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Mouse Control


Mice are furry little creatures that can be found in almost any environment. There various kind of mouse found in different regions that come in different size and shape. These rodents are nocturnal animal that like to eat fruits, seeds and grains.  


  1. Detecting the mice

If you can hear rustling sounds and observe traces of urine and fecal droppings, damaged carton boxes, chewed off food and gnawed electrical wirings. You definitely have a mice infestation, as the mice tend to multiply in number quite rapidly. It is important to identify exactly where they have formed their family and then use various strategies to control the infestation.

  1. Prevent mice infestation

SEAL IT UP: Find all the holes, cracks, vents and all other openings and seal it off with concrete material like cement. Make sure all gas pipelines, garage doors and other such areas have been safeguarded to prevent more mice from entering into the house.  Mice live and breed inside, they do not come in and out of the house, once in they are in and need to be taken care of it.

CLEANING THE HOUSE:  mice have omnivorous eating habits makes sure all food items are kept in airtight canisters. The whole house should be kept clean and free from any kind of dirt and insects. Keep the sink, counter tops and areas squeaky clean and make sure to take out the trash immediately. This will make your house and unwelcome territory for them to build their nest.  If find nibbles and destruction in your pantry, you need to remove everything that they can gain access to, such as boxed products, bags of nuts, etc.

LANDSCAPING: If you have a yard or a garden it is important to keep grass trimmed and the branches and shrubs cut short enough to prevent the mice from climbing and entering into your house.

  1. Traps for the mice

These rodents can cause a lot of damage to the house and create health care problems and sanitation concerns. Since mice are territorial in nature and multiply rapidly it’s important to use immediate measures like setting up several traps for the mice. The different types of traps that can be used are as follows:

VICTOR ELECTRONIC MOUSE TRAP: this trap is quite efficient in eradicating your mouse troubles. A charge of electric shock exterminates them immediately. Do make sure to place the traps at several locations, particularly near its colony or nest. It is a very clean and more convenient method to eliminate the problem as it does not require you touching the mouse or worrying about baits being stolen.

SNAP E MOUSE TRAP: these traps are easy to use and are much more long lasting as it is made of steel. These traps can be reused. Baits can be easily placed to catch the mouse. Again do make sure to use several traps and place them near the mice colony.

LIVE CATCH MOUSE TRAP:  this trap is considered a humane approach of eradicating the mice. It is a well designed cage with proper air circulation and a release door. After catching the mice they can be set free in the forest or some other distant land. Place the traps few feet away from walls and baseboards or behind furniture. Do make sure to check the traps at least twice a day to avoid any decay and bacteria outspread inside your home.

GLUE TRAPS: the mouse while moving about during night time gets stuck on the glue board. It is unable to move. Once these mice get stuck on the glue trap they can be released to a distant location.

  1. Bait stations for the mice

Bait stations are sealed packets that consist of food granules that consist of some kind of chemical harmful for the mice. The mice gnaw their way through and feast on its food. The wrapping is usually of cellophane or plastic as it is easy to chew into it. Once they eat the food pellet poisons them, causing dehydration and ultimately killing the mice. The grains contain Zinc Phosphide which creates a toxic gas inside the stomach and gradually destroys its internal organs.

Make sure to wear gloves before placing the bait station and wash your hands to remove any residue left from your hands. Place the bait stations behind kitchen cabinets, behind refrigerators etc.  Make sure that no animals or children will be able to access any of these bags.

Mouse Bait Stations and Bait:  This will offer them a food source and should be used in conjunction with all of the above options.  

Make sure that effective baits are used for the mouse traps. The mice will get tempted into the traps if they can sniff chocolate, hazelnut and peanut butter spread, etc.  Mice are curious so they will have a tendency to try to get access to whatever is on the trap, yarn works well during breeding seasons.

  1. The mouse are in the cats will play

Cats are natural predators and love to hunt and feast on mice. Keeping a cat as a pet will help in eliminating the mice problem instantly as they will be preyed upon or will run off as far away from your homes and never look back. It is an effective means of eliminating your pest problem.

  1. UV light

Black UV light turns the mice urine and fecal matter florescent blue making it easier to track the mice and its nest. Make sure you use the light at night time as these pests are active during this time.

No house for the mouse

Mice cause serious health hazards and sanitation problems, therefore it is essential to use all measures to eliminate and control the mice population inside your home.

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