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How to Get Rid of Leaf Cutter Ants


About leaf cutter ants

The leaf cutter ants cut large pieces of leaves and use it to create a farm or garden so that the entire colony including the queen can feed on the fungi. Just like any other species of ants, the leaf cutter ants create nests and entire colonies that are then guarded by soldier ants. And the queen lays the eggs.

This particular species of ant is found in agricultural, tropical areas and forest. The ants use the plant matter to convert it into fungus which the ants feed on. This insect has also been called Fungus Farmers by scientist as they cut and collect leaves for the colony as nest and use its extract to make mushroom based fungi which they feed on. The decayed leaves the ants collect help in creating a fungus garden or farm which the insects feed on. The cutter ants are divided into a caste system, it includes queen, male and female; out of which few are soldier ants, worker ants and other are gardener ants.

These insects cause major damage to fruits, vegetation, plants and leaves, including the grass in the garden. It causes damage to agriculture and the ecosystem itself endangering the whole balance of natural environment.


  1. Insecticides for the Leaf Cutter ants

The leaf cutter ant s are also known as parsonal ants or cutter ants, it covers vast amount of space to build their colonies and prefer moist areas like leaf debris, loamy soil and other damp areas. It causes major damage to the plantation of gardens. One of the most effective measures for eradication of leaf cutter ants is using chemical insecticides and other kind of substances. Few of these are as follows:

DRENCH THE MOUNDS:  A residual insecticide called Conquer insecticide can be used to eliminate the ants. Drench the  mounds. Use 2 oz per gallon for the insecticide to be effective in eradicating the leaf cutter ants.  

BAIT FOR THE ANTS:  There are currently no baits that are labeled for control of Leaf cutter ants

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: The next day reapply the insecticide and also scatter around Diatomaceous Earth both will ward off the leaf cutter ants.

RECLAIM IT: For the remaining fire cutter ant still seeking for food and means to create a new colony spraying Reclaim It insecticide will kill them on contact. This prevents re infestation of the leaf cutter ants.

Bifen LP: Spreading the granules all across the garden and nests will further help in curtailing the infestation of the Parsonal ants. A granule spreader could be used to get rid of any ants crawling about.

BROAD SPECTRUM INSECTICIDES: To make sure the leaf cutter doesn’t invade your garden. You can track down the leaf trails and spray all across the surroundings of your premises and the leaf trails to prevent any re-infestation of the ants.  Spray the ant trails for better control with a non repellent insecticide.  Ants do not know it is there and you get control.

SEVIN DUST: This can be sprinkled on the nest, ant trail and all other active areas of the leaf cutter ants. This dust also helps in eradicating the cutter ants.

Food for thought

The leaf cutter ants cause extensive damage to the fruits, vegetation. It affects the natural environment. A mis-balance to the ecosystem can cause drastic impact for all living creatures.  

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