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How to Get Rid of Lizards From Yard 


About lizards

Lizards are cold-blooded reptile that some in various anapest and sizes. They live in different kind of habitats ranging from rainforest, desserts to yards etc. few lizards are plant eaters while others enjoy eating meat. For example, the omnivorous or carnivorous lizards may eat rodents, birds and rodents. Other lizards eat plants, vegetables and fruits. This means if you ever get an infestation of lizards in your yard, get ready to remodel the landscape of your garden.


  1. Shutting all entrances

The lizards can lurk through he vents, from the cracks near the plumping pipes, electrical wirings and so many other openings that must be sealed shut. The lizards happen to be very squishy, use proper equipments to seal the entry points properly. Carefully examine each and every point and caulk them. Screen the doors and windows properly.

  1. Housekeeping to ward of lizards

All the mess must be organized, de-cluttered and placed properly.  Keep everything clean and dry. Special care should be taken to clean after every, meal, dispose the garbage on time. This will discourage other insects, like termites, ants, cicadas a etc., to enter your premises.  The lizards will stay away from places where it’s hard to find food.

  1. Tending to your garden

Eradicate all insects, pests and vegetables lizards are fond of. Get rid of the vegetables and plants, trim your grass and branches, make it difficult for the lizards to hide. Scatter pesticides on the yard to eliminate all food sources for the lizards. SUSPEND CS, TALSTAR and DEMON WP etc. such pesticides remove all the pest and insects that lizards feed on. The lizards will leave the yard once they get starved from hunger.

Standing water in the bird baths or puddles of water must be immediately taken care off. Water of swimming pool must be exchanged frequently and sheltered with a row cover. Make sure the drainage system is proper so that water seeps in quickly. Make sure the garden is not too sunny for the lizards to enjoy.

  1. Regulating temperature

Lizards love to enjoy sun and warm humid places. If you find that lizards have entered your home you can change temperature of thermostat and make it cooler. The lizards will not stay for a minute in a cold environment.

  1. Deterring the lizards

Natural repellants in spray or granular form can be used. Few of these are as follows:

LIZARD BLOCKER: The mixture of solutions repels the lizards away. Scatter the bottle around 4 to 6 inches on the surface affected with lizards. For more effective results add moth balls, the smell of the moth balls will ward of all the lizards away from your yard.

PEST RID GRANULES: These granules can be used to protect yards, patios, decks, porches, homes and the outside surroundings of the home.  It has long lasting effects. Sprinkle around the premises and inside the garden or any affected area. The lizard will stay away from your property.

PEST RID SPRAY: Spray the lizards behind all those sneaky places where the lizards like to hide and spray 4 to 5 times a day depending on the rain and severity of the infestation. Spray the behind electrical boxes, gutters, window screens etc. these are few of the secret hide outs of the lizards.

RID LIZARD REPELLANT: This spray works in keeping the lizards from entering your homes. Spraying the repellant in all the secret hide outs of the lizards and entry points will deter the reptiles away. Spray behind cabinets, refrigerators, electrical sockets, calendars and any other such hiding places like the window frame.

GLUE BOARDS: Solutions has plenty of different options for glueboards with many of them being meant for rats and mice but could also work to capture insects and of course lizards. We recommend Trapper Max Mouse Glue Trap or the Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board.

  1. Electrifying scare tactics

There are various kinds of electronic repellants available to scare the icky reptiles away. 2 of such electronic repellants are:

ELECTRONIC PEST REPELLER ULTIMATE: It contains ultrasonic, ionic and electromagnetic technology. It amplifies the sound that reaches and every nook and corner and repels and deters the pests away from homes and yards. Fortunately, the frequency of the sound is only audible to the lizard’s ear.

HOME AND DÉCOR ULTRASONIC ELECTRONIC PEST REPELLER: Plug in the device in the electrical socket. It starts to emit ultrasonic sounds and non-toxic fumes which eradicate the lizards away.

  1. Terminating of the Lizards

There are various pesticides, chemicals or insecticides that will eradicate the food source of the lizards, few of them are as follows:

CYPERMETHRIN: Spraying this chemical will instantly eradicate all insects the lizards love to feast on.

DFORCE AEROSOL: The aerosol will extinguish any insects that are being attacked or are being preyed upon by the lizards.

BAYER ADVANCED COMPLETE INSECT KILLER: The product contains Beta –Cyfluthrin and comes in liquid and granular form. Apply it on the surface of the soil and the pest will ingest the chemical killing the insects that are eaten by lizards.

In some cases it will eliminate the lizards directly as well. The chemical can be poured into a bowl of water. Soon the lizard will be bound to drink the water and ingest the poison. Before carrying out the method, make sure it is legal in your state.

Cold Blooded Agenda

These slimy lizards belong in the fear factor and not anywhere near houses and yards. All preventive and eradication methods should be used to exterminate the lizards out of the yards. Check out Solutions Pest & Lawn for most of these products we have mentioned above and before you know it, lizards will no longer be a problem for your household. For more helpful DIY advice, call us at 800-479-6583, send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online.



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