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How to Get Rid of Mice Permanently

Have you been noticing an odd ammonia like odor in your house? And strange tapping and scratching noises from the attic or down in the basement? Or greasy trail marks on the walls along with your furniture chewed up a bit here and a little there? If you’ve answered yes, then you have a mouse problem.

Unless it is your pet mouse, which is unlikely, you are not going to like this unwelcomed intrusion in your house.

Mice are known to be bearers of deadly diseases, contamination, and all sorts of harmful bacteria, which can be fatal if a child is exposed to them. Mice are omnivorous and they will eat just about anything. They have excellent adaptability along with a big appetite, which is why they eat up to 20 times a day and that is the reason why they are found poking their nose in every food source they can find.

Having a mice infestation in your house is troublesome and downright disgusting. You cannot leave food out in the open, you can never be sure if the floor is clean enough, and they are disturbing at night since they are nocturnal, so you can expect them to be active while you are asleep.

Make sure your house remains clean and tidy

Rats and mice are always in search of food, and there is no better food source than a dirty house. They like to stay in such places and once they are in, it is less likely that they would leave anytime soon. This is why you should start with keeping your house clean all the time. If there is any food lying outside the fridge or on the table, or out of their containers, make sure you place them back. Keep your kitchen clean all the time, with no waste lying around in the kitchen dustbin.

By following these steps, you can ensure that rats and mice will not be attracted to waste in search of food in and around your house.

Seal any small holes you find in your home

Mice are known for their ability to shrink themselves in the smallest of their size to get in small and confined places. Even if there is a small hole in your exterior walls, they can easily make their way inside your house. Look for any openings in your kitchen walls, in your basement and in your attic; mice droppings will be around the holes usually as a sign of their presence. Once you locate such holes, seal them up with strong material fillings.

Snake and cat feces

Snakes and cats are natural predators of mice, so it is very natural that they would avoid any house that gives off signs of their presence. You can get dried cat and snake litter at any home improvement store or a hardware store. Place the feces in a small container and put it in places where you suspect mice might break in from. Place the containers in small confined places as mice tend to make their nests there.

Owls as a pet

Owls are also natural predators of rats and mouse. They can eat up to 15 mice in a single night. You can get an owl as a pet and keep him in a nest box. Mount the nest box on a tree near your house. If you do not have any trees nearby, put it up on a pole. They will surely reduce your mice problem in just few days.

Cat in the house

If you have been thinking of getting a cat, now is the time. It is obvious that houses with cats have no mice problems. Your cat will do the cleaning for you when it comes to rats and mice. Cat fur and a distinct smell of cats will keep mice out of the house.

Use ultrasonic device

There are special ultrasonic devices made for rats and mice. They emit sounds which are harmful for rats. You can get them installed in different areas in your house. They are easily available online.

Peppermint oil

No matter how refreshing it may feel to you, mice hate it. They are repelled by its strong smell, which will keep them away from any place hinting its presence. You can add 10 to 20 drops of peppermint oil in your natural cleaners; whether it is used for floors or for kitchen tops or for tables; use it so your house will smell fresh and at the same time will deter mice.

Steel wool

Put balls of steel wool in places where mice can get in. Place the steel wool in cracks and holes in your house. Mice will not dare to chew them off as the steel irritates their teeth and they will avoid coming back to those holes again.


Onions have a strong pungent smell, which is too harsh for mice. Place onions in places where you think mice break an entry from. However, make sure you replace the onion after few days as they rot away. You will have to be careful in its placement if you have other pets in your house, as onions can be poisonous for cats and dogs, so place them in a way that they remain out of the pets’ reach.

Let Solutions Pest & Lawn Equip You For Mouse Control

Mice may not always take to home remedies. Sometimes it’s best to just go with what the pros use. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have all that you possibly need to get rid of mice permanently. From traps, like the Snap-E Mouse Trap and Trapper LTD Mouse Glueboards, to rodent baits like Eratication, we have surefire methods that will put an end to the mice invasion.

You can make your mouse control program all the more easier by purchasing our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit. This kit contains all the products we mentioned above in a convenient kit which comes with a 100% guarantee that it will totally eliminate your mouse problem.


Mice can be a tough rodent to get rid of without the right products at your disposal. Put a stop to mouse issues with the help of our tips and suggestions above. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-479-6583, visit one of our stores and speak to an expert in person or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com


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