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How to Get Rid of Larder Beetles

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A larder beetle infestation is one you do not want to encounter. You can commonly find them lurking in homes. In colder months, they take shelter in your home to escape from the cold. One of the places they like staying in is flour. Do not be surprised if you find your flour infested with them. Do not get scared either because you will learn ways to get rid of them from your home. 

About Larder Beetles

A fun fact about larder beetles is that in the old times when there was no fridge, people used larder beetles to store cheeses, cured meats, and other pantry staples. In fact, that is how they received their name.  

In appearance, they are black or dark brown with a yellowish color in the center with dots on their back. Their tiny legs are covered with fine hairs and they can grow up to ¼ inch. You might confuse them from another scary pest, cockroaches.

They do kind of look like each other and even imitate each other’s behavior. They like to feast on decomposing material like rotting meat, which is why they are attracted to anything that is rich in fats and protein. You will find the in baking mixes, nuts, pet food, cooking fats (solid), cheeses, and meat scraps in the trashcan.

5 Methods to Get Rid of Larder Beetles

If you want to get rid of larder beetles from your home, here is what you need to do:

  1. Purchase Pet Food That Seals Wells

Since larder beetles love to feast on pet food, you need to block their entry into your pet’s food by buying pet food that completely seals once opened. Larder beetles are very tiny, meaning they can easily make their way into your pet’s food even through the tiniest opening. You can also store pet food in a sturdy container. Once the pet food finishes, throw the bag into the garbage can immediately. If you let it sit around, larder beetles will find their way into it.

  1. Deep Clean Your House

Food gets spilled on the floor throughout the year. No matter how much you clean, you will always find a few crumbs of food lying here and there. Even though the crumbs may seem small to you, they are big for the small larder beetle.

In the kitchen especially, there are areas where food falls and you don’t normally clean those areas. A larder beetle will easily find its way to those crumbs. Therefore, you need to deep clean your entire house, cleaning food debris with a vacuum, using a cleaner to clean surfaces with a toothbrush or some other cleaning tool to clean those hard to reach places.

  1. Store Your Food in Sealed Containers

All the dry food in your kitchen needs to be stored in a sealed container, glass jar, or canister. You can buy shaker lids for plastic jars or mason jars. You can also invest in glass jars that have a rubber seal. If your house tends to attract larder beetles, storing your dry food in sealed containers is a good idea.

  1. Invest in Insecticides and Traps

You can use commercial insecticides to kill larder beetles.Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, you can invest in Bedlam Aerosol or Phantom Aerosol, which kills larder beetles on contact. You can use it in crevices and cracks. To get the larder beetle population under control quickly, you can get the Tempo SC Ultra.

You can also purchase ready to use traps to catch and kill larder beetles. You can get the X-lure Beetle Floor Trap, which contains strong pheromones and food smells to attract and catch larder beetles. Another trap you can use is Pro-Pest Pantry Moth & Beetle Traps, which releases pheromones to attract and kill beetles.

  1. Seal Your Home

You may not realize it, but your home has several different entrances for larder beetles and other insects to come in. They can find their way in through the cracks and gaps in your home. You should take measures to seal these cracks right away. Sealing your homes will reduce your electricity bill a well.

To seal the gaps and cracks in your home, you can buy spray foam insulation, latex caulk, and silicone caulk. You can buy caulk that you can paint so it blends in with your home, not sticks out. If the foundation of your home has cracks, you can buy topping mix to smooth out the cracks and paint it.

Preventing a Larder Beetle Infestation

You can prevent a larder beetle infestation by taking proactive measures to check for them. You can examine storage spaces and sprinkle diatomaceous earth to keep larder beetles at bay. You can also clean up your home by decreasing the clutter in your home.

You want to throw away piles of organic material found in your house in a tightly sealed trashcan. If you have pets, you need to keep the area around the clean. Their food attracts larder beetles and that is why, it is important to clean their area to remove and discard any fallen food scraps. Use a vacuum to ensure you clean up each and every food scrap from the floor.

A larder beetle infestation and one that keeps reoccurring costs you money, as you are throwing the food and items they infest and destroy. You need to follow these tips to ensure you keep them at bay.

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