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How to Get Rid of Mites 


Mites are small arthropods that belong to the Arachnida class. Mites are tiny creatures almost invisible to the naked human eye. A majority of the mites are beneficial – the ones that live in the soil or aqueous environments – since they assist in the decomposition of decaying organic compounds or consuming fungi, plants or animals as a part of the carbon process. Mites are good as long as they don’t wander their way inside your house or even on your bodies or pet animals at times. Some mites can be parasitic for animals and can cause severe skin irritation. Some mites can be even more dangerous as they reside in the respiratory tracts of the host bodies.

Here are some ways that you can use to get rid of mites.

Detecting the Mites Infestation

Mites cannot be seen without magnification though their movements across the surface can sometimes be noticed. Some species of plant eating mites produce webbing and silk like spider mites.  They also cause de-coloration of the leaves and cause the leaves to drop off. Other mites like clover mites can easily be spotted due to their bright red color. Mites that feed on animals and humans can cause skin irritation. In case you have a mites infestation around you, there might not be a lot of particular ways to detect it but itchiness of the skin can be a sign.

Getting Rid Of Mites

  • Vacuum often

Mites can easily be eliminated by using the simple vacuum technique. Mites tend to cling to fabrics, carpets or furniture. Vacuuming regularly and washing the fabrics can be one way of getting rid of mites.

  • Bed Protection Program

Beds are the most common places for mites to reside. These tiny itching creatures get stuck in your mattresses and leave their waste in the process. Make sure to clean your beds and pillow cases for any dust that will allow mites to nourish in your beds.

  • Keep your Linens Clean

Mites are mostly to reside in your beds so make sure to wash your fabrics and bed linens every week or at least on two weeks. Wash your bed sheets, pillow cases, throws and curtains.

  • Dust Often

As we have established that mites are most evident to be in places of dust, make sure to dust your house’s furniture, windows and corners every once in a while to avoid growth of mites.

  • Freeze the Mites

In case there are some objects in your house that can’t be washed but might be infested with mites, use a freezer to get rid of them. Put any such object into a zip lock plastic bag and place the bag overnight into the freezer. The low temperatures will kill the mites and later you can vacuum or dust your belonging to be rid of the dead.

  • Use Insecticides

As a last measure, if you are faced by a heavy mite’s infestation, use insecticides to be rid of the problem. You can use store bought insecticide or hire professionals to get the job done.  At Solutions Pest & Lawn we have a number of different products which can deal with a mite issue. The first step is to find out just exactly what kind of mite you are dealing with. Once you have an idea of the specifics, you can then look for insecticides which can target the mite. If you ever have trouble identifying a mite, take a picture of one and send it to identification@solutionsstores.com . Some of the product we carry which can successfully eliminate a mite issue includes: Sylo Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol, among others.

Treat For Itch Mites

If you have itch mites around the place and they are causing irritation to your skin, apply sulfur lotion to your entire body. Lindane can be bought over the counter and is generally a safe option.  Make sure you shower thoroughly before the application.

Mites against Mites

Use predator mites to kill any spider mites in your lawn or garden. Predator mites feed on other mites where as spider mites feed on vegetation or grass in your gardens. Introduce a small amount of predator mites that are actually beneficial to your garden.  You can use insecticides for the purpose as well  but the risk of harm to vegetation applies so predator mites are a safer option.

Get Rid Of Bird Mites

Bird mites can be found indoors and outdoors and are carried by birds. The only possible way of getting rid of these is by using insecticides. Cutting down any limbs of trees close to your house can help.

Clover Mites

Clover mites are reddish brown is appearance and inflict no harm on humans or animals potentially. If you still want to be rid of these mites mix borax with warm water and spray over infected area of the house.

Lower the Humidity

Humid places are the mites’ favorite. Create an environment with low humidity that negates the chances of dust mites to thrive. These bugs enjoy warm and humid climates. To avoid that use a dehumidifier and keep the humidity levels at 50% or below. You can also use air conditioners to keep your place cool and the mites away.

Replace the Mites’ Home

In case you aren’t short on budget and the mites problem is out of control, you can change the piece of fabric for example the carpet or curtain or sometimes the flooring where these might be residing.

Ear Mites and Riddance

Use an ear dropper filled with mineral oils on your pets to get rid of ear mites. Ear mites can be really pesky and tend to reside in dogs’ or cats’ ears more than humans. Get a regular ear wax dropper and fill it with miner oil and apply in your pet’s ears to get rid of these.

Mites can be both harmful and harmless depending on the type you are faced with. Getting rid of mites isn’t a really tough job as very simple steps can help you be free of the infestation.


We hope this article helps you in your quest to eliminate mites. If you have any more concerns, you can talk to us live and receive expert advice by calling us at 800-479-6583, emailing us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chatting with us online.



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