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How To Get Rid Of Maggots In Your Garage  


It is safe to say that maggots are possibly the most disgusting creatures on this planet as one look at these insects would give even the bravest people nightmares! To make matters worse, maggots have a tendency of showing up uninvited to people’s homes, offices and garages all around the world. Although they are not aggressive insects, just their sheer presence is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Frankly speaking, even calling them disgusting is an understatement as these insects have set a new standard in being repulsive with their worm like stature. If you are one of those unfortunate people who have found maggots in their garage, rest assured you are not alone and we will help you get rid of these maggots once and for all! All you need is a few of our tips and a right mindset to successfully wage war against these maggots.   

In order to know your enemy, you must understand your enemy! This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about maggots below!

About Maggots

A maggot is essentially the larva of a fly including houseflies, cheese flies and blow flies. These insects feed on other dead prey and are not very agile, which is exactly why they are easily devoured by other insects. Maggots have no legs and have large mouths which help them eat decaying flesh; however, they do not have an effective digestive system.  They are however a sign that something has died and in some cases a bigger issue.

Before eating their food, these maggots excrete a fluid which helps break down the decaying flesh, so that they can easily digest their food. Maggots do not have any loyalty for their fellow compatriots as they even feast on another injured maggots! Yes, we know it sounds like a horror story but rest assured we will help you get rid of these maggots within no time.

How to get rid of Maggots from your garage – for good!

Given below are different steps that are designed for every homeowner out there who has unfortunately found a pack of maggots in their garage.  

  1. Equip yourself with a chemical pesticide

First things first, maggots are very difficult to eliminate without the right tools. This is exactly why we would recommend investing in a chemical pesticide which contains permethrin. These chemical pesticides are readily available in the market at extremely cost effective prices and let’s face it you would pay anything to get rid of these revolting maggots. Once you have equipped yourself with the pesticide simply cover your hands using gloves as a safety precaution and pour the contents of the pesticide all over the maggots.  Step back and divert your eyes if you have a weak stomach as these maggots are not very graceful while dying a slow and painful death.  

  1. Equip yourself with an aerosol pesticide

The second method of killing maggots is by investing in an aerosol pesticide spray. There are many sprays out there which have been particularly designed for maggots, simply invest in the most powerful to make sure that none of the maggots in your garage survive. Once you have equipped yourself with the spray, simply walk up to the infestation and start spraying like your life depends on it. As mentioned before maggots do not give up with a fight, so please make sure you douse these creatures with an ample amount of pesticides.  

  1. Equip yourself with vehicle motor oil  

If you are planning on waging this war without spending a penny, then guess what you are in luck! All you have to do is get hold of any motor oil, brake fluid or a carburetor cleaner.  Pour the oil in a bowl and then add hot water to the bowl, now simply locate the infestation and douse them with the boiling mixture!  For good measure, repeat the process twice to make sure that there are no survivors.  

  1. Death by diatomaceous earth

If you are looking for creative ways to kill the maggots in your garage, then consider investing in diatomaceous earth which is a natural substance used to kill a variety of pests and insects. Simply sprinkle the diatomaceous earth and watch how those maggots are sent straight back to hell where they belong. Rest assured you can easily find this substance in any of your local pesticide stores at extremely cost effective prices.  

How to prevent a maggot infestation

Here are some steps to prevent a maggot infestation:

  • Invest in self-sealing trash cans and store them indoors

  • Seal all of the food going into your trash cans

  • Set up fly strips around the perimeter of your garage

  • Use bleach to clean all of the garbage cans in your home

  • Pour a cup of bleach down the plumbing fixtures present in your home

  • Make sure that there are no entry points in your garage

  • Do not leave pet food out in the open air

  • Make sure your garden is free from any fallen fruit

  • Kill or get rid of the flies present in your home or garage

  • Ensure that your garage is clean and completely bacteria free

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially maggots. No one wants to go through the horrid tasks of killing these delightful little creatures, which is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner take these steps to ensure that an infestation does not happen in the first place.

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