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How to Get Rid of Lice At Home


We have all been there: when you feel some creepy crawly is lurking on your scalp, or elsewhere, waiting to suck the blood right out of you. The worst part is that this parasite can pass on to others and causes a lot of head scratching and cannot easily be removed. The infestation spread over your carpets, laundry, furniture and bed sheets. 

Usually, the children are more prone to getting these than adults but is does not mean they don’t get their fair share of lice infestation. The parasite uses you as a host and feed on your blood and transfers easily from one body to another. Lice can survive outside hair and scalp for only 24 hours; so in most of the cases it is head to head contact that causes the lice infestation to spread like a plague


  1. Vacuuming and cleaning the lice away

Vacuum your carpets, furniture, car seat and the upholstery of the cars to make sure the lice has been sucked out. Make sure the carpets have been vacuumed as well. Vacuum the mattress the pillows and bed cases. Steams clean the carpets, Curtains and furniture is also a good idea. Wash clothes at 130 degrees Fahrenheit and put it in dry at a warm temperature for 30 minutes. All suspected fabric and material can be dry-cleaned as well.

  1. Washing the infested material

Collect the stuffed toys, laundry, bedspreads, pillow cases and all clothing material that has come in contact with the child. Make sure to wash it in warm temperature and dry clean it. Use disinfectants while washing and also use disinfectant wash and steam cleaning for carpets, furniture and car seats.

  1. Bagging the infected clothes

If you suspects the clothes are still infested with eggs it can be sealed in a bag with chemicals or simply disposed off.  Change the bed sheets, pillow cases and towels. Dispose of the toys. It better to dispose them if you do not wish to change wash them every day in warm water with disinfectant and dry clean them in warm temperature every  until you feel comfortable enough the  clothing, bed wears, towels and other material have been cleaned. Same goes for the mattress and stuffed toys. Keep it in bags after washing for almost 2 weeks.

  1. Lice out break

Children get lice from sharing pillows, sharing combs or getting it from other children’s head. Finding patient zero is quite difficult and playing the blame game on children will not help. It’s the louse that needs to be fought back. So once the house has been takes care off make sure the hair is lice and nit free. Check all the family members’ hair for lice and knits and buy lice combs, lice shampoo, lice spray and other useful products. Each and every member should use the comb and apply shampoo as a safety measure.  Head caps should be worn and the hair should be rinsed, combed and sprayed aging.

Repeat the process, including washing all your belongings until the lice and nits have been eradicated from house and all other home items.

  1. Cleaning the tools

The lice comb and other such material should be cleaned in hot water with a disinfectant to make sure the lice comb is clean and same goes for your regular brushes, hair bands, ponytails, clips and combs too.

  1. Disinfecting your hair

In order to get rid of lice from home it is important to get rid of lice and nits from hair. There are many over the counter produce for lice eradication. One is Pediculicide along with combing and rinsing the hair. In about 7 to 14 days the hair will be lice and nit free.

Sprays are also used; the lice free spray is most useful in eradicating the nits.

  1. Medicating the hair for lice removal

Chemicals like lice free spray PELLIDULICIDE establish that, the hair must be treated first if the home needs to be cleaned up. The medicines are as follows:

PYRETHRINS:  It is used to kill the lice but not the nits. The medicine should be used for almost 10 days and then eradicate the nits.

PERMETHRIN LOTION, 1% NIX:  It kills both the lice and nits and leaves a residue of the chemical which stays for days and eradicates the nits and lice that were not eliminated earlier. Reapply the chemical after 7 to 10 days to make sure the lice and nits do not reappear. The chemical is suitable for children but should not be used without doctor’s recommendations. It prevents re-infestation.

Apply the shampoo for both chemical using warm water and comb hair for nits while the medicine is still on your head. Prior to the shampoo the hair should combed for nits and lice and after shampooing and rinsing the process must be repeated again.

SPINOSAD: Products called Naroba consist of Spinosad that help in eradicating nits. Apply on scalp for 10 minutes and rinse of the thick coat of medicine. It is most effective on nits and you lice free hair  in 2 weeks.

  1. Hair drying the nits

After using all the combs, chemicals and shampoo t. blow dry your hair. It is effective in eradicating the nits but not he lice. At times it may kill the lice as well. Studies show that 55 percent of lice and 98 percent of nits were eliminated with help of hair dryer. Provided all the above mentioned measures were carried out effectively.

  1. Benzyl Alcohol 5%

A product called Ulesfia contains this chemical. Used for killing lice but not the nits. It harms the breathing process of the lice. Apply the coat of chemical on scalp of dry ha hair shampoo and rinse. After which it can be combed for nits and lice. It is usually effective in 14 days.

Prevent Lice From Using Your Head As A Host With Solutions Products

While Solutions Pest & Lawn doesn’t hold products that you can directly apply to lice that are already on your head, we do hold products which can kill lice before they even think about getting onto your scalp and calling it home.

If lice in your home is a significant problem, then that’s when it’d be necessary to break out some professional grade products. Furniture, carpets, mattresses, and other items that can’t be laundered or vacuumed can be sprayed with a broad spectrum spray which can target lice like Sterifab or Microcare Insecticide Aerosol, which will kill any live lice on contact.

For any clothing which have had lice on it or again just to be on the safe side and ensure no lice are lingering around, spray Bedlam Aerosol directly on pants and shirts. This will kill adults as well as eggs.

Parasite free

Lice are dangerous parasite that can cause extensive damage and has the capacity not only to drain blood but also to transfer it onto others. It is crucial for lice and nits to be eradicated immediately with all means and measure possible.



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