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How to Get Rid of Moles


Moles belong to the family of rodents famous as the enemies of curb appeal of real estate properties, especially if they are surrounded by the greenery in the form of gardens and lawn. Moles can destroy the vegetation even though they don’t eat them. They can severely demolish the grass turf of the space by making tunnels beneath the ground.

Unlike skunks, moles remain active throughout the day and therefore able to inflict the damages in very short time. Moles love warm and humid conditions. However, they are equally dangerous for lawns in arid summers and freezing temperatures because they start to excavate deeper tunnels to counterbalance the extremities of temperature.

Identifying the presence of moles: mounds and tunnels

The first and foremost indication of the presence of moles in your garden, lawn or yard is the emergence of soil mounds which are formed due to the creation of runways and tunnels by the rodents.

Different treatments to get rid of moles

With the help of multiple options that are available on pest control stores, you can get rid of moles on your own.

If you are extremely annoyed with the presence of moles in your lawn or garden then get a quality moleworm from a good pest control product store. Moleworm contains poisonous worms used to place in the tunnels dig up by the moles in your residential parameter. Worms are usually poisoned with bromethalin.

Bromethalin is a neurotoxin and used as an active ingredient in many rodenticide products. The metabolite action of bromethalin uncouples the oxidative phosphorylation in the central nervous system of the mole resulting into cerebral edema and ultimate death.

For effective outcome of moleworm treatment, you must identify the mole tunnels beforehand. A quality moleworm product kills the pesky rodents within 24 hours. You can also put some moleworm on in the turf grass. During the treatment, keep off the pets from the affected area because moleworm can prove to be deadly for animals as well.

Traps are also used to get rid of moles from your yard or lawn. For instance, Talpirid mole traps, available on a good pest solution store, are very effective in catching this turf destroying rodent.

These mole traps are made of non-metallic durable material so that they can be used multiple times without the problem of getting corroded due to the dampness of soil. They are comprised of twisted jaws and double-spring assembly which makes the trap setup more efficient in catching the rodents.

Get the one and place it just on the surface opening of mole tunnels so that the jaws are just inside the tunnel. You can easily set this mole trap on your own because you just have to press a pedal on the top of the talpirid mole trap to activate it. They are strong traps and can cause harm to children and pets, therefore keep them away from the location where trap is set.

Mechanical traps, to get rid of moles, have a plunging design. Unlike talpirid traps, this type of traps doesn’t pose danger to children and pet animals. Mechanical traps work best in the soils with more moisture content. As soon as moles come in contact with mechanical trap, they instantly get killed.

Properly setting up mechanical trap is necessary in successfully getting rid of moles. Get the help by reading on the instructions available on the packaging of the trap or ask the in-charge of the store from where you will buy the trap.

If you want to get rid of moles from your property in a more friendly way then mole scrams is an efficient way to keep moles away. Mole scram is comprised of granular repellent which implements a two-pronged method to fend off moles.

These granular repellent have very strong odor that doesn’t affect humans but it tortures the olfactory receptors of moles. Taste of scram is also unbearable for the rodents. Both of these characteristics of mole scram drive the moles away from your estate. Mole scrams is an organic and environmentally friendly way to treat the problem of moles. It is easily available from a good pest solution and lawn care store.  

If you want to make mole tunnels their graveyard then apply the warfarin-based gel bait in the burrow system made by the rodents. Warfarin is an anticoagulant chemical used in different medications. Adding warfarin in mole bait makes if fatal for moles because it induces unending internal bleeding results in their eventual death.

Gel composition of the bait makes it sure that moles can’t remove it from the tunnel. Gel baits are usually available in syringe packaging which is used to apply gel on specific spots. Reapplication of gel baits on the same spots is recommended after every 2 days until you get completely rid of moles.

  • Gassers and smoke bombs

Poisonous gases in the form of smoke bombs and gassers can also help in getting rid of moles. They are generally less effective and need several applications to kill the unwanted rodents.

Moles are the most dangerous among all the rodents that can infest your outdoor space. The reason is simple; they are larger in size and have the ability to dig deeper holes in the landscape in the form of tunnels. These mole tunnels can prove to be hazardous for plants by disturbing their beneath-the-ground growing environment.  


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