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How to Get Rid of Moles and Gophers


Every homeowner out there who takes great pride in their lawn and landscape, share two common enemies which are moles and gophers. Both of these critters are notorious for ravaging gardens, ruining flower beds and even breaking garden accessories. It appears that God created these critters simply to make homeowner life hell but they do have a purpose in this life. 

Furthermore, getting rid of moles and gophers can be very difficult as these critters are not only extremely persistent, they are also very smart in finding ways to fight back! Rest assured, moles and gophers are essentially harmless, but if you decide to grab one of them with your hands then you are in for a treat. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner fights the moles and gophers present in their gardens with a degree of care.  Rest assured we will help you win this battle!

To defeat the enemy, you must become the enemy. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about moles and gophers below.

About moles and gophers

Let’s start with moles, these are ground dwelling carnivores who contrary to popular belief do not eat plants but eat insects. They travel around gardens by building underground tunnels which ruin the garden by a substantial margin; furthermore they tend to target gardens with rich organic soil. This is exactly why you will never find moles in dilapidating gardens as they require soil which is rich in minerals.  

Gophers on the other hand are burrowing rodents from the family called Geomyidae and can be found all around the world.  These gophers are essentially quite cute but they are not cute when the start ravaging your garden! Just like gophers even moles dig underground tunnels to travel around gardens, these tunnels are the reason why gophers can ruin an entire garden in a small time frame. You can easily distinguish a gopher from a mole with their large cheek pouches.

How to get rid of moles and gophers from your garden -- for good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help every homeowner out here get rid both of moles and gophers for good! These methods are as follows:  

  1. Use pet droppings to your advantage

The very first and arguably the easiest step to take on gophers and moles is by using pet droppings. Both moles and gophers have very strong smell intuition and will flee at the very sight of a cat or dog. Simply place your pet droppings at each of the burrow holes that you find and sit back and relax! The gophers and moles present in your garden will start to panic if you do this on a continuous basis and will eventually flee. We understand that no one likes handling pet droppings but please think about your garden!

  1. Invest in vibrating stakes

Another effective method of getting rid of moles and gophers is by investing in vibrating stakes. These stakes are readily available in the market and are designed to make gophers and moles realize that they need to find a new home. These stakes are set deep in the ground and are very effective when it comes to gophers and moles. Once you have purchased one simply bury it right next to the most commonly used borrow hole and watch how the stake slowly drives away all of the gophers and moles present in your garden.

  1. Invest in gopher & mole traps

Another effective method of fighting the gophers and moles present in your garden is investing in traps which are also readily available at your local pesticide stores. These traps are offered at very attractive prices and vary in effectiveness so please make sure you choose the right products. You can easily find traps that are designed particularly for gophers and moles, if you have to fight both then please consider investing in two separate traps. These traps will come with clear instructions on how to use them, simply follow these instructions to trap the gophers and moles present in your garden. Once they are your prisoners please do not harm them, simply let them loose as far as possible from your home. You can also set them free outside someone’s house that you do not like.   

  1. Use gopher and mole burrow blasters

Okay now if the gophers and moles in your garden are really getting on your nerves then you should consider investing in a gopher and mole burrow blaster. These blasters are the perfect choice for people whose gardens are severely infested with burrowing rodents! A few blasts and watch how all of the gophers and moles run for their lives.

How to prevent a gopher and mole infestation   

Given below are different methods that are designed to help prevent a mole or gopher infestation. Prevention is the best cure and this applies very well with gopher and mole infestations as no one wants to go through the immense torture of waging a war against these critters. These methods are as follows:

  • Use mulch as a buffer between the soil

  • Limit the amount of plants in your garden

  • Build a fence that is twelve inches underground as well

  • Consider building raised plants beds

  • Make sure your garden is inspected on a periodic basis

Use Solutions Pest & Lawn For Mole and Gopher Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn knows how irritating these pests can be and that is why we have all that a homeowner needs to successfully kill, capture or repel moles and gophers from their property.

Look into our traps such as Havahart Live Trap or the Answer Mechanical Mole Trap which also works for gophers. As for repellents we carry Mole Scram, Gopher Scram and Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent.

Baits are another excellent method of getting rid of pocket gophers. For these we have several good options like Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers, Kaput Mole Gel Bait. You can also purchase an Kaput-D Big Boy Gopher Bait Applicator to make it easier to place bait in the soil.


Moles and gophers can be a destructive unwanted guest in the home. We hope with your tips and product suggestions you can overcome their presences around your yard. For more helpful DIY advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or visit one of our stores!


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