mole Trap,Answer Mechanical Mole Trap), mole repellents (like Mole Scram) and baits (Talpirid Mole BaitVictor Moleworms) to choose from. Any of these methods can work greatly but we recommend using more than one method to increase your chances of capturing or ridding a mole more quickly. Follow the products according to the label instructions or you can get step-by-step expert DIY advice from us and you will have your mole problem solved in no time.

Direct any questions or concerns to our toll-free number at 800-479-6583, or via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy to help you.


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