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How To Get Rid Of Little Black Ants


Information about small black ants

Black ants are 1/16th inch small and travel in lines to look for food and collect items for nesting. They are disciplined creatures with incredible teamwork.

The black ants are able to almost eat everything they can find. They are usually is attracted to sweet items, meat, and many such other products. It usually stays outdoors but does cause nuisance when it starts to invade your home it could even upset the pets and children. It can easily make holes and enter through cracks, crevices and any other opening to collect food for its colony. It has a small stinger which barely causes much harm when it bites but you do feel the sting.

Outdoors the black ants like wooden logs, cracks, piles, rocks etc. and outdoor it usually nests in wall voids and other such areas. It’s like participating in an episode of fear factor.


  • Taking Precautionary Measures 

Rake all the leaves, trim the grass short and cut off all excess longs branches and leaves. Remove all decomposed or decayed compost, leaves, trees and stumps from the garden. Avoid using too much water for solid and use a good drainage system.

Keep all wood piles and similar such material needed for the garden locked and hidden from the ants. It should be kept in a far away storage unit.

Keep all food items tightly sealed in containers and vacuum all the crumbs after every meal. Wash and dry every dish. Avoid keeping any sweets outside and clean wipe the floors regularly with disinfectants. Keep the house clutter free and dry.

This will make the ants less willing to enter your homes as there will be no food or any place where it can nest. You must definitely seal all the cracks, opening, holes and crevices and fix the hollow walls and any other such nesting sites.

Clean up the trash in closed lids inside sealed bags and dispose them off as soon as possible. Make your home as uninviting as possible for the little black ants.

  1. Removing the mulches

Remove mulch that is to close or high above the weep holes.  Avoid using sprinkler too much to dampen the soil and mulch. Cut off all the trees and shrubs that the ants are attracted to or use it to feed it. Trim all shrubs and hedges and if possible re-do landscaping of the whole entire garden.

  1. Baiting the ants

Identify the nesting holes of the little black ants. Follow their trail while they go out to look for food. Once the trail and nest hole is found bait can be used to eliminate them. Honey and peanut butter or any other such sweet treats could be left near the holes for the little black ants to eat. Baits are left on piece of foil it find the nest and eradicate ant problem.

Few of the known baits are Ant-Trax ant bait, Maxforce ant bait gel; the first 2 are sweet based baits to lure the ant into captivation and kill them and if that does not work a protein based insecticide Advance 375A Select Granular will definitely eradicate the problem. It will take 3 to 5 days to get results, as the ant must feed the queen and the rest of it’s a colony members. Eventually, it kills them all.

  1. The ants go marching down to stay off the spray

There are various kinds of insecticides available to eradicate the little black ants. These will be discussed as follows:

DELTA DUST INSECTICIDE: Find the nest colony, use glove and hand duster and blow few puff of Delta Dust powder into the hole. It will eliminate the nest colony immediately. This is applied in all entry point like, the hollow walls, etc. Use it outdoors on tree=holes, logs, stumps, etc.

1 GAL SPRAYER:Liquid insecticides are applied on flower beds underneath rock and many other areas where the ants like to stay. A gallon sprayer is used on the stones, rocks, lawn and other plants. Usually few ounces are enough to eliminate the little black ants. The other liquid insecticides found to be effective are: Cynoff WPSuspend SC and Talstar One. These liquid insecticides are useful for ant nests in soil.

Same liquid insecticides are used for nest colonies infested inside the mulches. Mix all the above mentioned liquid insecticides and apply it on the thick layer of mulch. Rake them off as much as possible before applying the insecticide.

Taurus SC: It is difficult to identify nest on slab foundations to apply insecticides. Drill holes in several areas to find the colony. Next apply the insecticide and eradicate the small black ants.

Mix insecticides Cynoff WPSuspend SC, Talstar ONE and Chapin sure SPRAY 1 gal sprayer to form mixture of liquid insecticide for bricks, lumber, stacks and other such material. Apply mixture using gallon sprayer to Spray on the trails. Drench the ant hills with the mixtures and terminate the ants colony if you are able to locate the mound.

The ants go marching down

The little black ants can cause a lot of nuisance at home and outdoor in the gardens. It is is better to eradicate the ants then to allow them to invade your property.


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