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Suffering from Mice Infestation? Here’s How to Get Rid of Mice in the House Fast


Mice sure are disgusting aren’t they? You certainly must think so or else you wouldn’t be reading this article. While mice may be lacking good looks like those Orlando Bloom Locks or Zac Efron dimples, that is probably the least of your worries.

Apart from making you scream in fright, these ‘less than pretty’ beings can infest your food, damage your walls, and cause a host of other problems.

For Centuries, the rodenthas been one of the most common home invader. If you built a time machine and travelled back to the time when cavemen lived, you still wouldn’t be completely safe from these ogre-esque pests. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night, craving food and hungry as a horse.

In an almost vegetative state, you slowly make your way to the kitchen and on opening the refrigerator, you nearly have a heart attack when you see a furry little mouse scattering across the kitchen tile in a flash. Now, you’re hungry, mad and frightened—all at the same time.

But, rather than being in that state for long, you should ponder how to get rid of mice and banish Mr. Mini Ogre once and all from your life. So, how exactly does one get rid of mice in the home and keep them away? Let’s find out.


Doing It the Traditional Way

Traps, traps and more traps: this is the traditional way of getting rid of mice in the house. Since mice are inquisitive beings, a ‘mouse trap’ can be the perfect bait for catching and ultimately eliminating them from your house. Now, when it comes to mouse traps, you’ve got options. Specifically speaking, there are three basic varieties of mouse traps. One of them is the classic snap trap, a mouse trap that your Grandma probably used.

A mouse trap invented in the 1890s, classic snap traps are old-fashioned but one of the most effective ways of catching and getting rid of mice in the house. So, how does this trap work? After equipping it with something to woo the mouse, place the snap trap in a place regularly visited by your tiny friend, if we call him that. Now all you gotta do is wait. You’ll hear SNAP as soon as the mouse steps on a trip and when you do, you got ‘im.

Nowadays, snap traps have been given a bit of an upgrade but are still as lethal and hard-hitting as ever and Solutions Pest & Lawn carries among the industry’s leading brands. Among them we carry the Snap-E Mouse Trap which is easy to set up and delivers a powerful and quick death blow to an errant mouse in the home.

Though not used as widely as the snap traps, sticky traps are an equally effective way of getting rid of mice in the house. Also known as glue traps or glue board, sticky mouse traps use strong adhesives to capture mice. But, as mice may rip themselves apart or chew through their limbs to break free from a snap trap, avoid using it if you have animal-rights advocates in your house.

This is for your own peace of mind. If you’re fine with going the route, Solutions Pest & Lawn has several glue boards to choose from to capture mice like the Trapper Max Mouse Glue Trap, Victor Tin Cat glue boards, and even the Catchmaster 72 MB glue board which has an added peanut butter scent which mice can hardly resist getting close to.

Does your tiny friend have a family or a gang he hangs out with (in your house of course)? A less gruesome option than sticky traps, multiple-catch or snap traps is the Tin Cat Human Mouse trap. This trap can capture up to 30 mice at a time. Unlike snap traps and sticky traps, live traps do not require any bait to entice mice and for the squeamish, there’s no bloodshed necessary.

As mentioned earlier, mice are curious beings; so when they see live traps, often called ‘curiosity traps’, they can’t help but explore new ‘holes’ in their territory. And when they do, they get trapped. On seeing a mouse in the live trap, other mice in the house are automatically attracted to it and one by one, all of them get incarcerated. Congratulations, you no longer have a ‘mice problem’!

Use ‘Bad-Odor’ to Scare Them Away

There are certain smells we all hate and can’t bear. Surely, unless it is your own home, you wouldn’t stick long in a house with dead rodent smells or other offensive odors that make you speed dial 911. Humans aren’t the only ones sensitive to smells. Just like us, other beings also find some smells offensive or ‘too’ strong to bear. One such being are mice and you should be happy about it.

Did you know that mice despise the smell of peppermint oil? Even if you didn’t, you know now. Though the results aren’t as good as the ones achieved with traps, using peppermint oil to repel mice is an effective way of getting rid of mice in your house—fast. Here’s how this works:

⦁ Put pepper oil on cotton balls and then place the balls in places frequently visited by the mice in your house
⦁ By doing the above, you will create a smell which is too strong for their sensitive noses
⦁ As the smell spreads, the mice will start to evict the affected areas

While peppermint oil can help you get rid of mice in your house, there are some downsides to using it. First, it is only a temporary solution as the oil will evaporate within days. Second, the oil can cause allergy and harm pets and children in your house. Lastly, if spilled, it can become messy and irritate your nose. So, if you don’t want to run these risks then say adios to peppermint oil.

Lure Mice With Rodenticide Baits

Baits are another great option for killing mice that appear to be too clever to get caught by traps. Baits particularly work better outdoors as opposed to indoors due to the fact that if the mice consumes bait indoors, they may succumb to the bait while hiding in an area that is hard to get to by us humans and so they will start to decompose which will make for a very stinky problem.

Among the top rodenticide products we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn includes Eratication rodent bait which has an enticing peanut butter scent and flavor which mice will find difficult to pass up. Other options include Kaput Mouse Blocks and the popular JT Eaton Peanutbutter Bait Blocks.
When using bait, it is also wise to equip yourself with a bait station, such as the Aegis Mouse Bait Station, to place the bait inside since it will keep the bait from being out in the open where children or pets can get to it.


If all else fails, get a cat. Let nature do its work and allow your furry friend to get rid of the mice in your house. Believe me, Puss won’t let you down, you can count on him. And, if that doesn’t work, you always have the option of calling in a professional pest control service!

Try out the tips laid out above and soon enough you will be free from the annoyance of mice in your home. You can make your mouse control program all the more easier by purchasing our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit. This kit contains all the products we mentioned above in a convenient kit which comes with a 100% guarantee that it will totally eliminate your mouse problem.

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