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How To Get Rid Of Mice In  Apartments 


About mice

Mice are the plural of mouse. It has various types and forms and comes in different colors like, white,  brown and black. Mice are nocturnal animals have omnivorous eating habits. It prefers to live in hard land areas where it can dig burrows and hide from its predators. They take the proximity of food supply into account as well while picking a place to live.

They are smaller than rats and are considered to be more intelligent mammals. It eats almost everything ranging from fruits, meats, grains, nuts and any other food item. The female mice are called ‘does’ give birth to plenty of babies called pups or pinkies.

Damage caused by mice

If the mice manage to invade your home and have litter of mice you will be suffering from major health, sanitation and rodent crisis. You will end up having chewed paper from books, chewed out wires and plumbing pipes. They might start to dig holes to builds a nest or a burrow like home in your apartment. The chewed material will help them create a home. Other damages include the fecal droppings, fleas and ticks invasion, damage being caused to the structure of your apartment and mice running around everywhere with its squeaky sound. Do not underestimate your enemy, it is quite territorial and can get ferocious if you try to remove it from your apartment. The mice will create nuisance for all tenants if the infestation spreads.

Tactics For Expulsion Of Mice From Apartments

  1. Captivating the mice

Traps can be used to capture the mice and release them in the wilderness or terminate. It depends on your choice of pest control. Make sure to place it in each and every dark hiding place like, underneath the bed, electrical appliances, attics, basement, cracks and crevices etc. Few of the examples are as follows:

SNAP E MOUSE TRAP:  Place more than 6 traps in different locations with careful bait placed in each one of them. For example seeds, grain and may more food items. Once the mice are scurrying around at nighttime it will, crawl over the trap to eat the food as they are hungry most of the time. Once they step in they get snapped by the trap. These traps are made of steel and can be reused making it more economical as well. You can release the mouse at further distance from your apartment or terminate the nasty rodent.

Tin Cat Humane Mouse Trap:  This trap has a cage with airholes where . tThe mice can breathe through the trap. The bait is placed in the cage and once the mice scurry into the cage to get the food. It cannot come out of it. The trap does not kill the mice. Once the mouse or mice are trapped in the cage, it can be released without harm into a forest or grasslands where it can have a more suitable environment to live with plenty of food supply, as luckily the mice are omnivorous.

  1. Luring the mice

Using baits as a method to eradicate mice is quite popular and effective means to get rid of them from your apartment.  Wear gloves and read instructions carefully. The baits are coated with highly toxic ingredients. Take some bait out and place it inside bait stations. This makes it safe for every member like, young kids and pets from ingesting the poison. These bait stations are placed in every location the mice have been spotted and are most likely to hide like under the refrigerator and cabinets etc.

  1. Assigning kitchen duty

The kitchen is like heaven for the mice in your apartment. So, if you live with your room mate assign chores for kitchen or do it yourself to avoid a mice infestation. Keep all food items in sealed jars, bags and containers. Divide the food into types and store them accordingly. Store small quantities of grocery and avoid mixing the old grocery with the new. Keep a regular check on the food in the fridge and cabinets. Dispose of all the expired food items immediately. After every meal clean and dry the dishes and sweep out your apartment, clear out the table after every meal. The kitchen trash can should have a sealed lid and throw trash promptly in sealed bags to avoid any temptation for mice to get into your apartment.

  1. Housekeeping and sanitation

After the kitchen department has been cleared out the rest of the house should also be maintained.  Vacuum the whole house to clear out the dust and spaces that can be occupied by the mice. Sweep, mop and dry with disinfectants.

Seal all the holes, openings and crevices using caulk or seal putty called silicone foam. Screen or mesh the door, windows and vents. Seal all the entry points and prevent the mice from entering your apartment.

  1. Using chemicals, repellants and traps

Eratication Rodent Bait: It kills the mice effectively and is weather resistant. The chemical is harm free for kids and pets. It is used with bait and can kill around 12 mice.

Trapper Max Mouse Glue Trap: The traps are small or are of the size of the mice. The product comes in 2 forms, it has glue trays and glue boards both are quite effective in trapping the mice. Place them in various areas, near the cabinet, underneath the fridge, in the laundry room, attics, basements and many other areas you can think of. Once the mice are trapped it can be thrown in sealed bags.

These and plenty other products are available to kill the mice with other brands and chemicals like granular insecticide and liquid insecticide. Both are equally effective. You can conveniently eliminate mice with all the products you need by ordering our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit.

Evacuate the mice

Mice are serious health hazard to us. They must be eliminated immediately and taken care of. We don’t want a second outbreak of plague to occur. Use all the measures mentioned and keep everything and sanitary to avoid the mice from entering your apartments. For more helpful pest control advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583), email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) or live chat.



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